Summer Days

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  1. Tyler Berry dug around in the fridge quietly. He was hungry and it was late. Really late, close to three in the morning late, and he didn't want to wake Malcom. For some reason, his step brother hated him. Tyler didn't question it for fear of upsetting Malcom further. He was confused by the anger, though. The two had been left in the house by themselves for the summer while their parents went on their second honeymoon.

    Tyler knew it upset Malcom because the twenty-five year old had to 'babysit' him, but he couldn't really help it. Tyler was tempted to tell Malcom to just do what he wanted, that he could handle himself since he was almost eighteen, but their parents might find out if he did that and it would get them both in trouble. Instead, he let it be and tried his best to avoid Malcom while he could. That meant skipping normal meals and waiting to shower early in the morning. Just to try and avoid him, which he failed at most times anyways.

    He rummaged around in the fridge for a few moments, picking out some leftover lasagna and fruit salad. He put both containers on the counter and opened them, taking out a fork from the drawer. Tyler gave a happy sigh as he bit into a slice of orange in the fruit salad. It felt nice to have something in his stomach again.
  2. Malcom sighed as he got up from bed. He could hear the rummaging from his room which was on the first floor of his house. He had no shirt on and he had only boxers on. He was silent as he stood in the hallway, standing in the door of the kitchen and watching his step brother eat. He hadn't seen the welp all day, thankfully. He hated the kid, because he and his father intruded on his moms life. His mother was wealthy and she knew that this kids father just married her for money. He had tried to prove it, but she was blind. Thank goodness she let him do most of the banking of the family money. She was using her own personal money for this second honeymoon. It made him sick and the boy even looked like that bastard.

    "Your up late," he said suddenly. He didn't move to go over to Tyler or anything, he stayed in the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the boy. His eyes were cold and hard as he watched him.
  3. Tyler started at the new voice. He hadn't expected the older male to wake up. It was almost three thirty in the morning after all. He looked over at the other male, turning around. He met his eyes for a moment before glancing down. Why was it that his eyes were so cold? Why did he hate Tyler so much? "S-s-sorry, M-ma-Malcom," he stuttered out. Tyler used to have a terrible stutter when he was younger. Now it only came back when he was nervous or scared. If there was only thing he was scared of, it was Malcom.

    "I-I-I di-didn't mean t-t-to w-wa-wake y-you u-up." Tyler looked down at his feet nervously, scared of Malcom's temper. "I-I-I'll j-just g-g-go b-back to s-s-sleep." He started to put the food away and put the fork in the sink. He was unnerved by Malcom's stare.

