Suggestion: Abiity to filter roleplays by posting expectations

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jorick, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. When I went to go and look at the roleplays going on on the site, I noticed that there was an immediately present option to filter things by the openness of the game, so you could filter out closed RPs.

    Then when I went and looked at the advanced search features I saw that it lets you filter down to other things, like subgenre tags, and that's also really nice to have.

    The one thing that's missing, however, is being able to narrow the search down by posting expectations. It just seems like the next logical step for search filtering, since you can filter basically everything else. It doesn't need to be an option presented with handy buttons at the top of the forum, like the openness filtering buttons, but adding it as an option in advanced searches would work just fine.
  2. Which kind of posting expectations, the speed and availability to posty?

    If that is the case, then yes, that is actually on our to-do list! O_O We're still working on the formatting of thread display and hit a bit of a wall.
  3. Speed and availability expectations sorting would be nice, yeah, but I was more thinking about the like Intermediate/Give-No-Fucks/Adept posting expectations thing.
  4. Oh! Is that not searchable? >< It's supposed to be. At least when you use the advanced search page. We've not been able to make a click-search function work yet.
  5. If it's already searchable, I can't find it anywhere in the advanced search options. Could be I'm just missing it. It's happened before, haha.
  6. Yes!

    When you use the searchbar in the top right corner and click the "More" button, you get the advanced search. From there you'll want to choose the "Search Threads and Posts" tab. It will have the additional search options.

    The DOWNSIDE is that you HAVE to enter a keyword too for searching, but I am looking for a fix to make it stop that. >>
  7. Oh, wow, I'm as blind as a metaphorical bat. Not so much real bats because it's a myth, but the fake ones that bump into walls whenever not doing the sonar thing? That's me.

    I just never scrolled past the two lists of things with scroll bars. There are tons more search options than I thought, haha.

    Making keywords optional would definitely be nice. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though, this'll be useful. :D
  8. You are welcome! >:3
  9. oh.. This changes everything.