Stupidest Piece of Merchandise You've Bought

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  1. Look. We were all kids once, and kids... let's say that kids aren't the brightest when it comes to being wise with their money. Especially where some kind of huge franchise is concerned. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon... doesn't matter. If it's a kids show, there's merchandise. Some of it is cool stuff, and some... some is not.

    So, what is the stupidest piece of merchandise that either you bought or you forced your parents to get for you?

    Me? Pokemon marbles and Yu-Gi-Oh magnets. They're just glass marbles with Pokemon decals on them and the magnets were square, with characters and card art on them. Not well done stuff either, just the promo art and some generic swirly background. They were stuck on my lamp and then I never noticed them again or was too ashamed to look at them. At least I played with the marbles, as much as I could play with glass beads when I was too lazy to learn marbles games and there was nobody around to play marbles with, because life is not a Peanuts comic.

    Yeah... I'm starting this off well.
  2. I used to collect those marbles! At the trading card group I attended, we'd play marbles instead of the card game, sometimes. We'd even trade marbles... Those were the days. *remembers fondly*

    I can't think of much that I bought and regretted buying. While I did dumb stuff, I was fairly smart about purchases when it came to toys and collectibles. I wouldn't dare spend a dime on something I was even a little skeptical about. Something that my Mom drilled right into my brain. x__x

    However! I was stupid about one thing!

    I used to be a big time Beanie Baby collector. Any one I could get my hands on, I'd take, just to make my collection grow. There was a particular one I wanted... I forget what it was exactly, but I spent a lot of money on it. Even today, I wish I hadn't. I even wish I never collected them; they're just collecting dust. And that was so much allowance money I could have saved instead of spent on my obsession. >__>; Valuable as some of them are, you still sell them for only, like. $3 a piece. It's fucked, yo. I'll probably be stuck donating them to a charity or a PD.
  4. Mine always came down to dogs vs. cats. I never had any dinosaur Beanie Babies.

    Dogs always won because there was that Alaskan Huskie/Sled dog one that was badass looking.
  5. The only one that I had always win was the bad ass looking dragon from the Chinese Zodiac set. :D
  6. Pogs. And I don't mean Porgs, I mean actual pogs. Sure, they were great for the ten seconds they were in vogue, but they were worthless a week after I got them.
  7. Yes! I remember those stupid things...I just found a bunch I had when they were the big fad. lololol
  8. I missed out on Pogs, either too young or they never made it to where I lived(we WERE pretty rural). On reading Wikipedia... kinda glad I did.

    Also, my elementary-school self is telling me to say screw you and your Beanie Baby Dragon. >[
  9. I never had the Pokemon marbles, but living in Libya a lot of the locals played with marbles, so naturally I bought myself a couple dozen of them...and throughout the course of three years managed to win nearly a thousand of them. I still have them. And yeah, we totally played for keeps, and since I was extremely competitive I hated losing, especially something that I paid for, so I got really good at marbles. It's a skill that I've never ever had to use since.

    edit: I guess I never said what the stupid merchandise I bought was. It would probably have to be some of the Power Rangers stuff. I had the Green Ranger's dagger thing, it made noise, which was kind of cool, and I also had the morphing thinger with the differences coins for each of the power rangers. I liked them so much that I never really played with them, thus defeating the point of actually buying them.
  10. A honda civic, back in the day. I was thinking of saving gas money cause I was driving a V-8 metal bodied car before that.

    I have never felt so unsafe and unmanly while driving in my life. Needless to say I sold it within 6 months, they have great resale value.
  11. That, uh... A Honda Civic isn't quite the child-franchise merchandise I had in mind with this thread, but... sure, I guess.
  12. Ahh, my bad. Read the thread description and took it literally instead of reading the actual thread ^//^

    Childhood stuff? I guess my action figures, G.I joes, ninja turtles, X-men etc etc. because I ended up burning them all during my fire 'stage' in my early teens. What a waste.
  13. There's a woman in South Carolina who has a nice, shiny piece of wood she probably has buyer's remorse for now... ;)

    As for me? Slap bracelets. Simple as that.
  14. Surprise poll for any future posters: Did you ever actually wear a slap bracelet or just keep taking it off and slapping it on your wrist?

    Because I know that I sure can't stop doing that.
  15. Yeah, I used to have a few of those. Whenever I was deep in thought or bored, I'd continuously slap it around my wrist. I'd find other places it could curl around, too. Made me feel silly, but it was darn fun.
  16. Stupidest merchandise I have ever brought was...
    About seven different packs of yu-gi-oh cards. >_> They were about three bucks a pack, and I had about twenty on me...
    I spent all my money on them. And then I got home, looked at them, and they were fake cards. <__< So, I can't trade them, nor I can resale them. So, they're sitting in my closet now...just...there. >__>

    And now, the poll question:
    Slap bracelets? Yes, I use to have a few of those.
    I think the longest I would actually keep them on my wrist without messing with them was like..
    Maybe for a minute? XD
    Those things were way too fun to not mess with. -__-;
    Though, I think after awhile, I would forget about it on my wrist.
    But, when I noticed it again, I would start playing with it for a long time again. <_< Eheh.
  17. I slapped my slap bracelets until they fell apart... D:

  18. I spent $25 on this tonight. Wine I won't even drink? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  19. ...The....The Last Airbender...on Blu-Ray

    Most entertainment I had with that movie involved a brick.
  20. Worse thing I bought as a kid... um... probably drum sticks from Disney World. I mean, I don't even have a drum. I just thought they were cool cuz they lit up. Pointless and unnecessary for the money I spent.