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  1. Jade falls. a nice small village with nice people and dark secrets though.
    Dianne and simon were one of the young couples in the town. they seemed to be nice persons. Simon was taking care of a horse farm, and Dianne was working in a huge castle, for a family. Adrian and Sarah were their names. they were both nice to Dianne the maid, but they never knew her only secret. By her blood she was a huntress. a vampire huntress. her only will and mission was to kill every vampire she will ever meet in her life. And she did so, she killed so many vampires by now. she was a well known "champion" in this. she had cold blood and a frozen heart.
    dianne really loved the way she was treated by the young family, but when she found out they were both vampires, and he was a pure blood vampire she got insane. she started to hate herself that she worked for them and started even to like them. the only thing she could ever focuse was finding a way to kill them.simon wanted to calm her down but he ended up stabbed in his heart. That night, when Adrian wasnt home she sneaked into the castle and killed the young beautiful female, Sarah. she burned her body and let everything in a mess. She ran into the woods and hid there. soon she found out she was pregnant. she was halp insane now, having a double personality.
    some days after her belly started to grow, Adrian stormed into the house ready to kill her. she yelled and begged for forgiveness and she found it, Adrian gave her a chance to live.he demanded that the child born will be his and left .

    As the years passed, Dianne started to believe that he forgot. she gave birth to a beautifull girl, with big cat green eyes and dark-brown hair and pale skin. She was looking like simon. Slowly dianne gained her sanity back and got attached to the little girl.She grew her like a true mother till the age of 4 when Adrian showed up once again. He took the little girl away, naming her by his own will ,Rose. little Rose accepted this by her own will realising what was happening. she loved her mother and didnt want her to die. so she left with Adrian.
    Rose lived in the castle with Adrian. sometimes she was sneaking out the Castle and was walking into the back yard to the lake. she liked it there. soon she got used to that life. Adrian was cold with her, but never hurt her.
    Now Rose was 18. She was walking in the castle, as the sun was getting down. she had a slight cold as the winter was almost there and the first snow flakes where already falling. Adrian was sleeping. she took the book she was now reading and walked to the huge library and laid there on the couch in silence. It was a habbit already, to read till he wakes up. so she did so again. but soon she fell asleep.
    she was now wearing a long fancy brown dress and her hair was let free on her shoulder and back . she was pale like always, almost as pale as the snow and mmost of the servants where thinking she was already turned into a vampire, but her heart was still beating and her blood was still rushing into her body. she was a human.
  2. As the sun set in the town Adrain rose from his bed. After his wife had been killed he stopped being awake during the daylight hours preferring the cold night that reflected his mood. His most trusted servants that knew of his secret opened the door and attended to his needs. Off all the servants that worked in the castle only five knew what he was because they were the sons and daughters of previous generations of families that have served him and his now dead bride over the centuries. Adrain knew them all having been their at each if their births and watched them grow into fine adults. The five servants were two males and three females who he trusted with all his heart. How they had grieved with their master as the lady was taken from them many who had come to see her as there own godmother. When Adrain rushed out of the castle they feared that he was lost to them and would become a terrible danger to the world know that he had lost his love, but he returned sane, but much more colder to the world around him.

    Then to their surprise he left and returned with a young human child who he put all his time int raising. He did not pamper the girl, but he wasn't over harsh with her. when he saw her love for music he found her an instructor and bought her instruments so she could get better. years passed by slowly and the young child blossomed into a beautiful young lady. The servants thought that she would eventual be turned and be made the new lady of the house, but they saw that their master had no such intention as time went on. Adrain sat up in bed and drained a glass of fresh scarlet blood that was handed to him. then the male servants left and the three female servants went about dressing him. " Would i be right to assume that Rose his waiting for me in the library." He said to one of the female servants who was named katherine. " Yes my lord she is sitting down on the couch reading like always awaiting you. " Katherine said as she and her fellow servants finished dressing him. Adrian looks himself over in a mirror liking what he saw and left the room in search of Rose.

