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Supernatural OC RP (AngelFire and CrimsonMaiden)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DearDeath22, May 8, 2014.

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  1. :bananaman: It's Supernatural RP time! this is nothing really formal, we're just gonna make our charries and start! But, just so you know, I will have the original angels and demons, so we may have to double up on characters once and a while. Also, the monsters our characters will face, we can choose who will play the monster. :) I am very excited!
  2. Ivan ran as fast as he could after the vampire, an axe in his hand. He tried to stay in the shadows, so he wouldn't be seen. it had run into town and the were too many witnesses, even though it was night. It ran down an alley way and stopped, looking around. Ivan chuckled softly to himself, it obviously thought it had lost him. He moved toward the entrance of the alley, his back against the wall of the building. He quickly turned his head around the corner to see it. It was right in front of him and showing its teeth. He jumped back and swung his axe at its neck. Missed. Crap. The vampire had showed him its face and he felt a pang of sadness. It was nly a young girl, couldn't be more than 14 or 15. She leaped at him, he dodged. She landed low to the ground and hissed again. She jumped and kicked his axe out of his hands. In a matter of seconds, Ivan was pinned to the ground, barely holding her shining, bloody teeth from his neck. He rolled over, landed on top of her. He held her neck in his hands, pressing down. Now, he just needed something to cut. His axe was too far away, but a broken window was right above them. Luckily they had landed close to the wall. He grabbed a piece of the broken glass and slashed her throat, cutting until her head was off. Her fangs slid back into her gums and her eyes stared wide open. He took her body and her head and put them n the dumpster that was located in the alley. He sighed, another job done. He came out of the alley and nearly jumped when he saw a girl standing in front of him with a horrified expression.
  3. Malia looked at the girl, her eyes widened in horror as she saw her head suddenly rolling away from it's former counterpart. This man had just decapitated a young girl. Younger than herself to be precise. Malia clamped a hand over her mouth as she stumbled backwards in an attempt to get away from this horrible murder she had just witnessed with her own two eyes. The farther she could get away from this man, the better. She certainly didn't want to be anywhere near him when he decided to pick another victim.
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  4. Ivan ran towards her and grabbed her arm before she could run. "please, this isn't what it looks like, please don't scream." In his mind he was grumbling. Why did that vamp have to run into town? it wasn't happy enough in the old factory? No he had to freak out this girl in order to not get caught. If she went to the police, he could get tracked, especially since she saw his face.

    (I just realized I put the wrong name up there, I am so sorry about that. Is there any way I can change it that you know of?)
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