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So if seeing the name Super Smash Brothers didn't make you just wanna find and click the site link already, let me lay it down for you all.
SSB: LI (as it has been endeared to its members) is a post-apocalyptic setting with nintendo characters. Like, any character that has been seen on a game played with a Nintendo console. Ever.
Set after the events of Brawl, Life Itself begins with a bang. The many worlds within the planes of existence, once living apart, mysteriously collided into one big plant. This upset a lot of the characters that lived in these worlds, in more ways than one. Their homes destroyed, this was a pretty devastating event for many. The adventurous souls, however, saw a new exciting journey ahead of them, full of... well, adventure. But their explorations were cut short when a disease called Starvia started spreading, creating more problems than these poor guys had already.
And now let me lay down some more "ooo"s and "aah"s for you guys, in the form of bullet points. Who doesn't love bullet points?
  • Be any character that's ever been featured in a Nintendo game*! Even a Mii!
  • Either roll dice or write your way to victory! (using a very DnD-lite dice-roll system that's super easy to use!)
  • Not a fan of fighting? Just relax with some traditional RP!
  • Join the C-Box for some witty conversation with our members! (With varying timezones!)
  • Those same members are super helpful and nice! Fair admins abound!
*as long as their franchise had its start in video gaming.

SSB: LI is easily my favorite RP I've ever been a part of. Go on, give it a click, I know you want to. :D
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