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  1. Has there ever been a Youtube Channel out there that you just wish they had more views or subscriptions? It's like; How does such great talent go unseen?
    This thread is for everyone to share those great but unpopular channels they found!

    This one I found below is a simple guy doing acoustic covers fora number of songs. He is soooooo good (in my opinion) and he only has 65 subscriptions. People please show him some love! He does a lot of country and music you would hear on the radio. Pop Music I suppose? I don't know what the genre is, but he is super awesome. Oh and he does some rock too! <3
    -Becomes a fangirl-

    John Olejniczak's Youtube Channel
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  2. Nope. The ones I follow tend to eventually hit the 500+ subscribers mark.

    Or, you know, freaking get their own CDs and tours.

    Jesus, like half of the internet pianists and violinists I follow are freaking makin' bank.
  3. ...

    That bastard
  4. Mwaha I know why you are so uptight. You jealous~
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