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This has probably been posted before, but I freakin' love this topic. It's so fun and draws out a surprising amount of discussion amongst us nerd-types! (DON'T DENY IT, YOU'RE A NERD! SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS, YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE!)




X-Ray vision!!!! So I could creep on hot chicks all day long!

Seriously though....I would like the regenerative ability. Super strength being a close second.
Telekinesis. Who needs to get up and do things when I can do them with my mind?

Also, this might be kinda de-railing but... who's smarter: Reed Richards or Tony Stark?
Shapeshifting. It's just totally freaking awesome. "Oh hey, I can make myself fly, or be super strong, or be super fast, or have breasts, or make my hands into axes."

Since they both have superpowers, I think the following hero and villain count.

Josuke Higashikata for heroes and Dio Brando for villains. Josuke's very much a normal kid, he just happens to also be a badass with the power to "repair objects". This has been used to heal the injured, steal wallets, cheat at the lottery, and make homing bullets out of glass. Of course, his Stand is also a close-combat type, so he can beat the shit out of people WITH HIS BRAIN.

Dio Brando has all sorts of crazy vampire powers (Regeneration, creating spawn, freezing blood, eyebeams...) and is probably one of the most straight-up evil fictional characters ever. Yet his is an elegant, refined evil-he is incredibly cool and incredibly repulsive at once.

Oh, and then he gains the power to stop time and beat people up with his brain. Lots of knife-throwing ensues.

Plus, he really knows how to make an entrance:

Yeah, he wears hearts. If you want to complain, say it to his face.
I wanna be an ass and say my super powers can be anything... depending on what phase during my menstrual cycle and the strength of flow I'm in.

Spotting (starting) - Invisibility
First Flow - Super strength
Clotting - Flight
Spotting (ending) - Super speed

Light Flow - Gives a + Plasma Projectile ala Jubilee
Moderate Flow - Gives a + Sonic ala Songbird, Banshee etc.
Heavy Flow - Gives a + Size Shifting ala Giganta, Atom etc.

And during the other 28 days in a month I have heightened senses. When I have cramps I'll turn into Thor.


I just want a specific type of control of the space/time continuum where I can take a couple steps and be something like 10,000 kilometers from where I started. I would never be late for Printmaking class ever again.

I'm going to have to go with the power of Prodigy from the X-Men. He could absorb the knowledge and skills of anyone around him. That sounds pretty BAMF to me, and I could still be considered a normal person. XD

As for favorite superhero I have to go Spider-Man. The movies just made him lame though.
I'd have to say that the most worthwhile superpower for me would not come from within; but the -ahem- ring. You know the one. It makes it so I can FLY IN SPEHS, MAKE SHIT TO BEAT PEOPLE UP, AND TRANSLATE ALL LANGUAGES.

Ironically, my favorite superhero(es) are Batman, Nightwing, Robin (Tim), and Iron Man.
I'd have to say that the most worthwhile superpower for me would not come from within; but the -ahem- ring. You know the one. It makes it so I can FLY IN SPEHS, MAKE SHIT TO BEAT PEOPLE UP, AND TRANSLATE ALL LANGUAGES.

Ironically, my favorite superhero(es) are Batman, Nightwing, Robin (Tim), and Iron Man.

Yet your weakness Kestrel is the color yellow XD And before that it was wood.
If you've seen Baccano! the immortality they have i would like. then i could do many wonderous things. and nefarious things.
Since I've already posted in two other superhero related threads, I'll just make this the next stop in my nerd-posting rampage.

I would take any power that gave me the ability to fly all Superman-like. It would have to be the coolest feeling in the world to just take off into the sky with nothing around you or supporting you. The closest I think I've been is probably that carnival ride with the little seats suspended from chains that swings you around. I suspect it's like that, only a thousand times better and more exhilarating.

Teleportation and telekinesis would also be great, just because they would make everything so much faster/easier.
I just want Thor's hammer.

If not that, I want the ability to turn into a T-Rex.

...or both. I'll be a Norse Dinosaur.
The power to shapeshift into any kind of appearance.

I would be a gorgeous woman, just to see how much I could inspire men to do.

I would be an old man, just so I could join in on the conversations of seadogs and veterans.

I would be a fantastically-attractive man, so I could control where a party goes and what crazy things happen.

I would spend days as celebrities, correcting the things they've done wrong, experiencing the things they've done right.

I would pose as Muslims, Buddhist monks, African tribesmen, etc. and get to the heart of these cultures and belief systems.

I would become a child again, just to have a day of crazy-ass adventure.

I would relive the younger days with the wisdom I've gathered, and the older days with the energy I still possess.

I basically wanna be Sam from Quantum Leap.

And the best superhero is Bruce Willis from Unbreakable.[/they see me trolling]
Hell, give me a super state of the art suit ala Iron Man. Even if it just flies.

I wouldn't wanna fly at supersonic speeds without some goddamn good armor between me and walls.
The ability to do cock pushups.


If I could have one super would definitely be the ability to heal quickly. Imagine never dealing with a burn, or having to bandage a paper-cut! Fantastic!

And definitely Nightcrawler :p He is just so badass XD
yeah I'd have to go with shapeshifting as well, be something that I've always dreamed of over my life... Well that'd be like one thing and that's an anthro wolf XD