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  1. Sunshine Gold
    [Sleeping Beauty]​
    A retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which a prince is cursed to fall into an ageless sleep until he receives true love's kiss after pricking his finger on his sixteenth birthday. However, he didn't prick his finger and he never fell asleep. The rest of the castle's occupants and the village's citizen's fell into an ageless sleep without him and he is confined to the castle, unable to leave without his true love's kiss.
    In a kingdom across the land, another prince receives a prophecy in which he will meet his true love on a quest when he is twenty. He will travel for seven days and seven nights, where in the end, he will travel to the highest room of the highest tower and wake his true love from their sleep. The prince's true love will have sunshine gold hair and eyes as blue as the sea.
    What happens when the prince's true love isn't as he imagined. Not with sunshine gold hair and eyes as blue as the sea, but with hair as dark as the night and eyes the color of an oak tree's bark?
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    Rowan Grisha Tamolth

    » 20 Scorpio Royalty |

    » HABITS: Slow eating / Self-admiration / Strange sleeping positions / Whistling

    » LIKES: Woodcraft / Swimming / Himself / Apples / Boots / Hummingbirds

    » DISLIKES: Horseback riding / Insects / Receiving orders / Filth / His hair being touched / Heat


    Skin Tone: Pale with a tone of yellow

    Quality: Upon sight soft, upon touch sturdy and rough.​

    Eyes colour: Dark green

    Hair colour: Auburn

    Length: Reaches his ears.​

    Quality: Messy, rough to the eye, smooth to the hand.​


    Weight: 75kg

    Body Build: Broad shoulders, slim body.​

    Health Condition: Allergic to pollen.​


    Perhaps the handsomest among many others, most eloquent and persuasive, this Prince does, however, not do justice to the commonly accepted standard of nobility and praise. While there is charm and grace in his every step, he took the shape of vanity and hypocrisy. He is prone to exaggeration and self-gratification, being simply egoistic. He is not what others would call the Ideal Prince Charming, but he is certainly a man who, despite acting otherwise, has a curious wit and a treacherous mind.​


    He grew up under the firm hand of his father and a gentle guidance of his mother who had pampered him beyond belief. He never truly became an adult, keeping close to his childhood days. The prophesy he had been faced with he saw as an escape from his daily, tedious life, and the desire to know who could have such beauty than surpasses his, whom he is supposed to fall in love with. Whereas doubtful, he is also curious.​
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    Junseung Park

    19 ☼ Pices ☼ Royalty

    June is quiet and does as he is told more often than not, having obedience forced into him at a young age by his parents. He is highly dedicated to whatever he does and does his best to always do a perfect job. However, no matter how long he knew about his curse to prick his finger and fall asleep for an undetermined amount of time, when the time came for his curse to be fulfilled, he couldn't do it. He was scared that he would never wake up again. What if he wasn't found by his true love?

    June was given a life of luxury as a child, even more so after he was cursed to prick his finger on his fourteenth birthday. June refused to believe that he had to do as the curse demanded. He knew that he wasn't supposed to die and his true love was to come and save him, but what if he didn't want to sleep? What if his true love never came? So on his fourteenth birthday, he was locked in a room for the whole day as the occupants of the castle and his parents waited for him to prick his finger.
    He never did prick his finger though and was the only occupant who hadn't fallen asleep. June found a way out of the locked room at the end of the day and wandered around the now silent castle, trying to find anyone else who hadn't fallen asleep. When he couldn't find anyone else awake, he ran to the gates of the castle to leave to find help. He couldn't leave the castle though as a part of his spell, an invisible wall was blocking the gates and exits and invisible chains were attached to his wrists that pulled him back inside the castle walls whenever he forced his way passed the wall.
    He tried to escape every day for the first year and a half before giving up and waiting for his true love to come, always scared of what the other's reaction to him would be. Would he be upset that he wasn't sleeping like he was supposed to? Would he leave him there to rot away for the rest of his life?
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