Subway Shopping?


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Apparently in Korea there's a train station billboard that you can shop using your smartphone!

From what the article states is that you use the QR Code reader (for those of you that don't know what that is you can learn here) to shop at this grocery store online and within the day it will be shipped to the customer's home.

Is this the new wave? Will we all just be shopping while out on our daily commute? I personally think it's pretty nifty and for those of us that have to be constantly on the go this could be really useful!
That is indeed nifty. o__o I'd totally take advantage of that. It's so convenient!
what about us who are too poor to afford a smartphone? D: *feels left out*

naw it is a cool concept though! Technology is replacing everything. On the downside I wonder how it would affect in-store sales down the road if this becomes somethign common/global? Businesses are hurting as it is and some dont' want to go to the internet and such (my mom's store being one of them) so yeah. I see pros and cons with it. : D But in general i think it's nifty!
The slow but steady take over of the Robots is here! To Arms! jk/jk Seriously though this is pretty cool.
I wonder how this would work in restaurant format. You can just order through taking a picture of the food and it sends it to the kitchen without the awkward waiter opening questions.
I'm personally indifferent.

Sometimes, shopping online can be a good thing for your wallet, such as places like Newegg for computer parts. Others, it can be a burden. Do you really want to wait 4 days for shipping for that Tux you need for the wedding tomorrow night?

Online shopping will never replace the real thing, but there are certain pros and cons to consider for each.