Style Color Requests and a POLL on Base Colors

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Would you over look people's occasionally clashing Font Colors in their POSTS in order to have more

  1. YES! I really want more style options that aren't just [color] on black!

  2. I don't really care.

  3. Banana slugs are a balance part of daily excerise!


    Iwaku's default styles use a BLACK background in the post area, because we make heavy use of font colors in our posts. We want to make sure everything is readable for everyone. So we've never diversified out style choices outside of a single Light & Rainbow style.

    THE QUESTION: Would YOU [personally] look past the occasional font-color issues in people's posts in order to have a larger variety of Styles, that have different shades and tones EVERYWHERE?

    I am currently working on tweaking our styles to make it easier for me to do a site-wide style update. Thus, allowing me to add lots of new styles without it taking 50 years to update all the graphics. If I can accomplish that, I could start adding tooooons of color options.

    If we DO start added a huge variety of style choices, we want to add people's personal requests first. :D So go ahead and put in requests.

    ---> I need HEX CODES not just vague suggestions like "blue" or "purple". There's a billion different shades of all the colors, so HEX codes gives me something specific to work with. :D If you want to find color combinations that look amazing together, I highly recommend browsing through!

    ---> Colors need to look good on top of BLACK. Iwaku's default styles are designed with black BG in the post areas, because members make heavy use of Font Colors, and if we used white/light BG colors you won't be able to read their text. (That's why we only have 1 Light style and Rainbow Barf.)
  2. When I don't want a BLACK background, I use the BG tag...

    And the LIGHT theme is pretty, but you would have to use DARK colors on it. And most of the colors that I use on the BLACK background aren't readable.

    I suddenly feel bad for all the people using the LIGHT theme and trying to read my posts =.=

    I like the idea of color, but I also like the black background of Iwaku because the colors look a lot better on black. :P

    And I didn't poll-option because there isn't any option for "I like the Black and Colors combo better than new styles"

  3. Well, we'd KEEP all the black styles, obviously. XD So you wouldn't have to change styles if you preferred them.

    This is just asking if people want additional options!
  4. OH.
    Okay, you scared me for a bit, Dananachan! D:

    In that, additional styles might be fun! :o

    But, if you keep the black style and add additional styles, how are you going to account for the font color changes? Some color options that look best on black will turn out unreadable on lighter styles D:
  5. I choose bananas~ But actually, I don't see a need for themes with other background colors~ As you said, black is ideal since most of us use a different font color from time to time.

    Also, black is the background that's the easiest on the eyes~ I wouldn't want to have the background any other way ^^ But I'm all for new themes with black backgrounds!

    Just my 2 cents XD
  6. Well, Sakuchan, that is exactly why I am asking. XD If there is a high demand of people who don't care if people's post-colors look bad on their styles and they're willing to deal with it for the sake of having some more colorful style options.

    If there's NOT, I can forget all about it and just continue adding [color] on Black styles!
  7. All of the other sites I visit are of a light color theme, and when I am browsing at night, the black-based themes are nice and all, but it burns my eyes to swap between here, and my other typical hangouts. I also am not a huge fan of the 'Light' theme, as I feel that it encompasses far too many colors.

    I would light to see a light monochrome, or #FFFFFF + #979696 + #D7A4FF (white, gray & lavender) or a similar sort of thing, lavender can be replaced with a light pink (#C7C1EE) or green (#D3EEC1) or a light blue, even (#5BD2E6). Even just a gray background (#979696 or #666666) would help immensely!

  8. I don't see a need for it and I like using pretty font colors.
    I don't want to have to deal with people whining or missing my post because it blended into the background. >>;
  9. Personally, I am fine with what we have now. If we add more than great!

    As a request, add ALL the colors you can. No point in going halfway here. ;)
  10. I'd actually like something without a black background but keep a black background on the forum part? Like for the graphics part, maybe a colorful background for it...? So like, the backdrop for posting would still be black. But the jpg/png/whatever you decided to be in the ultimate background, behind all the forum stuff, that'd be nice. It took a bit to readjust to having everything black since I got used to white from other sites. XD

    I'd also really like neon colors >.> <.<
  11. So, I'm still the only person on the forums who finds it minimally easier to read dark on light greyish background than the forum default here. Also I hear all the accessibility gurus say that dark on off-white backgrounds are the easiest to read.

    While I know I'll probably get overruled and there won't really be much change in lighter backgrounds (see: people using different font colors in their posts), I am willing to suggest HEX codes for styles if necessary.

    Oh - answer to your question - I would look past the user's post being a weird color on a weird background as long as the textboxes are set up right! The problem with using Light or Rainbow is that the textbox colors are often black on black because the settings are wrong. I'd like to be able to see what I can type!