    He slowly makes his way through the huge castle till he reaches the library his closest servant a man named Aden stood at the door and held it open for him. " Good morning sir glad to see you looking well today." Aden said to him. " Good evening to you Aden as always i am happy to see that you are well." Adrain answered back. He walked slowly through the library done rows of bock and ancient tombs that he and Sarah had collected over the centuries. He remembered how she loved to read and how he went out of his way to find new books to surprise her with even writing a few of them himself. A small tear escapes his eye at the memory and he quickly wipes it away. He finally makes his way to the center of the library that was cleared out ot make a sitting area. The area was directly over a glass dome window that let the evening moonlight wash over the area. There he found rose in her usual place on the couch with a book in her hand. He quietly sat don in an arm chair and waited for her to take notice of him.
  3. the book Rose was reading had an anonimous author. it was something about a love story between two humans. he was rich and she was poor. of course their families would have never accept their love . they were always meeting each other in secret.Rose enjoyed such love stories.she was at the end of the chapter when Adrian walked in but she kept reading. he was never bothered by her silence and he was used to let her finish the chapter. as soon as the chapter ended she slowly closed the book and placed it in her lap bathing her eyelashes slowly to stop the itching sensation and then smiled slightly looking at Adrian " good morning" she said as she watched him.
    She was a bit plaer than usual and her eyes were surrounded by dark shadows because of her insomnia. during the last days, she couldnt sleep. so she quited trying to sleep during the day, mostly trying to redecorate her room in painting it or moving the furniture all around. and during the nights she was mostly in his company and she was too embarrased to ever ask to be let to go to sleep.
  4. Adrain sat there patiently while he waited for Rose to finish the chapter of her book. The book she was reading was quite old and he looked it over noticing that it was one of the ones he had written for Sarah. This one just happened to be the first book he had ever written for his now dead love. He faded away into the memory of the days he spent in secret writing it for her. It had to him ten years to write since he wanted it to be perfect he kept having to redo it never satisfied with his work. He still remembered the smile she had when he gave it to her with a purple ribbon tied around it. Then Rose's voice brought him back to reality with her greeting. He looked at her and gave a nod " You know burning the candle at both ends will eventually wear you out. You should take care to get some rest when u can." He said as he lounged back in the arm chair.

    Rose had lived with him since she was four and he had raised her. he saw that she had grown small girl into a a beautiful woman, but we he looked at her he saw only the image of the one who robed him of his happiness. He did his best not to let his rage get the better of him when he dealt with her or talked with her telling himself that she was not the one and that she was a innocent caught up in the crossfire. " So how have you spent your day young one." He asked her as he began to focus on the the here and now to distract his mind from the past and what had been.
  5. rose smiled softly as she looked diwn a strand of her hair falling on her face. she knew everything her mother did and she couldnt forgive this. Adrian was a really nice person after all. she enjoyed the time spent in the castle with him. and the others were nice to her too . she never felt harned there even shevwas surrounded by vampires. she run her pale fingers over the books cover and said in a soft tone " i just painted again" she said shortly. she wasnt a talker. she was shy and quiet even if she was told that she can be herself, this was her. she knew that Adrian was unconciously hating her becausw of what her mother did so she was always talking less and in silent tones like she would obbey him
  6. " Painting is a nice way to spend the day. I used to spend my time doing such things when I was much younger then i am now." Adrain said as he got up and paced around the little space in the middle of the library. He knew that he wasn't that good at hiding how he felt about her mother and was ashamed that he made this innocent girl feel such a way just cause he was still caught up in his own grief and anger. he stopped in the center of the room and looked up at the moon. It was a clear night with a full moon that shown its light on ll undisturbed by the clouds. He let out a sigh and looked back over to Rose. " Remember you don't have to be so reserved with me i know your kinda of a captive her, but you are not my slave or prisoner you are just you." He said to her realizing that he should take some of his on advice to heart when dealing with his emotions toward her.