    Tyler licked his lips in a nervous way as he took in Malcom's state of dress, or lack there of. He raked his eyes over the chiseled chest and strong legs before coming back up to his arms and face. Malcom was very attractive, but his face was hard, cold. Like he was made of marble or something. Those eyes were like chips of hard ice boring into Tyler's very soul. A chill went through his body.
  4. Malcom watched Tyler before he noticed the boy staring at him. His eyes narrowed once more. "What are you starring at?" he asked him watching his stutter like that. He stood up straight from the door frame. "Are you starring at me Tyler?" he asked walking over to the younger boy. He could see the shiver that ran through his body. "Your scarred of me?" he asked him, getting closer to him, making it very hard for Tyler to move past him since Malcom had him up against the counter. Malcom was angry, yes, but not because he had been woken up. It was because he wanted the brat. He wanted to bend this punk over and fuck him till he passed out. He smirked mentally at that idea. He could probably use the kid to just have some fun and make this summer bearable. "Are you hungry Tyler?" he asked him after a few moments of silence.
  5. Tyler skittishly pressed himself back against the counter, cutting into his back. He stammered for a moment, not looking into Malcom's face. He was looking for an escape. Any weak points that he could use for his advantage. The problem was, there wasn't one. Well, aside from kneeing Malcom in the groin and Tyler didn't feel comfortable doing that, he knew that pain all too well. Instead, he fell silent and watched with wide eyes as the other male came impossibly closer. His whole body was shaking and he was sure that he would have wet himself from fear if he hadn't gone to the bathroom about twenty minutes before now. He swallowed down the scream of fear crawling up his lips. Tyler didn't have it in him to answer any other questions. He was too scared to do that.
  6. Malcom slammed his hand into the counter right beside Tyler, the bang loud enough that it filled the room. "Answer me!" he yelled in anger. He was in no mood to deal with this brat. He pulled back and grabbed Tylers arm, pulling the boy closer to him. "Your going to do as I say understand?" he said in anger, pulling the boy and pushing him into the living room. Malcom followed after him and stood there. "Strip," he ordered, looking at the boy with that same angry and cold stare. He was not joking.
  7. Fear practically radiated from Tyler as he shook in Malcom's presence. He flinched at the loud noise against the counter and tears filled his eyes at the anger. He bit his lip to stop the whimpers, he nodded in response to the questions. Yes, he was staring at Malcom. Yes, he was scared of Malcom. Yes, he was hungry. He was petrified in fear and let the other male drag him about the house. He shook, his body vibrating from fear. He swallowed harshly at the command and almost felt sick to his stomach, what was Malcom going to do? Why did he want him to strip? A few tears fell as he obeyed the order anyways, not wanting to cause more anger than necessary. His shirt fell away first, followed by his pants, shoes, and boxers. He covered his privates with both of his hands, still very scared. His eyes were downcast. He was biting his lip so hard that he could taste metallic blood pouring into his mouth and down his chin a little.
  8. Malcom watched, sizing the boy up. He leaned down and picked Tyler's shirt up. He tore it up and turned Tyler around. He pulled his arms back and tied them together tightly. He then took the rest of Tyler's shirt and forced him to open his mouth while he tied it around his mouth, keeping him from biting his lip and from making any sound. He then pushed Tyler down onto his knees. He looked down at him anger still in his eyes. "Ass up Tyler, show me your ass," he ordered, his arms crossed once more. He walked over to a table and opened the drawer, grabbing the lotion he kept in there. He held in his hand and watched Tyler still, pulling the table out of the way.
  9. Tyler let out a surprised gasp as Malcom ripped up his shirt, but didn't protest. Even though it'd been one of his favorites. More tears escaped him as what Malcom was planning became more clear to him. He was going to be fucked, quiet literally, in a few minutes. If he wasn't mistaken, very hard, too. Small sniffles escaped him as he continued to cry out of fear. The next command shocked him to his core and he wanted to fight it, but he couldn't. He was weak where Malcom was strong, there was no use. Instead, he obeyed, leaning forward to where his head was rested against the carpet and his ass was in the air. The carpet was already irritating his sensitive skin where it was brushing against his cheek harshly.
  10. Malcom looked at the boys ass and watched him sniffle and cry like a sniveling child. He sat on the sofa, leaning down and looking at the boys ass. He could see the tiny tremors of fear that filled the boy as he laid there obediently He lifted his hand and rubbed it along the curve of the boys ass. He then suddenly spanked him hard. He was such a little whore, doing as he was told like that. Malcom smirked the first time had shown anything other then annoyance. He could see Tyler's ass become red from the force of the spank. "Your such a baby, crying like that when you know you want it," he commented, he let his hand move to the boys member, rubbing it and jerking it feeling it get hard in his hand. He chuckled at that. "See, I'm touching you a little and your getting hard," he said cruelly, laughing at the torment his step brother he must be going through.
