Supernatural Twins separation

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  1. Zane looked around. He was in a city, an empty city, that much he knows for sure. It didn't seem in good shape...
    Zane turned around and saw a hideous monster. By his side was another boy, about his age.
    He was definitely confused, but he turned his attention back on the monster. In one quick movement the monster attacked the both of them. Zane used his superspeed and got out the way. He wasn't sure if the other boy got out the way in time, he couldn't see due to the dust that the monster's attack brought up.
    Zane jerked up in bed. It was just another dream...

  2. Zachariah had the same dream. But he was looking at Zanr. He somehow looked familliar so Zachariah was confused. Then suddenly a monster attacked them. The boy was thrown to the ground with its claws going to his stomach. He then woke up with a jump. It was around 5 with the sun starting to rise. The naga then decided to get ready for private school since it started at 7 and the bus picked him at 6. He put a pop-tart in the toaster while he went to take a shower and brush his teeth. I keep on getting these dreams, they must mean something, they have to. Thought the adopted boy while brushing his teeth.
  3. Zane looked at the clock. "'s too early for this," he groaned before laying back down.
    The young teen laid for an extra hour before finally getting up. He walked over to his closet and threw on a white button up and slid on his pants. He slept only in his boxers so getting dressed in the morning was quick for him. He went downstairs and looked in the fridge for something to eat.
  4. Zach got his maroon uniform on with the logo being a globe with a snake around it. He had black pants and special shoes he wore to school. He put on his backpack, ate his poptart and started playing on his 3DS while waiting for the bus.
  5. After looking in the refrigerator Zane went into the bathroom to look in the mirror. He took a look at his hair and only ran a hand through it in order to 'perfect' it.
    Afterwards he put on a navy blue blazer to go with his white button up shirt. Checking his watch he headed out to wait for his bus.
  6. Zach noticed someone next to him. He lifted his eye and saw the same person from his dream. He thought he was still sleepy so he rubbed his eyes and it was still the same. My mind is playing tricks on me. Thought the by while playing his game.
  7. Zane noticed the boy look at him. He looked at him from the corner of his. Looks familiar for some reason. he thought to himself.
    Zane merely shrugged it off and went onto his cellphone to play a game as he waited for the bus.
  8. Zacharia tried thinking if why he had that dream, was it a vision, a warning, something more complex? He didn't know. Soon enough Zach's bus arrived and the boy quickly hopped on.
  9. Zane continued on playing on his phone until the bus arrived. He got on and sat in the very back. He put his phone away and looked out the window and thought to himself. The dream he had that night had the same boy from his other dreams and he wondered why, though he had no clue that he was actually in the same area as the one in his dream.
    Soon enough the bus stopped at the school. Once getting off Zane waited for everyone else to leave off the bus so he can be the last one off.
    He walked off slowly, as though cautious about something, but that was how he always walked.
    Zane looked around once he got off the bus and started to walk off in the opposite direction of the school.

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