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  1. They soared over Canterbury City-- The strangely designed squadrons were rising and diving, pelleting the buildings below with bullets. The means to defend the people were assembled in haste, the weaponry lacking and their usage uncoordinated-- The appearance of the giant dirigible airship and its fighter planes was an attack that no one saw coming.

    At the center of it all, at the bridge of the airship was a wealthy terrorist-- a man known to others simply as "The Blimp Pimp," a wealthy socialite from Europe who saw fit to command aerial fleets of dieselpunk style planes. And he was clad in his formal military attire, with all sorts of stolen badges pinned to the coat, as he straightened out his tie and put on his goggles, running a finger over his penciled in mustache.

    It would happen that on days like this that the Ensemble Elite would handle things-- being that they were some of the most popular "heroes" in the United States at least, and powerful enough to hold their own when faced with an Earth-shattering crisis. At least when they felt like it, or gave them publicity. They had risen from the ashes of the Pantheon of Peace-- an institution that had existed since just before World War II, until the group was slain in battle by an unimaginable enemy-- so unimaginable, that the event in question ended with the events erased from the minds of those who'd witnessed anything to do with it.

    And with the pantheon of benevolent beings seen as gods-- but really no more than people who saw they had the means to help others, was the death of heroism in the very word "Super-Hero". For a time, only those crazy enough rose to try and do what they interpreted as good-- a half dozen of those involved in the attempt at a new resurgence of superheroes being gun-toting psychopaths.

    But there was nothing they represented besides insanity, hatred and anger- the very things their enemies bred to destroy the world. The Ensemble Elite was thought to be a return to the old ways but with modern sensibilities-- the fallout of the vigilante madmen, their edgy and overly-cynical ways still resonating.

    But... perhaps there was still hope that there would come a day when one could be called a Super-Hero. A super-hero that could stand for something righteous-- to show the way for a society in need of guidance where it would make war with itself.


    EPISODE 1: Some Assembly Required

    And just then, a fighter plane was struck by a raw bolt of uncompromising golden light, whose vastly superior and awesome might wounded the side of fear itself!

    Just then, the plane began to drop. People scrambled to get out of the way, most being able to escape what would be the craft's crash-site. But there was still a handful of people leftover who weren't nearly as mobile as needed-- but this was not their fault.

    And it seemed someone agreed with that.

    As the shadow of death hung over them, it was once again illuminated by rays of light-- empowering, inspiring and as warm as the sun itself. And they saw his cape flowing in the wind as he hefted the aircraft with both hands, gently setting it down on a section of the street that was empty. The figure-- The Contender, AKA Harvey Peterson, turned to make sure no one was singed by stray chunks of hot steel.

    He gave his gaze to the innocent. And their fears were alleviated, when they saw the nervous smile of a second stringer super-hero in place of injury and the darkness found in the end. Even the pilot of the fighter plane was pulled out-- and despite the injuries,

    Her green hairs and costume appeared from above, as she hovered down to inspect what he'd done. Jupiter Jones had been right behind Harvey, the two of them being the best flyers of the group, most familiar with aerial maneuvers.

    "Excellent work." She complimented. "The others are at the airfield taking one of my jets-- they'll try to infiltrate the Blimp Pimp's airship while you and I tackle the fighters that have been deployed."

    The Contender nodded. "I'll meet up with them once they get here, Miss Jones. For now, I'm up to keep casualties at little to none."

    And the two swooped off to higher altitudes...
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  2. "Can you just put it on autopilot?" Kenna asked the older student in the pilot's chair. She didn't quite feel safe when someone other than Jupiter Jones was the pilot, though everyone had been given lessons. As she strapped herself onto a chair, Kenna looked up at the sky. There were airplanes flying hither and thither, but their target was the boss himself.

