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information re-purposed from arc: dawn's lore thread.​

birth: powers are born one of three ways.

>>randomly: Perhaps after a meteor shower you ended up with abilities. Perhaps it was a normal day and your eyes started to glow as you looked at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to how a person gets powers.

>>genetically: It's very likely if a parent has abilities the child will as well, especially abilities that take on after the parents. Metahumans can run through generations.

>>forcefully: It is unknown how the SPME are capable of this feat, but they seem to know who carries the "potential" for metahuman abilities. Perhaps someone with the genetic makeup who's powers never activated. Through extreme amounts of stress, the SPME can force a power out of someone, making their eyes glow permanently.

development/growth: Powers grow majorly through dedicated practice and constant use. The more you learn how to focus your energy and emotion towards the powers, the more control you gain and the stronger you become. During events that cause large amounts of stress and/or anger, your abilities may become unstable and hard for your to control. These events, however, are unrestrained and explosive, and while they could be devastating, could also release in a large jump in ability growth and the arrival of a new extension of your powers.

Metahumans walk a fine line of delicate control to explosive power. It is all about knowing your limits and building stamina, letting loose in crucial moments while holding back in others. It can take years, decades to entirely master an ability and every sub power or 'special move'. If you run away from your power, you are only making it easier for it to control you.

aftereffects: If a person truly 'gives into' their abilities, wholly believing they are the sole purpose of their life and thinking they are worth nothing else, a persons's hair color will begin to change, resembling the color of their glow. If someone has an extremely unruly power and they refuse to use it properly or train themselves, the power could easily get out of hand and have negative effects on both the bearer and those around them. Powers can eat someone from the inside out if the abilities are that volatile. If powers are 'forced' out of a person: brought out by intense experimentation and high levels of stress, that bearer's eyes will glow permanently.

glow: Glow is an extremely important part of the heart and soul of someone's abilities. When powers are in use, eyes glow a certain color. This color may match the person's abilities, or personality, or even a color representing their desires. A glow manifests hand in hand with an ability. A glow can taint a person's hair color or even become their permanent eye color.

categorization: For ooc purposes, powers are divided into categories based on the overarching themes of most abilities. A person's abilities can be made up of one or two.

Fate - Powers that might just have a different little kick to them fall under Fate. Ones that deal with explaining the explainable or doing the unthinkable.
Coincidence - Entirely unruly powers, often born from experimentation. Abilities that thrive off of nothing except for chaos.
Strength - Strength based abilities. Invulnerability, super strength, durability.
Wisdom - Intelligence based abilities. Technopathy, super minds, perfect memory, amplified muscle memory.
Darkness - Darkness based powers.
Mystic - Abilities that deal with things that are not so easy to classify. Perhaps if someone had an enchanting kiss, or could pull things from a hat. These have scientific explanations when you involve abilities, but they fall under the magic umbrella.
Health - Powers that involve healing oneself, others, or perhaps the environment.
Speed - Powers that involve speed.
Love - Powers that trifle in the delicate balance of emotion.
Earth - Earth based powers.
Fire - Fire based powers.
Water - Water based powers.
Air - Air based powers.

durability: Metahumans have slightly heightened physical attributes. Very slightly. Their durability is somewhat increased, they heal a bit faster, and they react a bit better. These default metahuman traits are not comparable to a metahuman with powers that actually increase these attributes.

are duplicates of powers possible?
yes. yes they are.​
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