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  1. Any superhero roleplays available, Original or Cannon??? ​
  2. I know of a few that are looking for people and haven't started yet.
    Both are original and kind of set in the same "universe," although they're far apart from each other in time and thus not really connected.

    City 88: Kill-switch is a mostly modern game with some cyberpunk elements, in which a corporation's ambitions will run into superhuman resistance.

    Exodus 47 is a more scifi game set in a future in which a monstrous race has appeared and attacked humanity, forcing the human race to leave the Earth and establish colonies throughout the system. Human and Superhuman must fight against this enemy, and prevent them from achieving their goals. It's a little bit of an open world in a large setting, and also likely to be a bit of a higher overall level of power in terms of characters.
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  3. Hmmmm I'll check out both of them thank you!
  4. Cool. You're welcome. To give you a few more if you want fandom RP, here's a few I managed to find:
    The Ultimate Marvel Roleplaying Universe
    The Penultimate Superhero RP seems to be a mixture of Marvel and DC universes. I'm not sure if it's still looking for players or not, however. It's been going a while, if the OOC's gotten that long.
    Young Justice: In the Shadow of the Light is specifically based on the Young Justice cartoon, if you're familiar with it or enjoy the DCAU and that specific slice of it. Also has a pretty extensive OOC, but may well still be looking for people.
  5. Ill check them out thank you!
  6. No prob. There might be a few more floating around, but those are about all the ones I know of that are fairly recent and likely to be active or seeking players.
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