Superhero Death Chain!

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  1. The rules are simple:

    Create a superpowered individual that you think would be a good match against the one above you. For example, perhaps there is a wind based superhero, well, then, maybe a vacuum based super villain would do the trick against them.

    Focus more on their powers than other aspects of a CS.

    Don't make them too powerful, otherwise it won't be about anything but raw power. Think like a 6 out of 10 in terms of power level, with superman being a 10.

    Feel free to use the Superpower Wiki for inspiration!

    Have fun and be nice!
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  2. Name: Vail Keyes
    Age: 29
    Sex: Female

    Power: Cybernetic Physiology: Vail's body is made of some of the most advanced materials known to man, including muscles and skin constructed from carbon nano fibers, and a neural up-link to the world wide web.

    Specific powers include:

    #1 Super Strength and Toughness: Veil can punch through a block wall without injuring herself.
    #2 Increased Physicality: Veil can jump ten feet straight up, sprint at 45 miles an hour for short periods, and is able to move with amazing agility.
    #3 Heat Resistance: Carbon skin and muscles resist heat extremely well.
    #4 Nasty Equipment: Veil carries this and this as her weapons/tools of choice.
  3. Wait superman is power level 10? In that case I know 20 or 30 characters with a power level of easily 15. Superman really needs a mega evolution. He's just Man now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.