Sunshine of Life

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  1. But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine.

    Thomas Jefferson

    What do you think? Is friendship precious? Do you feel like it would be easier to get through life without a relationship? Do you have a lot.. or just a close circle?

    Do your roleplay characters have friends? Do they prefer to be alone? Let me know.
  2. For the most part, I have plenty of friends whenever I'm in a social setting - I make friends fairly easily or people seek me out for friendship. I'm a fairly private person, so I don't have scores and scores close friends but I do have quite a few, and I consider myself friends with a lot of people and would always do them a good turn when possible. I have more friends on Iwaku than I maintain in person, though, I think >_>;

    All these people are really important to me, though! I am happy to be trusted by them and to be there when they need someone to talk to and in turn, I will usually seek advice or reassurance from one of these people. They support me and I'm terribly grateful for it because I just don't know what I would do sometimes without them!

    In general, my roleplay characters tend to have a couple friends, especially if their personality is meant to be fairly friendly. Usually they have the typical discomfiture with a whole group of new people, as is normal for being tossed into a merry band of adventurers but I try to work out some realistic friendships and things.
  3. Funny that you would post this since I've been missing my friends back home.

    I love my friends and I love them more when they continue to keep in contact with me even though I've moved away. My friends range from being in my same age group to being a decade or so older than me. I definitely wouldn't be happy if I didn't have my friends with me, they make me laugh and feel better when things aren't working out in life for me. I would say that my group of friends are in the middle range. Not too much, not too little.

    I would say that some of my roleplay characters do have friends, although that's mostly because they have very bubbly personalities and enjoy being social.
  4. I'm sad.

    My "friends" are my co workers at my job. Sometimes they're okay. Other times, they're wtfwhyareyoubeingadouche. I usually do not have many GIRL friends because they apparently have a "STAB ILIANA IN THE BACK WITH THIS" magnet knife things. So I have to be cautious. However, when I do find a friend that is willing to BE here for me, LISTEN when I rant, be my rock in a storm, and actually care about ME, like the real me? Then why need a relationship? Besides, some friendships form into relationships.

    I've been hurt so much in the past that trust is a luxury I can not afford to hand away all willy nilly. Even being my friend is scarce. However, a few of you Iwakians have shown me that I do have those kind of people, and its you guys that make my life better.

    In rps...i'm lonely. Weird.