Summer House

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Lynnette had been waiting for her summer vacation for a long time. A few of her best friends had been planning this trip for months now and she and her friend Essence had planned to leave a little bit before everyone else to set a few things up. She picked up her phone to text Essence before she got to her house. Hey Essence, I was gonna come pick you up so we can leave, are you ready? She smiled putting her bags in the trunk of her car.
@Essence Winter

Cece Irene

Essence was estatic. she was actually gonna get away from her parents this summer and just hang with friends. as she zipped her bag closed, her phone dinged. she checked it and immediately replied.
sure thing. ill wait outside for you.
Essence hadn't known lynnette before their plans, but their mutual friend rylie introduced them a couple weeks ago. they had hung out a couple times with a group and Lynnette seemed really cool.
she grabed her bag, purse, and phone and made her way outside.
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