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    Summertime has crept upon us again!
    Do you like summer, love summer, or hate it to death?
    What's your favorite thing about the season?
  2. I have nothing against summer as a principle, but there is simply never enough darkness. I have to go to bed so early (I go to bed at morning twilight). It's barely gotten dark when it's dawn again... Also, I hate daylight saving time, it's not proper time and I see no point to it.

    (Also, I miss snow.)

    I hate it. It's hot, sun shiny, hot. Really hot. Awful. Hot.
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  4. Summer is too hot!
    And summer rains has steamy humidity and weird raindrops!
    i love all the things that come with it
    Short short and skirt ;D

    But i just cant stand the heeeaaaat! D:<
  5. I enjoy summer. Swimming, picnics, and good times for exercise! Oh and marching band (if you're a heavy band nerd!) So yeah it's cool. I hate ti because I'm Photo Lenitive and the light burns my eyes, not to mention I can never seem to get sunglasses good enough! But all together I find I enjoy summer.
  6. I can't stand the heat. Ever since I was a kid, I'd pass out in hot temperatures no matter how much rest or water I get. >< It's just so uncomfortable, too. Makes me cranky. Having an infant who hates being hot doesn't make it any better.

    I cannot wait until Fall comes back...

    Summer isn't 100% bad, though. I like going on hikes in the summer since there are plenty of trees to shade me.
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  7. I am not summer's biggest fan. Mostly, it's the temperatures. I do not do well in melting heat. Partially, it is the insects, because damn mosquitos to a fiery insect hell.

    I do, however, enjoy delightful lush grass to lay on, hiking (which I still tend to do more in the fall, eat it summer), and water activities like swimming, canoe paddling, etc.
  8. It's a love/hate relationship.

    I love wriggling my toes into the hot sand at the beach.

    I hate mowing the lawn (I'm horribly allergic! D: )

    I love baking under the sun and getting a tan.

    I hate the humidity!

    I love sitting on the steps or the deck with my mum and just chatting it up and relaxing.

    I hate spiders, bees, mosquitoes, black flies, hornets, wasps, more spiders, earwigs, centipedes, ants, flies, pine bugs, june bugs, mosquito hawks, even more spiders, etc.

    I love the weather being not too cold to go for a walk.

    I hate the weather being too damn hot to go for a walk.
  9. I love summer! Around here, it's only really nice 2 months out of the year, so I take advantage. My family's favourite thing to do is camping - we travel about an hour and a half away with six people and a dog, and usually go out for a few nights. It's the highlight on my summer every year.
    Not to mention it's sundress weather! I love wearing dresses and can't wait to whip them out.
    The only thing I really don't like about summer is when its too hot to sleep. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content. I also love swimming, going to the beach, walking my dog, and just enjoying the gorgeous sunshine! I find that people are so much happier when its nice out, so that always helps my mood out.