Summer's Dream {Recruiting}

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  1. John

    "I haven't stopped believing that he's still alive somewhere."


    "I can't blame you, it gets old quickly. We'll probably be called in soon for Cloak if we decide to join up with their team."
  2. Belle

    "John that mission he was on went south. It went badly..." she bit her lip "So unless he happened to crawl out of that mess and into some new life I don't know. The poor kid is probably..." she shook her head again and sighed "Maybe he made it."


    She nodded "I say we join just so we can see what sort mischief they have up their sleeve. There is no way they are clean."
  3. Might be interested.
  4. I'm game! That is, if you'll have me. ^^
  5. interested... but not so sure if i should join.
  6. Not sure? :O Why not? It's going to be funnnnn.
  7. I'm in! I'll put up a charrie tonight.
  8. I would like to join.
  9. Name: Alex Burke
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A little shy when you first meet him, but will easily warm up to people. Has a sarcastic, sometimes insulting sense of humor. Many people get unintentionally offended by him.
    Brief Biography: Is currently studying to be a History Teacher. His father died in an accident at work when Alex was 2, so he is currently living with his mom who tries to encourage him as much as she can. He is an only child, and learned to grow up and interact with adults early in his life. He never really had a lot of childhood friends and only started to have true friends in College.
  10. I second this...

    I also updated my last post with a picture...
  11. Name: Amy Daniela Jones (Likes to go by Danny)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Danny is one hard-core Bio major. She works hard, studies hard, and parties… only over the summer and winter holidays (You know, when she’s not trying to take more online classes). Social life? Virtually none, unless you count her frequent rants to her pet gerbil. Control freak? Maybe. But where there’s a will, there is most definitively a way. And so what if she’s trying to be 50 of thousands of applicants trying to get into the top vet school in the nation, she will find a way.
    Brief Biography: Danny has known what she wanted to do all her life (or at least since she was seven). She wanted to work with animals. Her family has always been very supportive of her dream. Her mothered worked at a local animal orphanage and her father worked at a wildlife ranch, so it was only natural Danny shared their love. Throughout her teens Danny has dedicated her life towards her future job from volunteering at vet clinics to taking high level science classes.
  12. Name: Vincent Vargas

    Age: 27

    Gender: male

    Personality: He's a very weak-willed invididual who is also accustomed to having his wishes instantly gratified, as a result, he gives up in the slightest indication of difficulty.

    He is seen to be mostly cordial, cheerful and carefree: a mask that he had crafted over the past eight years. He doesn't want to be seen for what he really is, a depressed guy stubbornly plotting his own demise.

    Brief Biography: "A twenty-seven year old, basement dwelling college undergradate" that's what you might hear when you would ask him describe himself, because in fact, that's what he is. However, he was a bright youth whose future was supposed to be bright, until he entered college around nine years ago.

    He got into a university, something his other siblings wasn't able to do, and thus, his parents had high hopes for him. They had such high hopes for him, that he was eventually pressured too much into succeeding. He was pressured too much that eventually, he grew tired of it, and wanted a way out. He opted to kill himself.

    His first suicide attempt nine years ago obviously failed, and that attempt, along with several others made it even more difficult for him to succeed. He's currently trying to keep himself from being kicked out from his course of Computer Engineering.

    Appearance: A man of above average height and slighly overweight though he seems otherwise. He usually wears jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. He does not usually have a choice when it comes to his wardrobe, since he relies on hand-me-downs from his older siblings, but he prefers the earth colors and dark blue.

