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  1. As the result of me being extremely bored, I have recently wanted to set up a group RP world that takes place in a city called Cerberus in the realm Underworld, where a large variety of mythological creatures live in a modern or slightly futuristic society, that evolved with both magic and science. They had separated from humanity due to fact that there was almost always conflict between the two, so there aren't many humans that are in Underworld, the humans staying in our world, which is known as the Surface World. There are still creatures that live on the Surface, but most immigrate to Underworld to avoid discovery and the dangers it could cause.

    I just like the idea of myth and reality in one universe, like this, and having mythical creatures knowledgeable to the modern world and not sticking so closely to the past like I always see them portrayed.

    Now, I do have more details but I am bad at getting my thoughts put into words, so if you have any interest, questions, or ideas, please share, I want to build this world with a group and not solo.
  2. Like a secret society of supernatural entities... I could see this working. I'm interested.
  3. Yep! Pretty much like that
  4. I think this is a great idea - definitely in!
  5. I'm in x]
  6. Well, I'll work a bit more on the details and report back in a bit
  7. This sounds like it could be fun.
  8. Smells like a great blast.

    Can we play as specific, one-of-a-kind mythical beasts? Like Typhon and Chimera and such.
  9. Yeah sure, I don't see why not
  10. Ok, well since this seems to be getting more attention, I will be working more on this again, thanks for the input guys.
  11. What is the social structure like in Cerberus? Is it anarchistic with different groups and races working within their own codes of conduct and just coexisting in the same place? Are they lorded over by iron fisted demon lords who demand obedience in return for the safety of life without being hunted? Do they have elected officials? re there clear differences between social classes or is everyone at a relative level of comfort?

    the concept seems interesting but I'd like to know a little more about the tone and theme you;re going for with this setting.
  12. Cerberus, how I vision it, is more of an area of mixed races with social classes, mostly based off of intelligence, power, social reputation, etc., and for the most part, still governed by Hades for most political situations, sorta like a mayor of some sort. As for why they cooperate with each other, this is more because of the Reapers, not the actual Grimm Reaper or Death himself, but more like an agent of Death, keeping the peace between the creatures and preventing any large scale segregation or extermination of one race (like slavery of certain races, all of a race being kicked out of the city, etc.), working a peacekeeper/justice division, and since they handle things usually mercilessly after it had been determined that there was a wrong doing, most just obey the rules. There are other places in the realm, where the different races can govern their own people, Cerberus is just one of the safest and easiest to live in, and provides law and protection that couldn't be assured outside of the city.
    As for conflicts within the city, there are a large string on secret gangs and black markets, some want money or power(as in magic and such), some might to take control of Cerberus, the Underworld, or the Surface World.
    There is also a major conflict between the Underworld and the Overworld, being that the Over world refuses and race who is not a deity or holy being of some sort into their realm.
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  13. interesting. If i may make a suggestion, just to keep in line with the greek theme, shouldn't the reapers be renamed Thanites after Thanatos?

    they could also be the Furies, harpy-like daughters of nyx(night) who punish those who disrespect authority.
  14. Well, I was more up to mixing mythologies together, but I'll take your idea into consideration
  15. if you;re going with a mix then I suggest not having Hades act as the mayor if the place is already called Cerberus and specifically resides in the Underworld as that is 3 for 3 on greek myth.
  16. Ok then, what would you suggest? Hades is currently just in charge of that area but I will look into other possibilities
  17. hm, well, it really depends on how much you want established mythologies to play a role in the narrative of your roleplay. For example, having Hades as the mayor implies that his brothers are also kicking around somewhere, as should the rest of the greek pantheon. These characters already have established relations and histories so these would have to come into play with how the characters act in the rp (for example, it woudl be odd for the mayor to be a womanizer if that is teh kind of character you wanted to write, since canonically Hades as a wife named Persephone and the whole 'sleep with anything' shtick is more Zeus' thing). This isn't necessarily a bad thing of course, especially if you're planing on having characters from multiple pantheons interact since then you can play with their existing inter-relations, and how that would make them react to each other (like having Thor and Hercules be sparring buddies, and Thor always wanting hercules to go out and drink with him, but hercules refusing because he remembers hera manipulating his mind and refers to always stay in possession of his mental faculties, small example).

    so it comes down to whether you want cerberus to be a 'blank slate' kind of city where anyone can bring in anything from any myth and just have it work because the city is kind of neutral ground for all thinsg supernatural. Or if you want cerberus to be a mosaic city that IS affected by existing myths, alliances, gods, etc. but who all come together in a social mish-mash. The first option lends itself to more player design if you have a creative crew that likes worldbuilding but can also feel flat and directionless if no one really wants to add anything to what you;re giving them to play with, which woudl reqire a much more hands-on approach from you as a GM as far as guiding the RP's story so peoepl don;t get bored. The second requires a lot more prep-work, figuring out how all the different mythological personalities work together or against each other, deciding their social interaction in the city and how that affects the more common residents on a general level (for example, maybe there is a quarrel between the hindu and greek pantheons, meaning that naga/gorgon couples are usually frowned upon) but by such your world feels more concrete to your players so they need less hand-holding during the actual play since they have a rough idea of what they shoudl and should not do already. It comes down to really where you want to put more effort, the set-up or the execution.

    If you are gonna go with a more Neutral Cerberus as opposed to a cultural mosaic though, then i suggest not having anyone from canon myth as the mayor, just create a generic demon-lord or whatever OC that acts as the boss, that way you;re not 'colouring' the experience by affiliating your city to any specific myth. If you'd rather not create a completely new character, then try picking a smaller name than someone like Hades, maybe someone from a lesser known myth/religion (like angra mainyu, the mezopotamian personification of the world's evils for example), someone that yoru average player will have less of a concrete idea of what they should already be like in their minds.

    there isn't really an overall right or wrong way to do it, just that different methods are better at telling different stories, so it all depends on the theme you really want to go with for your RP.
  18. You have proven a good point, I will choose/ make someone else. Thank you for your advice.
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  19. no problem at all. I've recently gotten too lazy to do my own group roleplays because i can never ever have a simple Idea, but by the same token I'm always happy to lend my brain to anyone who needs worldbuilding advice ^_^.
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