Sucker Punch Reviews?

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That One Wendu

Original poster
Just watched the movie. It was so, so weird and trippy, I guess.

Watched it with my best girl and my friend from school, the student body president. <.< Although he isn't a very good example for the school, he just got off a 5 day suspension...

Anyways, thoughts on the movie?

I was DISAPPOINT at the end. Not at the way it ended, but a part at the end.

They purposely didn't show her face after leaving the lobotomy chair place, you could tell her face was hidden. When they did show her face, I expected something more intense. She didn't give off a very... glazed look, like I thought she would... Idk, I was kind of expecting more than that.

You guys? I know it JUST came out in theaters but whatever, whatever, post in here when/if you do see it.