Summer 2015: DBZ Training: Strong Isnt't Strong Enough!

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  1. This summer's goal: Do my 1.5 hr training routine....with a 100lb. weighted vest!

    Day 1

    ....after only 20 minutes using 50lb. on the weighted vest, i found my arms, legs, and chest all noodly after doing pushups, squats, and isometric variations of each. i had to carefully relieve myself of the vest to complete the last 25 minutes of my workout safely. obviously, at a total of 45minutes, this is only half of my normal routine.

    but when you train using the real life equivalent of a Dragonball Z Gravity Room, such caution should be taken when first starting out!

    tomorrows goal....45 minutes using the weighted vest!

    by the end of the summer, i'll be at 100 lb/100 times earths gravity and ready to take on Freiza!

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  2. Did you do your half-hour power up screaming before working out? I heard that's very important.
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  3. does thirty seconds after the muscle pain started count?
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  4. You do 45 minute routines daily?

    What do you do?
  5. bodyweight exercises for 45 minutes, then cardio and parkour technique for another 45. daily.
  6. You're gonna unlock Super Saiyan 5 if you keep this up dude. :P
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  7. this.

    the point.

    that it is.
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  9. Hopefully you'll fair better than Vegeta.

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  10. Hey, how many super Saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    One, but it takes 30 episodes.
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  11. We're not slow! Just detail-oriented!

    Just Saiyan.

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  12. That pun could've been


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    ....couldnt resist


    Day 2

    did predominantly leg workouts with some sprinting using 50 lb for a full 45 minutes

    mission accomplished

    already, the vest feels more natural

    even attempted to hold plank with it on

    donning and removing the vest (which is an overhead technique) is still fuckin sketchy as hell....

    the INSTANT this motherfucker came off, though, i felt completely weightless!
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  14. Imagine what happens once you wear a 100lb vest and take it off.
    You might just feel like a giant noodle. :P
  15. Or I will be just a giant

    From bulking up
  16. Day 3 (yesterday)

    45 minutes with it on, 50 lb. feels morr natural tham day 1

    did a LOT of pullups with it on

    every arm/chest exercise i did....the last 5 reps just had me screaming in pain was awesome
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  17. Day 4 (yesterday)

    Only 5 min with the vest. But I did quadrapedal movement techniques with it the whole time. My shoulders and thighs love me
  18. Without pics I won't berieve a word you say.
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  19. day 5

    legs and sprinting.

    didnt feel too terrible.

    probably super sore in am.
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