Summer Staff Hunt!

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    We're growing fast. Turbo fast. Crazy fast. Like, scary fast because of member base is growing faster than we can train and hire new staff members! O___O Any day now we are about to break 500 active members. We've been hovering on the cusp for about a week or so. It's REALLY cool! But with the community growing so quickly, we are -definitely- needing to hire and get new staff trained before we start having drama and community issues. With this in mind, we are going to be building up to our Max Size of 30 staffers in hopes that we can avoid having to play catchup and dropping the ball! There are now over 10 open positions we hope to fill by the end of Fall.

    The Administration are currently looking for PROACTIVE MEMBERS to apply for staff positions.
    People who go beyond the average to do more for Iwaku. Great volunteers in projects, as well as promoting their own ideas. People who are friendly and interact a lot with ALL members. Individuals with a good reputation and know how to play well with others. It's important that you know social etiquette and that you are reliable with deadlines.

    We are specifically looking for reliable people who are actively involved in getting to know members of the community, and are personally involved in roleplaying in various areas of the site, chatting with members in OOC areas, and participating in multiple sections.

    If you are interesting in being a Staff Member, please view our Expections and send in an application!
    You can send in an application at ANY time. If you've sent in an application before, now is a good time to send in a NEW one with updated info! We welcome newer members to apply, as well as retired staffers if they feel they're ready to try again.

    Note: ALL eligible members who send in applications ARE considered! But there is no guarantee that you will be hired right away!
    We hire new staffers based on their activity and what we need at the time of hiring. Applications remain in our system to be reviewed -every- time we are hiring new staff, and are only rejected when a member has been a source of site drama. So if you are not hired immediately, it's not because you suck ass. XD It just means someone else was more qualified.

    Remember, you don't have to be on staff to be an AWESOME community helper! You can be a Community Volunteer!
    Staffing is a JOB that comes with deadlines and stick beatings. Most members don't have time for that, but still want to help out Iwaku in every way they can. Volunteering and taking up some of our mini challenges is an EXCELLENT way to support Iwaku when you have the chance. Awesome active members are what makes Iwaku so great. <3
  2. To second Diana's post, please make sure that you fill out the staff application and not PM the Administration asking to join the staff.