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I had this idea some years back and had run it across a few people with some positive reviews. I dropped it soon after primarily because I don't want to be a player and only barely want to GM anything. Rather I'd like to put my ideas in front of someone and have them delegate.

Some of you may remember this and probably, with my luck, someone already did something like this, but this is my basic idea:

Four head figures, classic western elements, they call themselves the Primes. Forever people thought they were the hands that helped shape the world they know. Even the Primes were fairly convinced of it. Suddenly people start budding new powers and it throws the world for a loop. Everyone's power goes through levels, otherwise it is such an overly impressive power that it would take much time and effort to master. I can provide everyone with powers, including the growth of said powers. I've also got a lot down for various countries, their political ties to each other, cultural differences, fighting styles, clothing, and social mannerisms.

There are six "main" characters, in that these six will be set apart by the rate of their power growth. The six are divided by two, three "good" and three "bad" characters. I had ideas for these character's powers so they evened out. Also had alternates if they decided to go to switch sides (good turning bad, etc.). As for the rest, it's just whatever you want to do. Obviously the powers will have to be okay'd by me first. I want a modicum of balance in that respect.

I'm sure I'm leaving out details and not giving too much, but if this sounds like something you want to be a part of or even help GM or whatever, I am pretty open.

Please feel free to tell me if I'm missing something or throw plenty of questions at me. I've got lots of answers.
A little clarification, as I've learned that this may look like a Cape-esque adventure and this is not so.

The Primes are basically the figurehead of a religion that spans the entire world. They are seen, heard, and felt by many people all the time. So they're pretty solidly gods in the eyes of everyone. The introduction of power causes that religious base to crack and, in some cases, topple entirely.

Further, while there are three good guys (heroes) and three bad guys (villains), it doesn't mean there aren't other individuals who also want to help others. Some may be an altruistic Superman-type, while others simply seek to protect their own interests or the interests of a small group. There are of course people who are evil in their intent, and also there are people who simply wish to be left alone. It would not be uncommon for some people with powers to die early on, being seen as heretics or blasphemous.

Lastly, there's a political angle that must also be considered. Some people who gain power may be soldiers or servents whom are still loyal to their kingdom, they could be used as political tools in various ways. And while people do gain powers and do grow more powerful, not everyone has an army stopping power. but every country does have an army.

I should also mention that the setting isn't very modern. Steam-punk tech at best.

I hope this clears up anything. Again if you have questions, I'll have answers.
hm, I'll look into it when there is an OOC up.
I RP so little I literally have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks all the same.