Superman/Batman: World's Finest

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    The basic premise? With the advent of the Superman/Batman movie (Which MUST absolutely be named The World's Finest'), I figured we could do our own take of the historic meeting between the Man of Tomorrow and The World's Greatest Detective.

    Please note this will probably deviate from the Film/TV/Comics canon, but will take great deals of inspiration from them.

    Of course, I personally would like to play as Superman, Batman being the role I'm in need of. The two would essentially be in their late 20's/early 30's, Superman having just appeared and Bruce Wayne having already had a few years of experience, having completed his worldwide training into his earlier 20's.

    We can also discuss the villains they should face this time around and throw around roles there too.
  2. Depends on which universe Batman you'd be most comfortable with. Personally, I'm more familiar with the Warner Brothers' AU Batman - Justice league, Justice League Unlimited, etcetera.
    Granted, I'm not particularly confident in playing a canon character, but I'll give it a shot.
  3. That's absolutely fine. I'm personally most acquainted with the graphic novel version of All-Star Superman, so we're both drawing from specific sources.
  4. That's cool. I just have to ask, at which point in the continuity are we? Or are we just throwing in whatever feels right?
  5. We're starting after a Superman Vs General Zod type event. Prior to that, Superman has shown himself already, and became popular with Metropolis and eventually battled Zod for Earth not unlike the film.

    Superman is currently helping with the rebuilding process for damaged parts of Metropolis, but they're in dire need of funding, which is where I'll come in as Lex Luthor offering to help fix things, with Bruce Wayne assisting him.
  6. All right, fair enough.
    I'm assuming that there's going to be some big event that Superman attends, wherein some villain attempts to kill him?
  7. Thet could work, certainly.
  8. I'm vouching for Metallo. Easily disguised, runs on Kryptonite, practically immune to anything the local police force would have.
  9. This does raise the question of whether Superman knows about his weakness to Kryptonite, though - or if anyone else does, for that matter.
  10. For fun, let's say no one does. Lex at the most can assume that the chunk being radioactive would be deadly via pro-longed exposure and be like 'holy shit yes its killing superman woohoo' when Superman fights Metallo.
  11. I take it after a brief fight scene, that's when Bats shows up and lobs an explosive Batarang at Metallo's Kryptonite? It'd take all of a second to link the green glowy rock to the Man of Steel being beaten down.
  12. We're going to need to think of what happens after, though. Once Superman's gotten his act together, and Metallo's down for the count, have you got any plans?
  13. Excellent. I haven't any other questions, unless there's something you need to clear up.
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