Sub and Dom

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  1. So I'm looking to try out something involving submission and dominance. I would like to be the submissive one and for there to be a plot of some kind and I'm open to discussing what kind of genre as well. If its just for sex then I don't want to do it because it gets boring quickly, I like for there to be a story.
  2. Hrmm... I have two questions.
    One: Are we talking hard core BDSM or more of the sublime and romantic dom/sub?
    Two: What genre's do you usually like?
  3. Either or but if its hardcore there as to be lines not to cross. For genres it could be along the lines romance, or fantasy, or etc. Usually I just do modern with no specific genre.
  4. Hrmm... There are always specific no's in these kinds of role plays so that's not my worry.
    I ask for genres to try and think up a plot because right now I'm more or less in a pain med brain dead blegh.
  5. Ha I like the rhyme for that. Well... What genres would you like to stay away from?
  6. Well, there are none I hate. My preferred genre is medieval/historical/fantasy.
  7. Oh I like medieval, that seems like an interesting twist for the subject. :)
  8. Alright my usual fall back for such themes in such genre is to do an arranged marriage type.
  9. Actually that sounds historically correct anyway so that works. :D Want me to start a new thread for it or just keep it on this one?
  10. You'd need to start a new thread. The mods can be iffy with rps in this specific section.
  11. Right, I always forget about that. How do we want to have the characters being arranged to each other?
  12. I'm not quite sure what you mean...
  13. You said that usually when to do that genre that it involves an arrangement, so I didn't know how that arrangement would come about. Like by the parents, or being sold, etc.
  14. Ah! Now I understand. Okay... Well being sold usually constitutes a bit more of a "rapey" relationship which I'm not that fond of. Reluctance is fine I'm just not one for rape. So if it was set up by her parents then that would be quite fine.
  15. Huzzah, alright I must ask. What are no goes as far as limits?
  16. Hm... For this one I don't think I really have any... If I think of one I'll let you know.