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  1. Hey people! For those of you in North and South America who don't already know, there's something super cool happening tonight.

    There is going to be a so-called "super-blood-moon"




    Here's some information if you don't know what I'm talking about.

    Super Blood Moon eclipse tonight! |

    It's supposed to be at its peak around 10:00 EST, so if you've got a clear sky you should definitely check it out. We won't be getting our next one for another 20 years.

    If you can't see it, I'll try and post some pictures later tonight.
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  2. The Michigan clouds were slightly more illuminated than usual.


  3. Asmo! That's half an hour long... :faint:

  4. Exciting.
  5. I can't see it due to Cloud cover!


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  7. The clouds cleared away!

    I got to see it!
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  8. For those of you who couldn't (or didn't) get outside, have a few select (a.k.a crummy) photos from the Peregrine Photography Project. :D

    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
  9. I tried to take a picture (fairly early on, before it was fully eclipsed or really turned red), and, in the photo, there appeared to be two moons...


    One all big and glowy, and the other clearly visible above it and to the left.

    And then I tried taking another picture when there were no clouds in the way, and there were three moons.


    And the biggest one doesn't seem to be eclipsing at all.

    ...So that was weird.
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  10. What kind of magical place do you live in @Kaga-kun o.o

    I was an idiot XD I saw the lunar eclipse when it started, and when it ended. BUT it wasn't as red as I thought it'll be so I thought it didn't fully eclipse yet DX I see images of a bright red moon, but the one I saw was more orange so I wasn't able to truly appreciate it because I didn't think it was happening yet. And then I see the white start to come up and i'm like "WHAT???? HOW DID I MISS IT???? I NEED TO CALL UP MY FRIEND THAT KNOWS RANDOM FUN FACTS LIKE THIS!"

    But the moon is outside my window so I can be on my PC and see the moon turn back to white at the same time :D
  11. Clouds here were too strong for a supermoon. Sadness.
  12. It was pretty bright the night before. With Florida whacky weather it made a massive halo in the sky around it. Really eerie.

    As for the eclipse it was cloudy and didn't seem that much bigger or brighter. Was neat to see. My neighbor and resident maintenance guy put his phone in a window on a tripod and had it do time lapse that he showed me this morning. That was a cool idea.
  13. The eclipse its self was a bit disappointing to me. But HOLY COW THAT MOON WAS BRIGHT AFTER THE ECLIPSE! 2AM, and my neighborhood is basically perfectly lit. Like street lights would turn off I wouldn't even notice till my friend points it out o.o
  14. My friend apparently went up at four in the morning to see it, but of course it was cloudy xD Sweden is always cloudy when stuff happens in the sky.
  15. Did anyone snap a picture of Jesus?

    Or is it vampire rules?
  16. Why would it be vampire rules? Jesus is a lich, get it right.

    It operates more on Bigfoot rules, only blurry shapes that only look like Jesus if you squint and hope really hard.
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