SUPA Defense Agency

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  1. SUPA - Supernatural and Paranormal

    The SUPA Defense Agency, A secret organization that protects the world from Supernatural and Paranormal threats such as Demonic, Mythical and other strange and unnatural things. SUPA has member that came from all over the world. SUPA employees people who talents or powers can assist the Agency.

    Anyone Interested? Please ask questions if you need need more information. This helps flush the world out.
  2. Hmmm.... I like this idea and where it could go!
  3. Well thanks, I was thinking that SUPA has a human only rule and must have human blood in you. So full blood demon characters won't be allowed into SUPA.

    I am also planning to have a evil group for SUPA to take on.
  4. I might be interested as well
  5. I have created the group for SUPA Defense Agency. The link is Here.
  6. I spent all night on the Character Sheet post and i would like everyone to read spoiler titled notes please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.