    Kenna didn't know how her "powers" were relevant. They were more a a check-the-box attribute. She had a power, so she could join the group. Then end up fighting using purely-human tactics. "Do we have a plan?" Kenna asked the others, "For once we reach the blimp I mean. Just, like, threaten to throw the boss off if he doesn't surrender?"
  3. Shiva could plainly see that the others were out of their wit scared, and frankly, so was he. Slightly, very slightly. He was one of the other ones there, and he had been in the group for a little longer than the rest, but he could hide his emotions like a motherfucker. Shiva sighed, and turned to his side. No one was there, or so everyone else thought. He turned to his 'friend', and began to talk.

    "Can you fly a plane at all?" He asked thin air. He waited, and smiled slightly. "Go, then. This will be a breeze."

    Soon, the flying that was albeit mediocre was something a little less. It was steady, with little to no turbulence. He could see that the person who was possibly flying looked insulted, and turned to Shiva. He shrugged, what else was he to do? These people might as well crash the damned thing! He reclined back against the wall, watching to see if he could be of help in any way at all.
  4. "Blehhheehee!!" As soon as she got herself strapped in and 'prepared', Isidora began to heave and retch into a paper bag. "I don't think I'm--Blleehhh!--ready for --hyaablehh!-- this!" She cried in between projectile vomiting into the now heavy paper bag. The initial nausea finally cleared and she leaned back, wiping her mouth on her sleeve and trying to look maybe a little not scared shitless.

    "Yeah," She said, echoing Kenna's concerns "do we have a plan?"

    It had been one of the most insane things they group had attempted so early on into their career. So early in fact, they had done well to save numerous lives but were quickly shown up by the Ensemble Elite. Tossed out of the limelight were our heroes, and a quiet ride home sent them all back in one piece.

    Jupiter lost the energy she had maintained to drive everyone home. She was drifting towards the door, until she used her sorcery to levitate over the ground slightly, and to open the door for herself and her pupils.

    "That was wonderful, children..." yawned Jupiter Jones, as she dusted her leggings off, and rubbed her eyes. "Now, I know this all seems like something we're not cut out to do-- but so long as we can do *ahhhwwm* what we have been gifted wuuuh-with-- we can serve to benefit others!... Right after some much needed sleep. "

    Harvey walked behind the woman, puffing his chest out and standing tall as he walked. He was frowning, and clearly bothered by the fact the Ensemble had taken over for the group.

    "We had that one right in the bag!" said Harvey, putting a fist into an open hand. "I mean, the city got invaded-- and that was sort of the closest thing we'll ever get for practice before aliens invade or some demonic critters overtake the world-- or or... Something! Ugh! And I hate those Ensemble Elitists and that jerk powerhouse of theirs-- Versa-Man. Always going off about hope and stuff when he's causing thousands-- maybe millions in damage! Thinking he's worthy of being a legend like the Pantheon was!..."

    Jupiter turned around, her sleepy eyes struggling to stay open as she looked Harvey straight in the eyes. "Harvey-- all of you. I will not have the halls I have welcomed you into echo with such negative feelings-- even if they're regarding the worst bunch of thugs to call themselves Earth's finest. I want you all to practice your hearts out, and keep your chins up."

    And with that, Jupiter hovered way. As she did, Harvey mumbled an apology, and flew back outside to sit on the steps of the building. Having a large estate not too far from the urban jungle helped for sure. All they'd had time to do was drop their belongings off in the lobby for Jupiter to have taken up to the rooms they were assigned to. Harvey wasn't sure if there would be a roommate thing going on, but he hoped there was more to this estate than just the glamour and wealth...

  6. A door in the girls' dormitory was marked "Isidora & Kenna." Kenna rolled her eyes slightly and peeled the "Isidora &" from over her name. She started to crumple them and toss them in a wastebasket, but thought better of it and stuck Isidora's name to the door of a broom closet across the hall. She smirked slightly, threw away the ampersand, and entered her private room. Why would anyone have roommates in a place this big?

