Sup everyone



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Hey ppl im new to this site as you can see so ill just tell you a few things about me.

so im usually a kinda fun guy i have a few jokes you may like >.> but some times i take things a bit to far if i am being a ass plz tell me so i can shut up.

i like stories well i more then like them i love them stories are my life.

i am a huge gamer.

i have a very big problem with spelling i have been in special ed classes sens the 4th grade for it and it hasn't helped at all. i do my best to spell in a way ppl can read my writing. so plz dont get a but hurt if i spell a few words wrong wen i am litterly do all i can to spell them rite.

well that's all i feel like saying rite now im glad to be on this site and i hope to make a few friends.
Hello, Darknes.
Welcome to theIwaku. ^^
hello and welcome to the Iwaku Darknes
Hi dude,

While the odd word misspelled is acceptable we (and most GMs here) do have standards.

Brotip: When writing an RP post try writing it out in a program with a spellcheck.

Any questions or complaints find your nearest staff member and use you voice.

If you'd like to practice writing before you join an RP we have plenty of challenges in the Arts and writing section. Link to one is in my sig.
Perhaps Darknes' true language isn't English. :O
no it rly is English and vay i use firefox just for that reason it has rly helped a lot
We already have a member named Darkness so having TWO members named Darkness will be a problem. D: You'll need to change your name!

...Unless you're not a real person and then I will beat you with my stick!
b.....b...but i....i like this name T.T ok then you may beat me with your so called stick i will take it but you will not have my name >.>
Or we could have a duel? May the better Darkness win? XD
Then you need to ADD something to your name, cause I'm not kidding about it being a problem having two people named Darkness with only an S of difference. XD
lol ya i figured how about i just change my name to dark dose that work for every one

and on a side not this dose not me i forfeit any dual it just means that i would feel to bad about crushing this other darkness and i in no way admit to him being better then me
That works! >:D You can change your name in your Settings under Edit Profile!

...though it would have been an epic fight to the death... D:
epic plz it would have been over in a second he wouldn't have even stood a chance cus im just that dam good
see and my power grows soon you shall all be under me.....i mean um thanks vay

by the way "Dork"ness thanks for that