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welcome to the super hero high school. a place for people with powers, magical abilities, and born supernatural and alien origin.after normal high schoolyou then go to training where you train, eat, and sleep. good luck.

1. no godmodding
2. you will be beaten by others
3. no death. there will be villains and you may try to kill them
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Savina Theresa Daye
Loyal, Steadfast, Pleasant


Junior Student
Alignment: Principled (Good)
High Concept: Loyal Budding Superheroine
Trouble: Dual-Natured Personality
Aspect: A lot Tougher than I Look
Stunt: Because I have superhuman strength, I'm better when Forcefully Attacking or Overcoming Obstacles, where my super strength would help.
Stunt: Because I'm preternaturally tough, I reduce all physical damage significantly, and once per battle can ignore one attack completely. However, because of the confidence this provides me, I tend to run into dangerous situations often.
Stunt: Because I Can Fly, I get an advantage where my ability would help.
Approaches: (* is low, ** is average, *** is exceptional, **** is superhuman)

Careful: *
Clever: **
Flashy: ***
Forceful: ****
Quick: ***
Sneaky: **

Bio: Savina Daye is a girl of two minds. On one hand, she just wants to be a normal person when she grows up, far from the attention her abilities give her. But, once she's out in front of people using her abilities, she becomes a glory hound and loves the attention.


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@Michale CS


Name: joseph O'Shea aka phoenix nova




Powers: able to alter the molecules in the air to make just about anything his imagination can think of, super speed and galaxy shaking strength (but so far he only has the strength to lift buildings), and angel wings that can take him to amazing speeds. he is still trying to discover the limits of his strength and a couple undiscovered powers. but once he goes past what he is used to or uses too much power he gets weak.

personality: he is very brave but is always shy and afraid in front of people. when he gets angry he is a force to be reckoned with and when he sad he always looks for a friend. (history will be found out later and sorry for how powerful he may be. but he can be beaten by other people since he usually is too afraid or not strong enough yet to use his powers...)

teacher: john oconnor
powers: teleportation, super strength, and telekinesis. (no wings)

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