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  1. Yay Alliteration is Life

    Ahem...Hello all! I'm Sugaar. Now normally I'm not the gab about myself type but.... I'll make an exception this time. Heh. I'm gearing to start school in the fall. That is: university. (And more late summer than fall really). Undecided atm honestly. So it'll be a very expensive term of explorations. With roleplaying I have little experience, about...eight or nine months in counting. So every experience, successful or not, is a bit of a learning opportunity for me.

    Uhm let's see now, with this I'm searching for maybe one or two partners? So I may be selective.
    I can't think of much else to put here so let me just cut to the chase now. σ(^_^)

    To show interest, please send a PM! Do not post in the thread, thank you!

    Basically the same information posted in another part of the forum.

      • I average about one to three paragraphs a post. Sometimes more depending on my inspiration at the time. However I will never go under a paragragh. A paragraph to me is five to seven sentences. Please no one to three liners. When a response is too short I have trouble coming up with something of my own.
      • I just got off of a little "rp break" from this site. But now that I'm back I intend to be fairly active. I'm very patient myself, but if I could find a partner that could respond every other day or a few times a week that'd be lovely. And if you'd like to respond more thn that, be my guest. If you can't just let me know.
      • Communication is key. I won't be bothered if you need a little time on a reply, feel free to complain all you want to me while you write(If you want to I won't mind one bit). However, I will be bothered if the partner disappears for two months without letting me kow that somethings up.
      • For spelling and grammar all I ask is that you do your best. As long as it's legible and you do not mind me asking for clarification if/when I get confused. I'm pretty lax about this one, especially if english is not your first language.

      • I find that my interest is kept longest in an rp if I play a male character. I have the most experience in a mxm pairing, then mxf, then fxf.
      • I don't really mind if the roleplay takes place in a thread or in privae messages.
      • Skills I'm trying to hone right now are having my characters interact realistically with their surroundings, describing those surroundings, and calling attention to details that I would like noticed/or feel are important.
      • This may sound strange but I am always wondering if my responses are quality or not. So constuctive critisisms are always welcome
      • Blue stars:no sexy time for you. *Shoves fluff in their Faces (♯`∧´)
      • On that note, red stars: if something of that nature springs up then our thread will have to be moved obviously. (Or properly placed to begin with)
      • Romance for me is usually a must as it is my favorite theme to write. It doesn't have to be the main focus but I like at least some hints or a nod here and there.
      • I also like for my roleplays to have a clear conflict and then a resolution. To put it simply; I like endings. When a clear conflict isn't in place then the roleplay just ends up being...kind of redundant. In my oppinion anyway. This isn't to say that we have to quit roleplaying together completly, there willl be other ideas. And spin-offs certainly exist.

      • Doesn't mind writing in third person, past tense. (If necessary I will bend and do first person; I,my, me for my character and he/him,she/her, (name) for your character)
      • Doesn't mind ocassional grammatical or spelling errors.
      • Likes immersive,detail-oriented story-telling.
      • Likes to throw monkey wrenches and softballs into the plot every now and again
      • Not afraid to add their own elements and ideas into our story.
      • Is patient and understanding of irl issues/writer's block.
      • Will OOC chat with me every now and again.
      • Lets me know if there is a problem with my post, you need to momentarily take control of mc, or want a timeskip.

      • If I prefer a role then that one will be italicized and If I have a idea for the plot then there will be an asterisk.
      • Deceivingly cute character X Deceivingly frightening character.*
      • Deceivingly cute character X plastic surgeon*
      • Daily Commuters(Train)
      • House Spirit X Occupant
      • Vigilante X Detective/Cop*
      • Runaway X Other (Possible supernatural or fantastical elements)
      • Werecat/Shifter X Other
      • Science or English project Partners
      • Doll maker X Creation
      • Dragon X Rider /Hunter/Prince(ess)
      • Soldier X Indigenous (Sci-fi)
      • Vet X Zoophobic
      • Characters meet when one vandlizes the others car by mistake
      • Gang wars
      • A street in the inner city that serves as a mini red light district
      • Twins X Other (I have princes {historical} , cat hybrids {any time period}, and regular humans {modern} currently. But I don't have a problem creating brand new twins for a roleplay)
      • Alien X Space Explorer
      • Human x Persocom (Or robot if you're not familiar)
      • Character(s) have found that they'be devoleped supernatural abilities. But are only able to access them when ill (or through flu symptoms.
      • Character(s) both seek refuge from stressful lives in a supposedly cursed forest. They end up finding something that they want to protect from the eyes of others
      • Character(s) drawings/creations begin to come to life. They warn of a terrible danger approaching.
      • The fountain of youth isn't just the pipe dream of a mad man. It exists. And beyond it a world pulled from the fantasy's of children. Or so it seems. The inhabitants beyond that surface react poorly to the presence of outsiders
      • Traditions are kept and inevitably broken. Character(s) decide to break traditions and explore a sacred. A mist rolls in: and eyelids droop. They soon find out that their village may have been offering prayers against something rather than to it.
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