Summer Breeze (Fantasy)

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  1. Unknown man (open)

    He walked to the underground where the light could not reach and kept on going till he finally found it, soon. He would have the power to destroy everything! Take over anything and make anything, kill and control souls. He just needed to awakening the beast and his control. He made his magic ready and started to call out the magic words in an unknown language. The wall started to move.
    -"Yes...YES!" He called out when he saw the wall move. He said the last magic word and the wall started to collapse and behinde it was darkness, so much that you couldn't say what was what.
    -"Yes..." He said lower.
    -"Come out now! I demand you! I... AM... your ne-" He felt a force through his body and collapsed, his whole body shaked and he couldn't control anything.
    -"W-w-w-what? B-but... I.... I-I am... your-" He saw the beast come out and before he knew it, he was gone.


    In the sacred mountains of Edra (open)

    The leader of the village of Mountains, Alron the big. Looked at the colossal monster right infront of him. That thing shouldn't even exist in this world. No, that thing was too great to even exist but now, it was right infront of him. One of his men screamed out for him.
    -"Alrooon!! Where do all of these monsters come from?! How did they even get here?!" He said while slashing one smaller monster with his sword. More and more would soon come. Alron looked up again at the monster, was it even a monster? It was more like a Devil from underground, maybe even a god.
    -"We can't fight that thing!" Another one called while punching another monster.
    -"Sir!! SIR!" They kept calling before one would get into the hands of one of the monsters, Alron couldn't move. He couldn't believe this!
    -"Let's retreat!!" Alron called out and started to run, the devil started to scream out loud and everyone covered their ears while screaming themselves.
    -"Aaaaaaaah!! It hurts!!" One screamed.
    -"W-we have to get out of here!" Another one said.


    In the north Ice Kingdom of Helena (open)

    King Glacies looked at the thing, only some meters away from the town, screaming and shouting with a very sharp tone. The men behinde him was shaking their legs so much even he could hear them.
    -"W-what do we do? We're doomed!" One said.
    -"What IS that thing?! Where did it come from!?" Another one shouted.
    -"Quiet!" Glacies said while turning around, everyone froze and looked at him.
    -"We don't have time for this, we've to evacuate! Take the citizens to safety." He said with confident and they looked at each others.
    -"B-but King Glacies, what are you-" One of the men asked with a nervous sound but got interupted by Glacies.
    -"I will distract it while you take the citizens to safety with the help of my knights." He said and started to get ready.
    -"B-but-" He got interupted again.
    -"I've to do this. Now hurry up! Before that thing starts to destroy the city!" Glacies said and put his magical sword in his care. The men looked at each others then at Glacies and nodded.
    -"Yes, sire!" They all said in choir and started to run out of the room, Glacies turned around and looked at the huge monster, where did it come from? Why now?


    In the Magical Sacred Temple; Heaven Oan (open)

    He looked down at his sacred weapon while quietly sitting down on his throne, thinking and twisting his mind. He then looked up at the curious crowd of people before saying.
    -"An evil has got up from it's sleep, it is even now starting to destroy some parts of the world with it's darkness." He said very calmly and everyone gasped.
    -"What are you saying?" One man in an orange cloth asked and the other agreed while nodding. He looked at them with his shining yellow eyes and smiled a little. It was a cold smile though.
    -"A very great evil has taking a turn on us and is now starting to grasp the land into the depths of the earth." He said still with his calm soothing boice. The other started to get nervous.
    -"B-but... we have to do something! What if the darkness gets here?!" Another man called out, almost crying. He looked at them and then looked at his flute again while carefully stroking it.
    -"We can't do anything." He said and the others started to panic.
    -"W-what?!" He screamed.
    -"What do we do?" Another one said.
    -"I can't die here!" Yet another man screamed but everyone got quiet when he played his flute. They looked at him untill one of the men started to get angry with him.
    -"How can you be so calm?!" His head started to get red with anger.
    -"We can't do anything... But there are two that can do it." He said with his smile.
    -"What?... Two? You mean there are others who can save us?!" He said with a little of releaf and fear.
    -"What who?" Another one asked confused and looked at him.


    And that is the intro to what has happened and what the two heroes will do! I will be a magician and the one who wants to rp, can choose whatever he/she wants to be. This is an Fantasy rp with magic and many different creatures and monsters! Like in any other fantasy, you can heal yourself with magic, magic potions and so on.

    I only want an 1x1 rp please!

    My character:

    Yuruto Kurushi (open)

    Age: 26

    Kind: Magician

    Likes: Women, magic and learning new spells

    Hates: Long boring conversations, knights and Pub owners (Because every pub have thrown him out because of bad behaviour)

    Family: None

    Background: When he was small he lived in a farm with his mother and father, they where very poor and got robbed by some knights that killed his father because his father "attacked" them when it's not even close to the truth. Started to learn magic when he got forced to live alone, when he was 10 he could make the rats in the street fly and then started to learn more about magic and many different forms off magic. Got his magical "Death staff" by his mother before she died and is a very close object of his.
    He is a very close childhood friend to (the rp:er's character)

    Other: His staff "The death staff" is a very close object of his and he have never sold it out to anyone even if it is a very rare object that everyone wants. How his mother got it is a mystery but it is very powerfull. Everyone can't just take the staff however and use it since the staff is kind of "alive" (ironically enough) and feels if the master is someone else and will use thunder against the unknown person. Only Yuruto is allowed to wield it.
    He also liked to flirt with ladies a lot and to annoy his childhoos friend because he thinks it's funny. He isn't a very serious person when it comes to conversation and hates when people talk too much.
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  2. Name: Barret Dov

    Age: 26

    Appearance: A burly man of at least 6". He has brown hair and brown eyes to match. Tanned Caucasian man.

    Likes: Ale, Music and Animals

    Dislikes: Injustice, Being the center of attention, Pompous people.

    Family: Mariette Dov (Mother)

    Background: Barret was born to a farmer and his wife, the local fishmonger, and grew up working on the farm mostly. Unfortunately his father had died one day thanks to a work accident and they lost the farm. Lucky for him and his mother they found a home in town and he was apprenticed at the local Smith. Barret knew Yuruto from when they were young, and since they were the same age they spent a lot of time playing. They stayed friends even as his friends parents passed.

    Other: Barret carries his own, self made weapon. An axe he was extremely proud of. It had a stem the length of his forearm with a large half moon blade and a flat head on its other side. He carries it at his waist in a holster.

    (If you'd like something else or would prefer a different partner, just lemme know!)
  3. No, no you're fine! So... Maybe I've should taken this in, but what are you for a kind? Swordman? Magician? Or...?
  4. Considering the fact that he's a blacksmith, he has quite the arm with a hammer, but his weapon of choice is the axe he made. Sooo axeman?
  5. That's a different choice, I like it!
    Well, I'll start the IC then and you can answer whenever.

    Ps. They don't know about the evil that has broken out in the world yet (I'm thinking of something like that the king is sending us out because they've noticed something wierd or something like that, if you've another idea. Please tell)
  6. Perhaps reports have come in, via messenger birds or whatever, for the King. Perhaps even an injured person from one of the places. Most likely, I could be wrong, your character, since he seems the less serious type, drags mine into going on this quest.
  7. Yeah, that sounds good. Then we have a plan.
  8. Post a link whenever you're ready :D
  9. No growth otherwise, haha...
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