'Sup mah' dudes.

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  1. What's going on, Iwaku, my name's Val and I'm a fresh refugee from a neighboring RP chat site. This is my first forum-based site, which will be a new, and hopefully not challenging, endeavor. I have certainly done forum play in the past, but have tailored my style to be more of a reactionary player whose craft was tempered in Role-play chats. With this being said I've spent a great deal of my young life writing and role-playing and think myself to have spent enough hours doing both to be proficient enough to keep up with any and all players of varying level. But overall, I love to have fun, from the quirky, to the violent, the sexy and mundane, I am a person who can relax my mind and become ridiculously (and perhaps obsessively) involved in Characters and story-lines. I will be frequenting Iwaku more in more in the coming days, schedule permitting, and would love to get to work. I have already added a nice itinerary to my User profile so that any and all can access my likes and proficiencies, and I can't stress enough that I am extremely approachable and that I've always lived and done my very best help others progress their own SLs any way possible. Thanks all.

  2. Hihi Val! :D Welcome to the community and a new adventure!
  3. Hello Diana n___n When I was creating my profile, it asked for my 'Patron Saint' option: unfortunately I was new and dim ( still am really ) and wasn't really sure what it meant, but anyway, I chose you! xD I appreciate the welcome and look forward to contributing to the community.

    P.S. --- I've been in the Chatbox a few times, and Vay told me to blame everything on you.

  4. It means absolutely nothing! 8D

    Vay is so mean.... ;___;
  5. I agree, she stole my clone's liver and fried it up over lava and ate it with chili peppers.

    And don't ask, because I was just as confused n.n;
  6. Welcome to the Madness xD. Enjoy your stay and do NOT FEED THE Bunnies xD.

    - giggles as she floats around on her Tiger ~
  7. Welcome to Iwaku!

    All refugees welcome here.
  8. Many thanks, many thanks all.