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A Relic of a Bygone Era
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Behold, one of the rare times I post the idea for an RP.

Plot Concept: It is by no means the first time that the multiple universes have come together and the mechanical weapons inhabiting them have had to fight together. However this is the first time that the pilots of these legendary machines have been phased out of existence in the process. Somehow, the force behind the merge has filtered out things it has perceived as a threat to its plans. However, precision removing the pilots of the machines that have risen up before came at a cost: The inclusion of a world with no mechanized weapons matching the caliber of the others. In this universe, the mecha multiverse comes through as simple television shows and games. Its comes upon individuals to take up the mechs of legend and try to fix the multiverse. However they'll quickly learn that simply seeing a show or playing a game means nothing when piloting their familiar, but still foreign machines. The universal jumble has wiped most of their memories except for the basic details of their mechs. The knowledge of the shows they watched and the games they played have vanished.

Find your mech, enter the cockpit, become an avatar of the original pilot, and discover just what has caused the universes to collide...

Gameplay: Honestly this is where things would typically fall flat I have no knowledge of a lot of a lot of mecha series. I would probably need help with this as I make the transition from universe to universe.

For simplicity sakes the size of any given mech would conform to the typical universe sizes to avoid stuff like a Gundam fighting an EVA, which would be like a bee fight a bear.

Of course, I'd be open to the idea of original mechs, seeing as this IS SWR.

So, anyone want to try to give this a go?

*Reads through the plot.*

*Nose starts to bleed, face turns red, steam comes from his nose and ears.*


Chaos. I will be joining this. I reserve Big O. TOTALLY AND FULLY!