Surprised Parenthood {Need Female Partner}

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  1. Ok so here is the plot. My guy he is like the schools bad ass delinquent but honestly he's not all that bad he just gets into fights all the time and seems to have a bad attitude because people misunderstand him which causes him to get angry because he's always seemed like an outcast, and he's always gotten into fights. He has even fought many people at one time from a gang who he beat all of them up and got some nickname as 'White Fang Of North Miyayama High' Which is the high school he goes to now. But one night he's home alone watching television late at night when he gets a knock at his door and he opens it to find a baby, he takes it in and he has to raise it himself since in the basket with the baby there is a not stating that the parents couldn't afford to take care of the child and whoever lives in the apartment would be better suited to taking care of it so he takes the baby to school since he doesn't know what else to do and its crying but he has no idea what to do to take care of the kid since he's never had a baby and doesn't have very good father instincts, then the most popular and attractive girl in school hears all the fuss and walks over taking care of the baby or something to make it stop crying, when not even the teachers or staff of the school have the guts to talk to him or try to discipline him. Eventually she starts taking care of the kid they get together and form a relationship he changes they fall in love eventually and start to raise the kid together or something. That's what I was thinking we could have done with the plot. :)

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  2. Im totally interested! Sounds awesome
  3. I'm really interested if your still looking for a partner
  4. Would you like to do it in Pm or Libertine for our version then Lovely blade? :)
  5. If you're still looking I'd also be interested
  6. Send me PM's then everyone XP
  7. :o wanna do two rps at once? I wanna do this one *whines *
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  8. I already have like four different people I'm doing this one with but I've got a new idea I was thinking off ;3
  9. :o you and your ideas xD
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  10. Thank you~ Thank you~ I know I'm a genius XD anyway I had some sort of romance idea where my guy's like a nerd and asks out a girl but she rejects him and he's always getting bullied at school and at home his father beats him because he's a drunk while the mother looks the other way and so when he gets rejected its like the last straw and he goes out and completely changes the next day looking totally different and super hot.
  11. aww poor guy
  12. Hehe yeah XP
  13. I still wanna do the surprised parenthood one though Dx
  14. lol I'm already doing four of them >.<
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  15. Fine I'll pester you later *winks *
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