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  1. Any exciting plans for summer? Share 'em with the group!

    I moved to a new town last fall, so my plans include mainly working and getting to know the city! It was hard to do so while school was in session n_n And playing lots of D&D with my friends

    Now boys and girls, remember your net safety and try not to be too specific in saying things like where you are, where you'll be, and when O_O Anybody can see this info, and there are some real creepers on the internet!

    Regardless of your own feelings on net safety, please consider this a Thread Rule n_n
  2. Beach. I've been meaning to use my new board, but haven't gotten around to it. This is my chance.
  3. So far, not returning to the hospital and starting work is about as far as I thought...

    But maybe, possibly, home shopping.
  4. I will visit every graveyard I can and sing throughout the night.
    1. Get shitfaced.
    2. Drift into coma.
    3. Wake up to robotic butlers and instant coffee that actually tastes good.
    4. Be lazy.
    Oh, and someone ought to have invented cocaine without side-effects.
  5. Urgghhh...

    I feel like I really should find an internship or a summer job... And I do kind of want to be productive like that, but, ugh... I need a break... I need one so bad... Last summer threw a lot of shit into my life that I feel like I still haven't completely recovered from, and even my nice long winter break didn't give me the rest I needed, all while not being nearly as productive as I wanted, either...

    I feel like I need to give myself a nice long break as a "hard reset" of sorts, so I can get back into the usual rhythm of life, but, mehhh... >~<
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  6. Avoid the sun as much as humanly possible. O__O
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  7. Most likely attend class during the summer so I can get out of college faster. Hopefully I'll find a job and start learning how to drive too. Other than that, I'll mostly be relaxing
  8. This. If not, I'll end up turning into a human lobster in appearance...

    But I do plan on visiting some of the parks in PA with my kids this summer. Hoping to find a decent place to go for hikes. Also going to go visit my family when I get a chance since it's only an hour drive.
  9. School, work, Overwatch, and alcohol.
  10. I have so many plans just for this month, haven't really thought of the summer. Though I'll be going to the US sometime during the summer, Las Vegas and California.
  11. fsck bitches

    make money
  12. I plan on releasing music in the summer, as well as getting more involved with theater. Probably get shitfaced as well though.
  13. usual fucking is nothing for Raz, he will do the ultimate sexual stamina endurance test of fscking bitches O______________O.

    okay, but srs, I plan to train and train and train, so that I can return to full-time wrestling next year, or even as early as december. Oh and some cool as fuck trips too, to break up hard training schedules.
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  14. Lies. Mrs. Razilin will be making the money if you do....after the judge hands her alimony.
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  15. Dosh. Make more Dosh. Vacation is for winter, when you escape to warmer climates!
    • Work summer hours because schools are out.
    • Smoke weed
    • Bang my wife
    • Play video games
    • Water my plants
    • Go fishing off the old Skyway
    • Hope my grandfather doesn't die
    • Have a cold alcoholic beverage on my balcony on a hot and muggy Florida summer night
    • Go back inside because it's 85 degrees at 80% humidity at 10pm.
  16. work for a traveling carnivals with my husband
    pirate movies
    spend time with carnie family
    Roleplay at nights
    check my sections
    play video games
  17. 1. work

    2. continue working

    3. go for lots of walks in wooded areas and hunt for mushrooms!
  18. 1. Work (hopefully)
    2. Wish I had friends who drink
    3. Wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life
    4. ...
    5. Profit
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