    Then a servant walked in to the library and found them both at its center setting down fresh tea with snacks for her and a wine glass of blood for him that was next to a letter. He picked up the letter and read that a new vampire lord had emerged in a near by outpost of his ruling territory and was making a ruckus. He then picked up his glass and drained the contents in one swallow before turning back to look at Rose. "O\It appears that I will be absent from the castle for a few days. something has come up that i need to attend to personally. when i return i would like to hear you play me something so i can see how your music instruction has come along." He said as he began to walk out the room an start toward the grim work that he was about to carry out.
  7. rose smiled again slightly as he said that she should be gerself and raised her head slowly as the servant got inside bringing snacks. her stomach growled in happoness and she covered it woth both her hands and looked at Adrian to see if he heard this . she sighed a bot embaerased watching him reading the letter . his blonde hair now seemed silver because of the moonlight. she watched him like she was hyptotized but looked away fast as he finished reading the letter. she got up and took the cup of tea and sipped from it to ca her throat pain and looked at him as he started to talk " have a safe trip " she mumbled looking after him a bit sad . other days spent alone. she walked to the window and sat on the sill staring at the moon. down in the yard the strand of snow got bogger almost reachijg someones legs wrists. she wanted to jump outside and play like a child with the snow but her health wasnt allowing her . she started to cough a bit then dipped from the tea once again seeing Adrian already outside
  8. He didn't notice that rose was staring at him since the letter had his full attention. Adrian Then swiftly makes his way out of the library into the front yard of the castle that was now covered in snow that gave the world around it an unearthly glow when the moonlight hit the ground. He took some steps out into the yard and used some of his magic to walk over the snow instead of sinking into it. He reached the edge of the gate and turned around to find Rose staring out from the window out at him. He had a saint smile on his face and waved farewell to her before he was soon fast out of sight.

    It had been a while since he had last left the castle since He had taken in Rose, but in the last two years he started going out again so his people wouldn't have to suffer just cause he was in pain. He quickened his pace then with a slight motion of the hand wind gathered around him lifting him into the air as he began to sail through the night sky on its currents. The days turned into weeks that turned into months of Adrain have been gone from the Castle with no word of if he was alive and when he would returned. Till late on Christmas even the main doors burst open and Adrian Falls down at the doorstep of his home cover in wounds and his own blood.
  9. rose smiled and blushed slightly as he waved to her. she looked down and smiled to herself. after aa few moments she looked back to find him again but he wasnt there anymore. she sighed a bit and walked to her room and laid in her bed where she fell asleep imediately.

    Soon she got a harsh cold and she was sick as never before. she refused to eat so many times that everyone thought she will die in the next days. she was waiting for Adrian every evening to get back. she wanted him back and safe. her light green eyes turned into deep dark green eyes and her skin was now as pale as a ghosts . she didnt enjoy did. December arrived. she was always told to smile and stop concerning but she just couldnt. Adrian raised her like his own child and she owned everything to him.

    it was Christmass. Rose was sitiing in front of the fire place sipping from a tea as the door was opened Katherine! Aden! " she yelled and she hold his head up concerned . they got fast there and together they carried him in his room. Rose had a panick attack and was asked to calm down before she could see him again. the others were taking care of him wiping the blood away slowly and feeding him. Rose was sitting with Katherine in her own room waiting .
  10. Adrain was lost in dream of his past life as a youth with his father. He saw how cruel and twisted he had become and the thing he done that he swore he would never do. As thing began to warp he saw Sarah and then Rose. He was still just an image of him self as a young boy as he saw things he had done and what he was becoming through his grief. The His father appeared infront of him " I told you you will end up just like me twisted and creul made this way by the humans we have come to care about." Dracula said in a sinister voice the echoed throughout the empty space. His face was cover in sweat when he sat bolt right up " I will never be like you." He yelled as he came back to the waking world. He was breathing heavily as he found that he was in his bed being attended by his trusted servants. He lay back into the bed slowly as he felt how sore hurt his body was.

