Supernatural/Dark Fantasy RP in Hell. Angels and Demons FTW.

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  1. In this concept, players can be Demons or the Angels. Bear in mind, this is based on all existing mythologies, religions, and beliefs and as such, the demons and such may be different than you'd expect.

    The Demons are not necessarily one. For instance, in my story, the demons of Wrath are currently undergoing a civil war. The Fallen Angels are separated from the rest of the Hellish world due to their pride, making them ironically the most clueless race of all. Demons in the frigid waters will have a hard time going to the land, and demons in the forests have their own set of rules. Demons come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and have different abilities. They can be humanoid, bestial and animalistic, spirit-bodied, or if you want, a mass of grotesque parts. Often, they have noticeable traits that would give them away. However, I want the players to really exercise their imaginations with creating demonic characters. I don't want to see a handsome human with like 2 inch horns and red eyes - that's not a demon. That's a Trick-or-Treater. There can be only seven Demons, each representing a sin - a sort of champion of the Seven Demon Lords.

    The Angelic are perhaps the easiest role to play. There can be only four advocates of Heaven and have one goal: to stop the antagonists in their mission to reunite Satan's Hearts and revive the King of Darkness himself. Much like the Demonic, they cannot look merely human, although they can look more human than the Demonic. They must look intimidating, even scary, seeing as real angels are ethereal and inhuman. Maybe you can be armor set ablaze, like Imperius, or the four-faced, Sphinx or Harpy-like Angels in the Bible, or the Putti from Greek paintings?

    As for the lands, we separate them into the Seven Deadly Sins. Wrath, Gluttony, Avarice, Lust, Sloth, Envy, and Pride. They each have their own territories in the world, as well as issues, types of demons, and Overlords, mainly Abaddon, Beelzebub, Mammon, Asmodeus and Lilith, Belphegor, Leviathan, and Lucifer, respectively.

    The story follows the Diablo Series creation story and jumps off from there. In a nutshell, God, the knightly sum of all benevolence, and Satan, the Six Headed Dragon (much like in the Diablo and in the Book of Revelation) battled each other before time. When they struck each other, Satan's six heads were separated and thus created the Six sins (with the exception of Pride) and the boundaries, as well as the demonic inhabitants of Hell. It wasn't long after the introduction of humans on Earth did Hell become a home for the souls of the sinful dead, as well. Hiding within Hell are the Six Hearts of Satan which, when united with one another, will begin reanimating Hell and give birth to the Dark Lord once more. However, it's not enough, seeing as Lucifer, whose heart is considered the Seventh Heart of Pride, is the tool that will complete Satan's resurrection and give the Devil life.

    More info will be added later if this gets enough votes. Feel free to ask questions and stuff.

    So, example pictures are:

    [​IMG]Asmodeus, Husband of Lilith, King of the Incubi, and co-leader of the caverns of Lust. He can take on any form pleasing to the eye. Many claim only Lilith sees him for who he really is and what he really looks like.
    Lilith, Mother of Succubi, Queen of Lust. Ensnaring demons from all regions in her web, she appeases her lustful desires in their bed, before laying her eggs and creating extensions of herself.
    Belphegor the Discoverer, Epitome of Sloth and Apathy. His inventions entice lethargy. He poisons his prey and drains them of energy and lifeforce. His mind is as strong as his body is weak. Belphegor hides within the thickness of the Suicide Woods, center of Sloth.
    Leviathan, the Great Whale. It lives in the deepest waters of Envy, swallowing demons and cities alike. The hale storms and thunderstorms that eternally wail in Envy's skies are due to its will.
    Mammon, the Second Master. A traveller, alchemist, slaver, and hunter, he oppresses the demons to mine him the ethereal riches of Hell - riches that he hoards and wastes. He and his wolf, Plutus, command the gold dust deserts and deep mines of Avarice.
    Abaddon the Destroyer, King of the Volcanic Regions of Wrath. Combat is his pleasure, fire and magma are his weapons, and brewing the rage within hearts is his speciality. He commands the largest military force in all of Hell and rules his sector with ironfisted rage.
    Lucifer the Deceiver, the Father of Lies, First of the Born and First of the Fallen, the Morning Star. Even if all the other angels who followed him turned grotesque and suffered hideous malformations, even if their wings turned black due to their corruption - Lucifer is far beyond the corruption of Hell. His pride retains a false sense of holiness that perfectly mimics the true divinity of Angels, thus giving him his still angelic look. Trapped within the Holy of Holies, he rules all of Hell via his Fallen comrades, the most destructive of all of Hell's denizens.

    This is my first attempt at creating a roleplay ever. We've seen supernatural, horror, demon-centric roleplays before. However, this is a different take on those roleplays because in this roleplay, all characters are no nonsense supernatural beings. No angels with cute forms, no anime demon people working in McDonald's, just pure religious and mythological demons, monsters, and other living atrocities, abhorrent, sinful, and dark. Taking inspiration from Dante's epic poem, the Inferno, John Milton's Paradise Lost, as well as various no nonsense sources such as real demonology and supernatural studies, I have created a world and story that I believe would seem interesting. In this roleplay, you won't find any demons who look flawless and handsome or beautiful, act like humans and are humorous - I believe they make a mockery of the true horrors they should be. Various animes and cartoons that make a mockery of the fiends are, to name a few, Beelzebub, Yu Yu Hakusho, The Devil is a Part Timer, those types.

