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  1. Hey, guise! It's Lev. =D

    So I have loved this song and this music video for awhile, and I've been playing it for almost a year now on a regular basis.

    And it leaves a looooot of questions, but it's still a beautiful story.

    To give you a better grasp of the story in the music video, the man reading the book has committed suicide, and the other man with the camera (His lover? His best friend? His college classmate doing a video log?) video taped his death. Presumably, the photographer was not present at the reading man's suicide and, as closure, played the video and responded along with the replies as if he were there. It was a way to understand why he died. However, the opposite might be true too. He might have been there to watch his suicide, though he didn't realize it was going to happen. Or maybe the photographer knew he was going to suicide, but didn't want to stop the reading man from proceeding with life the way he wanted.

    What you do see in the video is that they have a conversation. No one knows what they say.

    My interest check is to see if anyone would be interested in a short roleplay to relive this music video!

    I would like to be the photographer, who tries to understand why the man died and you, my partner, will be the one to commit suicide. If you're interested, post here!

    Also, for inspiration, the book the man was reading is called presumably The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, a story written as an allegory for living the Christian lifestyle. It shows a man named Christian who tries to reach the Celestial City (heaven) all the while bearing his heavy burdens and overcoming various obstacles on the way. It's a good book, even if you're not Christian.

    Again for inspiration, the music video above is "The Day Before" / 그리고 남겨진 것들 (And the Things that Scar). In the beginning of the video, the piano key played is probably the note G or Sol using the Solfege system. I dunno if that means anything special to you, but whatever. WATCH THE VIDEO! READ THE BOOK! CRY MANY CRIES.
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  2. I quite like it, and I am willing to work with you. PLease PM me for more info~!