    He lay in bed and trued to recollect what had happen to him over the past month. He remembered leaving the castle then eventually coming into contact with the vampire who was causing trouble in his domain. The he remembered fully what had happened It wasn't just any vampire he came into contact with it was his uncle Alucard his fathers older brother. They fought for the entire month with out rest with Adrain barley managing to push him back and him leaving with threats to return and take everything form him. He look to Aden who was sitting at his beside and asked about Rose wandering if she has been well and was sadden to here that she had taken ill in his absence.
  11. Rose was walking around her room the walls were very sober as the paintings were made in dark colours. Katherine was watching her blocking the door " please Katherine... im worried.. i want to see him" Rose pleased again her huge eyes almost tearing up . the dark shadows from around her eyes and her pale skin were making her look very scary but Katherine shook her head " no.. not now Miss.. you also need rest, like he needs it too. if he decides to visit you, or that you are allowed to visit him , he will come over or ask for someone to call you therou ae." she explained and walked over to rose catching her hands slowly. her hand bones could be felt through her skin and this made Katherine shiver." you are tired, and weak, and your skin is cold, you can barely stand up. you should rest Miss..." she said as she lead Rose to her bed.

    rose sighed a bit and followed. she was feeling weak, but her heart seemed happy and worried in the same time. katherine helped her to undress and take on the sleeping dress, a white wavy sleeping dress. rose laid in bed and crawled under the blankets as Katherine closed the curtains and smiled to her " Master will be fine, we both know it, so dont worry miss. im sure he will come and visit you tonight. but for now sleep." katherine said as she blew the candles and walked away from the room closing the big wood door behind her
  12. Adrian slept on and of during the day as his needs were addressed by Aden and the other male servant he trusted. Benjamin called Ben for short by most everyone. He layed in his bed for a week feling the after effects of his visit with his uncle. The thought that he wasn't the las of his lineage disturbed him knowing how dark and twisted his father was and the memories of his equally deranged uncle.

    After spending a whole week bed ridden. He felt hi strength anf vitality return to him. He felt good enough now to go see Rose. He was worried about her and how she was doing. He was unsure what hemeant to the girl, but didnt want to be the cause of her bad health. So that night he dressed and made his way ti the library to thbeir usual soit ti see if she was there
  13. during the week Rose and Katherine had a lot of arguments together. Rose wanted to go and see Adrian, but she wasn't allowed. She was using most of her energy in her fights with Katherine. Her habit to read in the library was dead by some time already and she never felt like reading anymore. She hated the way how lonely she was in her room and closed everything inside her own.
    soon she refused to eat and her health was getting even worse. Katherine found herself giving her a sleeping pill so a doctor can see her.

    now she was laying in her bed half asleep staring at the walls in silence . Her mind was blank and her light green eyes were like a zombies. No life in them . She sighed a bit and tried to skeep
  14. Adrian walked through the corridor of his castle to he reached the library. He entered through the main doors and did his usual full walk of the library before going to find Rose laying down on the couch buried in her recent literature quest To his surprise he found the area empty as he approached it. He took his usual spot at the arm chair and sat down thinking she may have gone to use the restroom and would be back shortly. After a short time he heard the doors open,but knew it wasn't Rose by listening to the footsteps against the wooden floor of the library. The sound of the foot steps let him know it was Katherine. He waited in the center for her to bring him some news for thought certainly she must know why Rose wasn't here right now. "My lord During your absence and recovery Rose has taken very ill she hasn't been coming in here for quite sometime. If you wish to see her she is in her room right now. I would accompany you, but at the moment I Am not the young miss' favorite person as of late." Katherine said to him when she arrived standing next to him. Adrain nodded to her in thanks and told her to go get some rest as he made his exit from the library to Rose's room.