  11. Tyler wanted to move away from the hand on his ass, could feel the moment it moved away only to come rushing back, hard. He cried out against the gag in his mouth. Why was this happening? More tears continued to fall and he couldn't help it, he was scared. So incredibly scared of the older male. Yes, he kind of did want this, but not in this way. Tyler wasn't into the harder stuff, it was so degrading, but he had no choice. He had to listen or face more anger. Tyler sucked in a shocked breath when Malcom's hand went down to his member and started stroking him. Of course, I'm getting hard, bastard, he thought fiercely. Angry tears started then. His step brother was humiliating him to get off on it. Planning to practically rape him to humiliate the younger male. It was so sick and wrong, but Tyler couldn't stop the way his body responded to the suggestive touches to his member.
  12. Malcom just smirked and took his hand back. He took some of the lotion he had grabbed and began rubbing it into the boy's hole. He could care less how Tyler felt. He was an annoyance to him and he would take out his anger on the boy. He slipped two fingers into Tyler, right off the bat and began thrusting them in out of him. He was very good with his fingers, wriggling them around as he moved them in and out. He was just stretching the boy at the moment. He could easily just have thrusted into him, but he didn't want Tyler to be too tight. "Your not as tight as I thought you would be. Have you already been fucked Tyler?" he asked, chuckling.
  13. A muffled whine left Tyler's mouth as Malcom's fingers entered them. He was grateful that he'd been sexually active since he was sixteen, giving him plenty of time to loosen up over the years. It didn't hurt, it just surprised him, even though he'd been expecting it. Muffled moans and groans came out of him as Malcom's fingers continued stretching him, moving around a lot. He nodded his head to Malcom's question, figuring the other male would want answers. The carpet irritated him more as his skin went across the floor with his nodding action, then again when he pushed his face against the rough material in order to stick his ass higher in the air, wanting more.
  14. Malcom smirked, and pushed his fingers in deeper, letting his fingers wriggle as deep as they could inside of Tyler. The moans that Tyler let out, although muffled, Malcom could hear them. It made him get hard at the thought of his step brother getting hot and bother'd with him. He smirked. and kept thrusting his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and pulled Tyler up until he was on his knees and facing him. "I'm going to take off the gag. When I do I want your mouth around my cock," he ordered, taking his cock out to let it stick out of his boxers.
  15. More moans and groans escaped the younger male, muffled, but still heard. He pushed back against those feelings. More, more, I need more, he thought desperately as though Malcom could hear them. When those fingers were gone, Tyler whined again, wanting them back or something much bigger. Suddenly, he was on his knees, at eye level with a very hard cock. He nodded to Malcom's words and kept his eyes trained on his new goal, sucking. Something he was good at, or so he'd been told.
  16. Malcom removed the gag and then sat back, letting Tyler get to work. It seemed like Tyler had experience doing these things. He seemed all hot and bothered now, the fear gone. He was smirking at that. He would be a lot of fun then. This summer may not be so terrible it would seem. He watched Tyler, and the whine he gave when he pulled his fingers out made him smirk even more. "Get to it," he said, letting his foot reach in between Tyler's legs and play with the boys cock.
  17. Tyler licked his lips to stop the drool that wanted to come out with the gag removed. It had dried out his whole mouth. He leveled his eye at the hard on before him, looking up to make eye contact before putting his mouth over Malcom, taking him deep into his throat. He relaxed his muscles as he hollowed out his cheeks and started to suck. He breathed carefully through his nose and made small humming noises, knowing how pleasurable those could be. Feeling those vibrations down your shaft. He moaned when Malcom's foot nudged his cock. He moved into it, trying to get some more friction to get off on.
  18. Malcom continued to tease and rub his foot against Tyler's cock. The boy was good and it took all of Malcom's will power not to moan out at how good the boy was. His cock throbbed though, feeling the back of Tyler's throat. He kept rubbing his foot against Tyler's cock, while being sucked. His mouth was so hot and wet and he was sucking just how Malcom liked to be sucked. The humming was new for Malcom and to that he couldn't help but let out a groan.
  19. Tyler was glad that he seemed to be pleasing Malcom in just the right ways. He let out a groan of his own as his cock was massaged by Malcom's foot. He continued humming, sensing that Malcom liked that. He wanted to please the older male, maybe make Malcom like him, if even just for a cockwarmer. He bobbed his head eagerly, trying to do everything just right.
  20. Malcom hadn't realized his eyes were closed and he opened them, to see Tyler eagerly sucking his cock. That caused Malcom to smirk. "Your very eager Tyler..." he commented to Tyler, letting the boy suck his cock as much as he wanted. That sinful mouth was delicious and he felt like he could enjoy having those lips wrapped around his cock for a long time. He continued to massage Tyler's cock with his foot, sliding his foot lower and using his toes to tease Tyler's hole.