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  13. I am (very) interested in this role play and will try to have a sign up by tomorrow night when I get back to my home in the U.S.
  14. Name: Elizabeth 'Liz' Alessia Moretti
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is one of those who usually will always have a smile on her face, even during the worst time's. A smile will grow bright as ever, she is kind, but can be shy. But when she is out of her shell, she's eccentric, charismatic, and a flirt. (you'll only see those when she's drinking.) She's very youthful, intelligent but naive. Not to mention she's a perfectionist
    Brief Biography: She had always lived in New York City, both parent's high ranked lawyer's, her father passed away due Heart Failure, she never saw her mother. Her older brother's raised her since she was young. She had always been determined to go to college, for that matter chase her dream's. She alway's wanted to Graphic Design even if it wasn't something her mother wanted, because her mother had the mindset on Liz becoming a lawyer, like herself. Liz is in the graphic design program, hoping one day to make it big like her older brother Alex.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  15. Ohmygoodness cookies and hugs for all of you - I didn't expect this much of a turn out!
    Everyone looks super so far, I'll make a roster for reference and get this started.
  16. Name: Katherine Mayfield
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: In front of strangers and people she hardly knows, she carries herself in a manner that her father and mother would be proud of: very politely. She is rather formal to strangers, and can even be somewhat intimidating to other females her age or younger than her because of the intelligence that shows on her face. However, around friends, she loosens up and becomes a much less formal person and someone that is rather intelligent, but willing to have fun. She is fiercely loyal to those she considers her friends (since she doesn't have many) and will have their back, or at least try as hard as she can to have their back.
    Brief Biography: Katherine was born to the Mayfield family, which held a large fortune from stock investments before the market began to recede in the previous decade. Katherine lived in relative luxury for her early years, and was taught by private tutors and learned etiquette and manners, along with cooking and other things. However, when the stock market began to recede, her family had to cut back, and Katherine had to begin attending public school, which was not easy for her socially. Despite the transition, she excelled academically and managed to get a 4-year scholarship to Humboldt College. She is majoring in Linguistics
    Appearance: (Rages because she can't find a picture). Katherine stands tall at 5 feet and 11 inches. Her skin is a sun-kissed, peachy shade, with very little blemishes; however, one can see that she is wearing little more than tinted lotion. She rarely wears much make-up, because her features already stand out amongst the crowd. Her intimidating blue eyes lie within an oval face, beautifully shaped with a delicate nose and mouth. Her eyebrows are a light brown shade, matching somewhat closely with the golden hair that she typically puts up in a bun, a side-sweeping bang wavily winding down her forehead and then down the right side of her head. However, when she does let her hair down, the wavy strands fall a few inches past her shoulders at their longest. As one looks down from her face, one will notice that Katherine has a lean figure, and walks in a graceful, poised manner. Katherine will wear a range of clothes, but she will often use heels to exaggerate her height.
  17. S O L D I E R

    Full name: Vaastri
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race/Breed: Foa (Khalo)
    Birth Date: 2705-07-29
    Age: 25
    Last Known Residence: Herata VI
    Crew Position: Solider

    Visual Identification
    Height: 265 cm (8.7 ft tall)
    Build: Tall and lither yet has a surprising amount of definition
    Eye Color: Amber
    Hair Color: Russet with flecks of black throughout
    Skin Tone/Color:
    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Has multiple piercings of the the hoop variety in his ears, these are old pack symbols.

    Sexuality/Preference: Hetrosexual

    Allies: None

    Enemies: Most Taasi as he abhor slavery and sees it as a dishonourable action.

    Likes: Honourable people, hunting, the thrill of battle. Proving himself to those that look down on him. Giving his all to the group that he is a part off.

    Dislikes: Dishonourable people, Slavery, Racism, Carrots, wasting time

    Hobbies: He likes to research the legends and mythos of many different races, one such being the humans as it has a vast amount of warriors of legend that he finds interesting. He also likes to play games likes chess and checkers, while they are simple at first it helps him to think strategically and this allows him to perform as best he can on the battle field

    Personality: Gruff to most people until he warms up to the Vaasti can be seen as a dickhead by most, while his race is a social one he has a hard time forming connections to other people due to what has happened in the past to him. Once they can his trust though he will become someone that will stand by them no matter what, he will give his all to protect them and to care for them if that is whats needed.


    His armour is mostly designed to protect centermass, although it does have a helmet that provides a heads up display that shows friendly IFF tags.


    A double sized vibroblade, designed to tear apart and rend flesh even if armour is in the way. They can be split apart to form into two single handed weapons when it is too large to use in certain areas such as the interior of a ship.



    The 'Tearer(terror)' as it was named by his foes is a directed energy weapon, firing bolts of energy that act akin to plasma would they burn and melt most targets, this is not a take prisoners weapon. Each charge pack contain enough power to fire the weapon up to 100 times. Generally he will carry four to five charge packs at a time. this weapon is most useful in medium to long range combat.


    The Disabler as Vaastri likes to call it is a short range electrically powered 'pistol' it is designed to disable machines and can be used akin to a taser to incapacitate a foe if needed, it contain enough energy to fire up to twenty times before needing recharged.

    Fighting style

    Melee-( No holds barred) while at first it may seem dishonourable to others, he fights with what ever he can, although he will resort to using his weapons most times. If they is a rock at his feet he will kick it at a foe to distract them and as such he will take any opportunity to end the fight quickly and efficiently.

    Ranged-( all the dakka) he is more proficient in fighting up close and personal but that does not mean he is unable to fight in ranged combat. When using fire arms he prefers to lay down as much fire as possible in order to give his allies the chance to mve forwards and get into better positions.

    Relationship Status: Single.
    • Harstar (Father)
    • Fenharst (mother)
    Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Foa Standard, Human Standard, Avian standard

    Personal History/Background:

    Raised in the tundra's of his home world Vaastri knew that life was tough and that to survive you needed to give it your all. From a young age it was clear to him and to those around him that he was born for combat as he excelled in both hand to hand combat and the limited ranged capabilities that he could get his hands on.