    Rose's room was in the east wing of the castle over looking the grounds that lead to the main gate to enter and exit the castle. It only took Adrain a few minutes to reach the other side of the castle not because it was a short way, but it was that he was moving faster then he intended to fueled by worry for young Rose. He arrived at her door and wait for several minutes before he knocked on her door. " Rose its me If you are feeling well I would like to visit with you for a few moments, but if you need to rest more I shall leave you to your recovery." Adrain said as he thought that he should have come during the day instead of at night when she may be resting.
  15. rose was half asleep when someone knocked at the door. Hearing his voice she smiled slightly and sat up replying " can you please wait for me to dress ?" she asked as she got uo and walked fast to her wardrobe. She took out a deep green dress and put it on fast . It was a confortable velvet dress contrasting really much with her pale ghost skin. She fast brushed her messed hair hair and said " you can come in now " as she foxed it staring blankly in the mirror. It was fir the first time when she saw herself in the mirror. Her cheek bones were very visible,so her other bones were. She sighed seeing how bad she look and tried to hide it with some powder and letting her hair in front to cover her neck as she pulled the sleeves as down as possible to cover her arms
  16. Adrian was half surprised to hear her voice as he waited at her door for her to make herself more presentable. After a short moment her voice rang through the door signaling him that he could enter. He opened the door slowly and stepped into her from. He looked around the room taking in the sight and how much it changed over the years before his eyes settled on her. At first he was shocked and alarmed at how pale she had became and how much thinner she looked compared to last he had seen her. Truly is hasn't been that long since he last looked upon her Adrain though as he found a place to sit at the corner of her bed. Well its good that she is alive and partially though with some worry draining from him that he didn't know he was caring.

    " I am sorry that i have been gone for song long and came back in such a manner if I have worried you i am sorry. You shouldn't hold worry for one such as myself. You really shouldn't care for me at all since I did steal you away." He said to her with his head down felling shame for the actions that cause her imprisonment here with him.If anything she she be happy if he were to end up dead by the hands of another creature of the night then she would be free to return to her mother and a life in the sun. What puzzled him was that she was really worried about him even though he took her from her mother and a normal life. He sat in quiet thought not sure what to say to Rose that would break the tension t=and the uneasy silence.
  17. she listened to him and coughed slowly to regain her voice " to stop worrying for the one who raised me and took care of me in all these years ? this is imposible " she said as she was sitting on her chair beside the mirror . she looked to the mirror and fixed her hair again " i dont mind this life at all... what shocked me was to realise i dont miss my so said mom " she said with a cold voice as she looked down and got up " this life never bothered me at all . i never was the type of the girl hanging out in the sun. actually i got used so much to the night life that sun hurts my eyes " she said with a faint smile as she got up and walked a bit arround the room
  18. she listened to him and coughed slowly to regain her voice " to stop worrying for the one who raised me and took care of me in all these years ? this is imposible " she said as she was sitting on her chair beside the mirror . she looked to the mirror and fixed her hair again " i dont mind this life at all... what shocked me was to realise i dont miss my so said mom " she said with a cold voice as she looked down and got up " this life never bothered me at all . i never was the type of the girl hanging out in the sun. actually i got used so much to the night life that sun hurts my eyes " she said with a faint smile as she got up and walked a bit arround the room
  19. Rose's words dissolved some of the guilt that he had felt about taking her all those years ago. He felt better knowing that she was happy with her life, but was a little disturbed by the coldness in her tone towards her mother. He made a mental note to address that topic on another day. " I am happy to hear that your not miserable here, but you should enjoy the sunlight humans were not meant to be creatures of the night such as I am. he watched her fix her hair and walk around the room with a smile on her lips before he said another word. " I want you to grow up happy and healthy in that world of light though for now I think we need to work on the healthy part." He said looking out her window into the night. " Till you recover or wish not to do it anymore which ever one comes firstt i shall be having all our meals together and I shall start being awake during the daylight hours till you regain your strength." He said as he thought he was making the right choice.
  20. she looked in the sane direction as him as she listened to his voice and looked down. She was feeling weak, this was true, but she was happy now, he was back, and the new years eve was almost there. Maybe they can spend some time preparing the castle for this. As a child she always enjoyed hanging the ornaments around the rooms and in the big tree. She looked again at him " you dont have to stop your routine for ne, you are used to walk in the night, so dont bother to wake up in the mornings please. I will be fine. " she smiled slightly even though she really enjoyed his idea.
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