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  1. This is for games that are not necessarily great games, but they just have something about them that you love.

    I have three big ones.

    No More Heroes (1 & 2) (Wii): I just loved this game. There wasn't anything really special about it, but anyone that has a Wii needs this game.

    Neir (PS3): I will rarely play non fighting games more than once. This game I love for the story. As you're playing it, it's nothing that great about any of it. The game play is decent, good graphics and ok story line. At then end, when the whole story is tied together, that made this game for me. When you replay it you get a slightly different view of the story and learn a whole lot more.

    Enchanted Arms (360): The game play is pretty basic grid/turn based RPG. Graphics are nothing too great, but that writing though. Imagine someone who has no idea anything about American culture other than bad 80's sitcoms. Like the one with the robot girl. Everyone is written as an overplayed archetype. Not just overplayed, but insanely overplayed. It's like if a B movie had JRPG elements in it. It's a cheap game, but if you love JRPG's and cheesy B movies, I highly recommend this one.

    And, of course, every Kirby game ever.
  2. Lego Games.. i know their kind of kids games but you have to figure out what you need to do (or put together) in order to get to each area and the stories match the movies they're based off of pretty well. i really like puzzle type things like that, where you have to think about stuff. i mean it's not very difficult, but sometimes I've gotten stuck and it was right in front of my face lol.
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  3. The Hidden: Source

    It's a HL2 multiplayer conversion mod, and though it hasn't been updated for a looooong time, it's still worth a look. If it’s still working, I have no idea.

    Mission Briefing : Hunt down an invisible enemy.

    The Infinitum Research Intercept Squad (I.R.I.S.) is on the hunt for a fugitive, the subject of a secret genetic experiment, who is known only as Subject 617.
    The Good News : The IRIS team is well trained, well armed and co-ordinated.

    The Bad News : The genetic manipulation has given Subject 617 enhanced speed, mobility and incredible strength - he can pounce like a tiger, cling to any surface and is known to pin victims up for feeding. Worst of all, the experiments have rendered him nearly invisible to the human eye. This is why he is simply known as ... The Hidden

    That said, it's absolutely terrifying to play both parts, even more so paired with somebody who knows how to play The Hidden. So if anyone enjoys being scared shitless, this is just the thing for them.
  4. I probably have a load, but I'll start with one.

    Dragon's Dogma. The storyline was weak, I'll give you that, but this game was FUN. The combat was fantastic, being able to tackle the beasts in a variety of different ways, and the first time you get caught out at nighttime is a fantastic rush, along with just the general exploration of the world. There's great replay value, and the pawn system was neat. There's a whole load of weapons and armour to experiment with, and the Dark Arisen expansion gave an entire different area with a fantastic atmosphere.

    It's redacted a little from writing about it in a similar topic somewhere else, but this game is great, and definitely needs a sequel (there's an MMO in the works).
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    • RimWorld: Sci-Fi colony sim. Addictive.
    • Risk of Rain: 2-D side scrolling rogue-lite shooter with an amazing soundtrack.
    • Endless Legend: 4x that does it all so right.
    • Dungeon of the Endless: Same universe as Endless Legend, rogue-like dungeon crawler, super hard, super fun.
    • Broforce: 2-D side scrolling shooter that's over the top and funny.
    • 7 Days to Die: Randomly generated zombie survival game. Like Minecraft but with actual zombies.
  5. Whoa whoa whoa...

    How can you say that!?

    Dem twists
    Dose turns
    Dat notreallytheending
    Dat Endgame

    Don't forget Bitterblack!
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  6. Madworld. An unapologetic orgy of violence in greyscale with a rap soundtrack where you get more points based on how painfully you murder people. On the Wii.

    The fucking Wii.

    It's like family games everywhere, and then out of nowhere WHAM! This! Thing! Why?! Why didn't this come out on a console where it would have been appreciated for how fucked up it is?!

    Shadow Warrior. It's grindy as hell but it was some hilarious jokes and has katana physics. Yes, katana physics: You can specifically aim where to slice people with your 1337 ninja skills. There's just something so hilariously goofy about cutting someone into several itty bitty gory pieces. Really, there is.
  7. Okay, those were great, especially the Everfall reveal. I just found the actual meat and bones to be lacking. Especially with some of the characters.

    I mentioned Bitterblack! It was part of the expansion.

    Edit: Forgot about the Pawn Community. Screenshot from what must be two years ago now.

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  8. DLC Quest isn't great, but it's funny. On top of the core premise being a mockery of DLC, it pokes a lot of fun at video game tropes, particularly those from RPGs.

    I got a game called Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack in a Humble Bundle. It's very simple and goofy and nothing like a masterpiece of video games, but it's fun to just roll around consuming things with your goo body. Sort of like a 2D Katamari Damacy but with vore absorbing stuff into an alien monster instead of rolling a big ball around.

    Oh, and there's a turn-based strategy game called Warlock - Master of the Arcane that I played around with a bit. Honestly it's not very good as far as strategy games go (it's sort of like Civilization 5 if you took away a bunch of the complexity and fucked up the UI), but it looks cool and I'm a fantasy nerd so I got some fun out of it.
  9. Is it time to share ridiculously pretty Arisen?
    Meet Fabio.
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  10. I would have said BattleBlock Theater, but unless you just like puzzle platforming, this is all you need from the game
  11. MGS; Revengence. Seriusly. The story is 90's cheese, nonsensical excuse for action. But the action, and designs, are fantastic. The game is so pretty. And the villains are grade A bullshit you just have to love.
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  12. On the note of over-the-top silly games. There's this gem:
    The worst part is it's suddenly full price years after its release because its a rare gem. Glad I got mine for a few bucks at Wal-Mart.
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