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  1. Rules
    1. Follow all roleplaying rules on Iwaku!
    2. Be respectful of everyone. Do not add fuel to the fire, please.
    3. If you have any problems of any kind, please message me.
    4. No MarySues or GaryStues. Every character must have flaws.
    5. Do not God-Mod your characters. No one is God and no one will ever be him.
    6. Do not kill or control without permission from another creator.
    7. Ask the creator first, before making a pairing official through me.
    8. No one-liners are allowed. I expect this to be at least a one paragraph roleplay.
    9. Last but not least, take turns and remember to have fun!

    TBA (Group RP Plotting:

    Character Form


    Age: (At least 18 or older would be preferred)


    Occupation: (What do you do daily? What's your job? (i.e. Writer, Hunter).)

    Affiliation: (Who do you have close relations with? If not a company, put your family down (i.e. Smith Family).)

    Personality: (At least five sentences required. Be sure to add negative traits and positive traits.)

    Appearance: (A five sentence description is required. Links are O.K. for reference. Just put it underneath the description.)

    History: (Five sentences required. No relation to canon characters are allowed (i.e. Being Dean and Sam's cousin)

    (If nothing, please put None.)


    Dean Winchester x My Character (Yeah, I'm selfish.)


    • This is a complete AU roleplay. So, nothing is related to the seasons in terms of plot and no canon relations are allowed.
    • Canon Characters are allowed, but I'd like there to be more original characters than your typical canon characters, or at least have somewhat of an equal balance between the two.
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  2. Hey! I would like to play Sam, do I need to fill the form?
  3. No, but all that I ask is that you keep Sam in character. If you want to play him, I'm sure you can do that, right? :)
  4. Sure! After watching the series twice I think I'll do it just fine :)
  5. A roleplay plotting discussion link is set up on the main post. If you have any ideas, just post them there. I always love a good plot before I begin roleplaying.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.