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  1. *Drifts through the clouds, hanging from an umbrella....Terrified and shrieking for dear life!*

    Alright, enough shennanigans, tomfoolery and bamboozlement. Although between you and me, Tomfoolery wasn't even invited...Damn party crasher!

    Anyway, I'm Talhar/Karl. Older than most....Younger than most buildings!
    I'm currently living in Belgium and have been searching for a roleplay forum with an active and fun community, ever since I arrived back in Belgium.
    You'd be surprised how hard it is to find an active and appealing rp forum these days.

    Also, just throwing that in here, while I was hanging from the umbrella (Someone had me convinced it was a viable way to skydive....)
    I shrieked, like the manliest man you'll ever have the displeasure of meeting. Just so y'all know.

    Back to the introduction...

    I got a few hobbies, such as roleplaying/thaibox/getting so drunk you go upstairs to the bathroom, forget there's a party going on at your house, and fall asleep in your bed/getting so drunk you are convinced some Irish chaps just insulted your mother, causing you to fight them and get your ass kicked...then go upstairs to the bathroom and fall asleep in your bed.

    Ah, good times...Good times.

    If you have any questions for me, feel free to post them here or send me a PM.

    Cheers all. :) I hope to have a good time roleplaying in this community.
  2. hey you, i'm new too so thought i'd say hello!
    Well, that and you seem like a funny/nice person.
    so yea, hello! :)
  3. What a VERY INTERESTING introduction! Welcome Talhar- I hope you find what you're looking for in Iwaku.
  4. Welcome to you too than, Darkwolf. Hope you'll have fun here aswell.
    Thanks for the welcome and kind words, Freudhersh.

    One question though, before I scoop over to my Profile and update it with rp-stuff, is there a chatbox/shoutbox that isn't for rp, but just general merriment and sillyness?

    Pip Pip Cheerio! ^^
  5. There is! Go to "CHATBOX" then "CBOX MAIN" >w< Hope that helps! Lot's of people go there and hang out!
  6. I was about to, totally agressively, rant about not being able to find the chatbox.

    No, seriously, I was....I can be VERY intimidating....Much like bunnies in a way!
    Ask yourself this, what sound does a bunny make? HA! They make no sound!

    They are nature's silent ninjas...Scary ain't it?!

    Anyway, I was about to rant and go bunny-mode on everyone, until I found the Chatbox's General Room. XD

    Thanks for the answer btw, Frankenille. ^^
  7. No problema Hun! I'm always glad to help c;

    and...silent killer bunnies does sound scary....
  8. Well, someone who is fairly close to me :3
    Hello there and greetings from Holland!~
  9. Well hello there, neighbour. Nice to meet you. ^^
  10. [​IMG]


    Interesting post is Interesting.

    Stop by the Chatbox! It's awesome. AND RANDOM. <3