    Kenna climbed to the top bunk and stared at the ceiling, still in her superhero suit. The day had been an utter disaster. A handful of teenagers bumbling about in the least the blonde guy could fly. What was his name? Howard? Harley? The others were basically useless, herself included. Kenna would readily admit she hadn't accomplished a thing. To be honest, she hadn't tried very hard. But it hadn't been her idea to send her up there.
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  7. Isadora trudged out of the ship, her head bowed in shame and irritation. What was with Jupiter? Had she been trying to embarrass them by throwing them out there like that? Isadora glowered at her feet as she walked, her face a mask of stormy rage. This was ridiculous! She wished that she had never fallen into that tomb! She wished that her grandmother had been normal and hadn't been a damned hermit who lived in the middle of the damn desert! Why couldn't she just be normal!

    As those angry thoughts swirled around in her head, Isadora headed to her dorm room. And that was another thing! Why in the hell did she need to share a room with somebody? This place was massive! Would it have killed Jupiter to allow them some personal living space!

    "Wait--Huh?" Isadora sputtered when she saw that her named was on a door but not with any other names. "Well that's a surprise!" She exclaimed as she sauntered over to the door and pulled it open. Her good mood soon left her when she realized that she had fallen victim to a prank. Someone--her roommate most likely--had stuck her name onto a closet door. Isadora ripped her name off of the door and stormed up to the door across from it and slammed it onto it before ripping the door open and stomping in. She glowered at her "roommate" who had taken the top bunk already.

    "You know what? Screw you." She snapped, too upset and tired to argue. She settled down on the bottom bunk and rolled over, trying to get to sleep.
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  8. The back of the Army transport truck was noisy, crowded with luggage, and not a very smooth ride. Not that it bothered Angel, she was quite used to it by now. Her thoughts drifted more toward her current assignment, which included the relocation from the labs. She'd miss all the scientists and her father, but she was excited and just a bit nervous to meet new people. Not only that, but it would be an opportunity to show what she could do in the field, instead of in controlled tests.

    She was dressed in some of her best, a nice long skirt and short-sleeved white blouse. She didn't think it was as impressive as a military uniform, but it would probably make a better first impression. And she technically wasn't military personnel anyway. Even if she thought it was a little weird how her father always doted on her while everyone else treated her more like their project, she was glad for it at times. She'd miss him, but it's not like she couldn't call.

    A few hours later, the truck finally pulled up at the entrance to Jupiter Jones' school. As soon as it rocked to a stop, Angel got up and began taking inventory of her belongings, and moving them off the truck to make a small, but quickly growing pile of duffel bags and crates. It would seem like quite a lot of a single person, but...she wasn't exactly a person anyway. In addition to her combat equipment, carefully packed away, she had a number of supplies and spare parts, in case she was damaged and needed repairs. Once she had all her things unloaded, she finally looked around, taking in the facade of the mansion that would be her new home.

    "Wow...this is so different from the labs," she said in amazement.
  9. Eventually after some time had passed, Harvey got up and decided he wasn't feeling so moody about his 'poor showing' earlier. The timing was perfect, as he noticed a truck roll up to the school building. He was just about to stand at attention in case some high ranking official came to thank them for their assistance. And possibly offer a new assignment of some sort? Harvey wouldn't have minded being offered to join some sort of new super-team. Even if it was government sanctioned, he'd still have liked to give it a try. But rather, he noticed Angel coming out of the truck-- and Miss Jupiter Jones levitating down towards the girl. Her costume was now replaced with a t-shirt and some shorts that reached down to her knees, and her emerald hair was now in a pony tail. The woman was intent on relaxing the rest of the night...

    "Angel, honey? Is that you? Angel?" said Miss Jupiter. "I am Jupiter Jones-- and I would like to apologize for the school not being as impressive as it usually is. My students have already put together their group and had their first outing before they could even exchange names and it was unpleasant for everyone. May I carry your things for you?"

    Just then, Harvey ran over. "-- Miss Jupiter, I can help too."

    Jupiter smiled at Harvey, and then turned back to face Angel. "Then again, there's this strapping young man willing to help. What'll it be?"
  10. Angel nods to Miss Jones. "Yes, I'm Angel. I suppose you would be Jupiter Jones then, ma'am? It's very nice to meet you." She takes some time to look at her collection of luggage. "I'll carry what I can myself. Sorry I brought so much, but father thought it would be best if I had everything I'd need here." She looks Harvey up and down with a very careful, considering gaze, before she speaks up to him.

