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  1. I've had a few duds on this site rp wise, but I think Iwaku has to be the greatest site I've gone to for roleplaying. I think there is a good idea that can make this site even better! Feel free to tell me what you think about these ideas!

    There are now character makers on this site and I love them. There are so many ones that I want to make it will take me forever to finish them all. However I think this can be taken a step further. Each character could be attached to a thread somehow to show who is playing in that specific rp. There can be stats that are on them saying if the character is good, bad and why someone thinks such. Taking this great idea further!
  2. This is the counseling section. Site suggestions should go to the help desk. As it says "Ask a question, share your ideas/projects, or give suggestions for improving our community." so this should definitely go there. You can ask a staff member to get it moved to the correct section :)
  3. Oh alright thanks! Just need to figure out how to do that and I'll do it
  4. We want to avoid anything that has reviews on characters, roleplays, or players. People's opinions on what is good or bad is very subjective so it wouldn't be accurate and lead to problems of snooty people.

    We ARE working on a way to link character lists to roleplays, though! :D
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  5. Well ok reviews maybe not the best but like ways the character could improve it ideas to help. I worded my thoughts wrong. Also awesome! Linking the characters one of my ideas already realised!
  6. If you want feedback on a particular character, you can always ask in the Help areas of the Roleplay Institute or the Writing & Art Museum.