Suddenly, bionic cats, thousands of 'em...

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  1. Or just 1...

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    For those who don't know why this is significant: this is a new type of prosthetic called "Itaps" (intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthetics) that actually anchors the prosthetic limb in the bone, using a specially made porus titanium alloy that allows the skin itself to actually grow into the metal (like antlers on a deer), creating a natural seal and preventing infections from happening. This is the 2nd time this was done with an entire limb replaced (this was done before on fingers), the first time being a British lady who also had the procedure done on her arm back in '07 but FUCK THAT BIONIC KITTIES WITH THE POWER OF SCIENCE.


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  2. That is seriously awesome!
  3. I'm still waiting on bionic dicks.
  4. John

    He knelt down on the roof across the street, making sure there was no one looking from the street before he jumped over the gap and landed silently next to Blair.
  5. George Jetson says: Bionic dogs are better.
  6. C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

    >>>Accessing Crew Database



    >>>Opening Crew Member File #006


    Crew Member
    Full name: Anamari Lindara
    Alias/Nicknames: Ana
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race/Breed: Tassi
    Birth Date: 20th of February
    Age: 26
    Last Known Residence: Communications Sector, Leuck
    Crew Position: Communications Officer
    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): None


    Visual Identification
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Build: Toned
    Eye Color: Florescent Silver
    Hair Color: White
    Skin Tone/Color: White
    Image of Anamari


    Sexuality/Preference: Asexual
    Allies: None
    Enemies: None
    Likes: Computers, Encrypted Messages, Deception, and Mice
    Dislikes: EMPs, "Traditional" methods of communication, Snakes, and Hackers that aren't herself
    Hobbies: Hacking, Creating Puzzles for herself to solve, Playing with her cybernetics, and tricking others.
    Personality: Anamari described herself as a "fundamental, independent woman". She seems to have the disposition of someone who is almost always pissed off and dislikes being asked questions or bothered when she is seemingly busy. She does activities by herself frequently. Anamari seems agitated by the presence of other people and does not seem keen on interaction unless it is for her work, which can vary from simple communications to another officer or finding a way to disable enemy communications. Anamari does not care much for trust. She goes where the money is or she goes where better connections can be made. "I will betray anyone who doesn't give me what I want."

    >>>Combat Details

    ► Weapons: Anamari has two gauntlets on her arms that act as energy shields for incoming bullets. Anamari carries an automatic energy-based assault rifle, which she uses for offense.
    ► Combat Attire: Her combat attire is her normal attire, which is normally a lab coat, a pair of shorts, and a white tank top.
    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Anamari has a set of flashbang grenades to blind enemies and a set of EMP grenades, given that she might have to destroy her station if the ship is invaded.

    Fighting Style
    ➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Anamari is a highly defensive fighter. Mostly because she doesn't fight. She uses her shields to deflect bullets and provide cover for herself. Then she waits for an opportune moment to attack and obliterates her opponent.
    ➣ [Weapon of Choice]: Automatic energy-based assault rifle [Must be recharged after being used endlessly for 5 minutes.]
    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Deception - Anamari does not usually get into fights for the sole reason that she tricks opponents before they have the chance to decimate her with their attacks. Her psionic abilities help with her ability to set opponents off balance.

    Psionic Path
    Path of The Dreamer:
    ☆ Heighten Emotion: When a target is in an emotional state, Anamari may take advantage of this and push them further into the threshold of that emotion. (Ex. An ally is angry because another ally was killed. Anamari uses this anger to turn into rage, causing them to move faster and deal more damage when using melee attacks.)
    ☆ Disguise Self: Allows the user to change their form into that of something they are not. What they change into must be something they've seen before. If it is from a photo, the disguise is only completed for what parts have been seen in the photo. This change can only occur for one hour before it is destroyed.


    Relationship Status: Single.
    Family: Estranged Mother and Father
    Known Languages: Taasi Standard, Galactic Standard, Auroun Standard, and Zydrosi Standard.
    Personal History/Background: Anamari's background follows a peculiar pattern. It seems that her family runs some sort of trading coalition with many of the others planets/civilizations within the universe. However, it is wondered why she has not partaken in this particular venture of her parents. She does not seem to be opposed to the idea of running some sort of business, but yet, they have not posed any positions of power to her or even offered her a job in the slightest. When she was younger, it seemed that she was trained to be a sly salesman of sorts and her psionic powers were curved toward deception as s result of this. Her parents were not home very much to greet her or otherwise socialize with her. This may explain why her attitude is so nonchalant and uncaring. But the most peculiar part is yet to come.

    For the middle years of her life, there is a blank space of sorts in official documents. Between the years of 15 to 20, her life went completely unobserved. No movement in her house, no people moving in and out. Nothing. Why, you may ask? Well... Frankly, those of us who are conducting this file have no idea. She tells us that she trained for those five years, but we wonder whether that is the truth or not. If she was training, would it not be customary to have someone go outside to get food for you, or to get some sun every once in a while? It is wondered by those of us whether she would be fit to run on a ship with such a strange record such as this.

    However, her skills are not doubted. Once she emerged from this period of seeming invisibility, she came out a new woman. She was equipped with technology in hand and knew how to use it well. She had showed off her skills of communication with some of the galactic ships who were... Less then convinced she was as skilled as she said. She had no reputation for space travel, thus these ships had no intention of bringing her along on these expeditions. Until her parents sent someone for her to work for. She traveled with that ship for 5 years before retiring from it. She had determined she had learned all she could from that ship, and she felt she was ready for a commanding position on another ship. And that is why she is now here with us.
  7. Today cats... TOMMORROW THE WORLD!

  9. this Paoru outside of insanity?
  10. I like this development.
  11. I need to beat your daily post rating.


    Although - srsly, cybernetics for animals? How about enhancements for humans first >:I