    "If you don't mind, would you help me with some of this? Um, I'll just say now that the stuff in the crates is a little heavy, so please be careful." Despite her warning, she doesn't seem to have much difficulty lifting one herself, although it's a little awkward. "So, where will I be staying," Angel asks, alternately peering over or around the side of her crate at Miss Jones and Harvey. "I'd like to get this dropped off as soon as possible."
  11. Jewel was careful and deliberate with each step she made. Years of practice had told her that this was the only way to walk for her. Otherwise who knew what could happen? She could kick a fire hydrant and make it burst, or step on a faultline and trigger an earthquake - or something else she couldn't even imagine. Just about everything had her paranoid. Powers? Hardly. To her it was a curse.

    Her meandering about had led her around a school building, but all the activity she saw going on around it suggested more military than a school. She should hurry along. The sooner she just walked on by the sooner she wouldn't be noticed, and no one would be hurt.

    Wow that woman was strong. Jewel saw an etherial girl, maybe about her age, pick up a crate that was nearly as big as her. It looked very heavy, but she handled it with relative ease.

    Jewel stopped paying attention to where she was going and bumped into the army truck. Instantly the headlight shattered, and she jumped back in fright. The blacktop she was standing on cracked under her torn-open shoes. Not again! She looked over at them, knowing she'd been noticed, and made a dash down the street.
  12. "Yes, that's me-- welcome, Angel. Welcome to the beginning of something beautiful--"

    Just then, Jupiter noticed all was not well in the environment. She zipped away to see what it was.

    "Harvey, attend to Angel's things-- something is amiss!"

    The young golden guardsman nodded back, and despite knowing for fact something bad was going to happen-- got to hefting Angel's things. At first he was surprised by the weight, nearly dropping one-- but his body was fueled by an extra-dimensional energy source, and he wised up. "Angel-- let's get your things inside right away, alright?"


    Jupiter was floating towards Jewel, extending her arms slowly and using her powers as best she could to stop-- or at least slow down the damage being done. She could sense that the awesome destructive power was radiating from the girl before her. A stranger to the grounds of her building, because she'd never seen or heard of such a superhuman.

    "Easy honey-- it's gonna be alright. You came to a good place, okay? A really good place. I can't hold this arcane field for much longer-- but I'll do my best until you can pull yourself back together. Can you do that for me?"
  13. Angel nods. "Alright. In we go, then." She carried her crate to the door, and after some awkward shifting around to keep it supported and free a hand to get the door open, carried it on inside. It takes a few trips, and she does her best to make small talk as she and Harvey lug her stuff around. "I really appreciate the help. I wouldn't even know where I'm going without someone to show me around." She smiles at Harvey. "Are there other students here?"
  14. Jewel stopped suddenly as a woman came floating up to her. She felt like she was being backed into a corner, even though she was still in the middle of the street. As her fear spiked more cracks started forming in the sidewalk.

    "S-Stay away from me!" she warned. Suddenly everything around her stopped breaking. Well, it didn't really stop; more like settled into a slower state of decay. Jewel looked at the woman, wondering if it was because of her.

    A good place? What did she mean? And worse, would she destroy it? Probably. She wrecked everything good. She took a few deep breaths and calmed down. Her powers dropped to induce a more managable level of carnage.

    "I'm sorry," she said. It was almost all she ever said anymore. "I'm really, really sorry. Who are you?"
  15. Corrie sighed, leaning back against the branch of the tree. She had been sitting up there for a while- nearly as long as she had been at the school, in fact, and it was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. Peering down at the students who walked below her, most oblivious to the small girl sitting up in the tree, she caught sight of something glinting in the grass. Corrie leaned forward slightly in an attempt to see better what it was and, having shifted too much, fell straight out of the tree with a soft squeak of surprise. Groaning quietly, she propped herself up on her elbows and hoped to some higher power that no one had seen her.
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