    When eh reached the age of 17 he joined his peoples military forces and slowly rose up the ranks, eventually he reached what was considered to be a good rank of corporal. it was here that he felt as if his home world held nothing for him as each day he would go through a basic cycle that never seemed to change.

    Heading to the planets capitol after resigning from the military he met up with some representatives from the GTG and found out that they where setting up a crew to search out new gates. He saw his as a chance to be something more and to find out what he really was and quickly signed on.
  18. Clo | Bartering Hall===> Unity Fighters Base | Mid-Afternoon
    Interactions: Collab Post with Allie @VengefulPeanut

    "Hey," Allie spoke, snatching at Clo's arm to stop her in her tracks. She was expecting some sort of retaliation from the girl so she was prepared to side-step if necessary. "We're not going to let them do anything bad - no matter what."

    Unlike what Allie expected, Clo let herself sag and relent to the tug. Of course, if it was anyone else they would’ve received a swift knuckle to the windpipe. Clo raked a stray strand out of her face and huffed, “I know we won’t, but that Arbomite...God, the way he talks. You’d think he’s already done something.”

    "I know," Allie sighed, defeatedly. "Look, let's head back and discuss this with the heads and..." Allie hesitated for a moment. Clo was like her big sister, more so to her than to anyone in the Fighters, but she was also very devout in her commitment to the cause and to the chain of command. Still, this was more important. "Meet me after, by the Killabock River, okay? I need to... talk to you."

    If Clo didn’t relent earlier, she definitely did now. She stopped and arched an eyebrow before scouring their surroundings. Bartering Hall was as busy as ever and no one seemed to be paying their conversation any attention. However, Clo didn’t like taking any chances. She pulled them aside to a slower sect of the hall. “What do you mean by talk?” she asked.

    "Well, I was thinking romantic date and all that..." she trailed on sarcastically. That earned an eye roll out of Clo, but she decided to keep her mouth shut. Besides, she hadn’t missed the little falter in her tone earlier; if Allie ever spoke in a way other than confident, Clo had reason to worry. "I mean to talk about this problem. I..." Allie hesitated again for a moment. "I just don't know if the Heads are going to want to do something."

    Clo’s brow furrowed. “What’re you talking about? This has Zealot trouble written all over it, of course they’ll want to do something.” She paused a moment, letting the cogs in her head turn. “I’m missing something...aren’t I?” At the end of the day--no, at the end of time itself--she trusted Allie, but that didn’t guarantee that she understood everything going on in the woman’s mind.


    "The Heads want peace, it's all they've - any of us - have ever wanted. It's just... I'm scared it's going to blind them. This ceremony doesn't sound... above board," Allie clarified. "We need a contingency."

    There it was.

    Clo held some suspicions, especially with how vehemently Allie debated with Pyphreos, but not it was finally out in the open. “Look,” she sighed, “I completely understand where you’re coming from, Allie. Seriously, I do. But…” She struggled to form the right words; Allie’s concerns were perfectly reasonable but, at the same time, unyielding loyalty and faith in the Heads pulled at the pit of Clo’s gut. “The Heads are made up of the wisest Arbomites the Catacombs have to offer. They’re the best in what they do and they’re not idiots; they’ve dealt with the Zealots’ games longer than all of us.”

    She cast a glance over the people of the Catacombs. “There’s no way in hell they’d fall for any of their shit. Not with these people’s lives and peace on the line.”

    "And if you're wrong?" Allie asked, not wanting to relinquish the point.

    Clo fell stoic. Three seconds of silence. Four. It stretched out to seven before she found her voice again. “If...hypothetically-speaking, I was…” She placed a hand on Allie’s shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Then we call them out on their bullshit. We’ve worked years to climb the ranks and earn the Heads’ respect; if they’ll listen to anyone, it’ll be us. By tomorrow, all of this will just be an old headache.” She locked eyes with Allie. “Just trust me, alright?”

    "I- Okay," Allie conceded. "I trust you. Just know if it was anyone else asking..." She left the sentence unfinished before peering around the bartering hall. She moved to broadcast another message. "All Fighters this net, this is Torbisson and Ceithearnaigh, we're falling back to HQ. 10+ Zealots still on scene in the markets. Please exercise caution. Out." She sighed heavily, part of her wanting to stay to stalk the zealots and keep them in sight. "Shall we go?" she asked, looking at her fellow Fighter with a slightly deflated expression.

    The sight made Clo’s chest ache, but she couldn’t conjure up anything to ease her doubts. Instead, she settled for a nod. “Yeah...let’s go.”

  19. Jack can still join...?