    In this roleplay, I have created my very own version of Hell before the times of man, wherein we will all partake in the story. Hell, much like Dante's Inferno, is divided into boundaries. Unlike the Inferno, however, it is not a slow descent downwards. My Hell is a planet-like realm with the countries being territories inhabited by different types of demons, from the demonic inhabitants of Wrath (red to flesh-skinned, war mongering beasts of different shapes and sizes, with the affinity of fire, much like traditional demons in media), to the underwater denizens of the waters of Envy (pointing to the fact that the envious are punished in Hell via submerged in icy waters. These oceans have various water-themed monsters and merfolk), to the monsters lurking within the forests of the Slothful (these demons look more like sci-fi aliens and medieval creatures). One can even be a lustful succubus or an incubus in the various brothels scattered all around cities within Hell, or even be one of the Fallen Angels that guard the Traitor King himself, Lucifer.

    Imagination is key in this roleplay.

    Link to the IC:
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  2. Angels could look like:

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  3. Could I reserve a demon?

    Also, What're you power limitations in this?
  4. Sure, but I actually need help in making this come to fruition. It's my first haha. Any tips?

    Anyway, power limitations for the Demons are connected to their Sin, physiology, punishment, or historical, mythological, or religious basis. For instance, Leviathan in the Bible is a large sea creature. In Sin studies, it represents Envy and envy is connected to Ice and Cold. Combining that, Leviathan has the ability to create halestorms, vortices, freeze, and other ocean-related powers. But of course, he's a Demon Lord.

    Damned are basically humans in Hell, they can do anything a human can do. However, since Hell is a place transcendent of natural physics, normalcy, and time - they are more agile and physically powerful than they were when they were alive. The explanation is the souls of Hell need the extra agility and strength to do labor for the demons. They are also open to making tools and using demonic weapons.

    For the Angels, they can basically do whatever Angels in mythology and media can do, but their powers are less diverse than the Demons. Angels have one set of powers with only one or two unique powers that set themselves apart from each other.

    Since it's my first, I've never really explained power limitations to another person. Give me an example demon and its powers and I'll see. :)

    Also, please tell your friends who might be willing to roleplay.
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  5. @Damien Kriez Sure! Go ahead and DM me about what you need help about and I'll answer ASAP
  6. Hmmm I am very intrested,but don't count me down yet. I feel a little uncomfortable with using or bieng in a rp with actual demon charecters,as I believe in all of that. But I will sleep on it and let you know
  7. Count me in, I suspect I'll either end up playing a Fallen Angel, though one who has come to terms with his fall (Think Isac from Binding of in the endings) or something that'll be just as fun, such as a Demon wishing to reform. yay for against the grain.
  8. I'm making a story, will be done in a couple of days. It's extensive.
  9. how comes the story?
  10. The story is done, I am making the sign up sheets but it'll take me some time. I'm learning how to do BBcodes xD I can't do the simplest stuff.
  11. If you want help I can help, been handling BBcode (along with /c sharp and HTML) for so friggin long
  12. I would very much love to reserve Asmodeus, if that's possible. If not, I'll take an angel.
    Beyond that, I've itching for a good Heaven/Hell/Earch mythos type story and I think this would be perfect. Excellent intro. btw.
  13. I must say I am very interested and impressed. Yes, impressed. LONG have I been wanting a roleplay that had demons and angels taking on non-human, if not their true forms. Your take on these creatures is heavily symbolic as well, and I appreciate that. I also like how you also refer to the rather frightening and overwhelming appearances that Angels of scripture ought to have. On that note, what would be your limitations if say, an Ophanim/Throne? They're described as wheels with eyes. O_o
  14. I appreciate the help and everyone's interest! I am currently preparing everything, but it will take me a lot of time due to real world discrepancies as well, such as internship interviews and whatnot.

    @EddiEddi Thanks for offering to help with the BB codes, I'll take you up on that offer. Can you show me a link wherein you made the introduction post, so I can see what I could expect? :)

    @Vegnya I've thought about that for a long time. In Judaic traditions, an archangel Raguel is described as the archangel of justice and holy vengeance. In Gulley's the Encyclopedia of Angels Ophanim are also described as ones dishing out divine justice and maintaining the cosmic harmony of all universal laws. Taking those facts into consideration, I imagined the Ophanim as heavily armored beings who can turn to burning wheels for faster travels. So yeah, I've imagined my personal Ophanim as armored angels with wheel-shaped or circular arches. However, that's just me. Angels and what pictures you can find online are up to you. It doesn't really matter. :)
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  16. Redid the first post to show off bb code fun. I'll probably do more if you want me to. the images and nested tabs were giving me issues so I stopped after 40 minutes of fragging round. but thats just a idea.
  17. I'm working on the signups, and I've got the BB coding down! :) Hopefully this'll be up by the end of the week.
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  18. How would you feel about someone playing a seraph? I'm interested wether or not you agree though.
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