Suddenly a random new person appears!

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  1. Hello everyone, just saying hello. "Hello". Just made a new account and I'm hoping to get some roleplaying pracitce.

    I'm a male and choose to use my experience as such :)

    Fantasy is recommended by the primary care provider, but open to other things.

    As a person and roleplayer I'm pretty positive.

    Music is best! (Improper grammar and like it)

    Food 2nd best!

    Invite for roleplaying please!(to the 3rd power)

    Ideas/comments/tips welcome

    Sarcasm tolerated for the sake of pizza.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku July!!
  3. Why thank you, :) hope you have an excellent day and some yummy food. Unless you're alergic to food... Then I'm sorry >.>
  4. Helllloooooooooooo!

    Sarcasm? I think I love you especially since my birthday is in July =D. Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. *wild Outlaw appears* Hello and Welcome July. Its nice to meet you. I have just arrived here as well. I have high hopes for this site. :downcat:
  6. Hey thanks for the welcome, hmm looks like we have a similarity in month liking. But i don't know where that leaves us. haha

    [MENTION=3780]MissOutlaw[/MENTION] Thank you as well. Yeah I am looking forward to getting into this site as well. Nice to see others are like minded.
  7. ...Odd. Neither do I. O________O
  8. The day after valentines i'm buying a lot of chocolate yummy yummy in my tummy.
  9. Forgot to buy candy :'(
  10. This post made my day. :D Go for pizza!!... And candy. How could you forget candy?!