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    Welcome to the Wasteland!

    The bombs fell. The world burned. Humanity… survived. 227 years after the Great War, mankind, splintered by radiation, thrives in remote settlements across the post-nuclear landscape.

    Welcome to the Wasteland— where everything and its mother wants you dead.

    Be sure to click on all the links in the sidebar as you read through the Wasteland Survival Guide!

  • Navigating the Realm

    Roleplay realms are big— seemingly massive —but they can all be broken down into three sections. One main forum and two subforums.

    The Main Forum in Fallout: Requiem consists of:

    • All OOC information pertaining to the realm, roleplays, characters, sign ups and more, including the all-important sticky threads:

      The Wasteland Survival Guide
      An introduction and general overview of the Fallout: Requiem forum.

      Pocket Pip 7000
      Lore pertinent to character creation and general understanding of #canon lore.

      Character Creation
      The DM-approved character sheet, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. overview, and character sheet templates.

      The Wasteland Press
      A quarterly mock-journal publish wherein realm announcements, highlights, and roleplay sparkles will be on display.

      The Wasteland Workshop: Create a Settlement!
      A place to store player-created lore that is welcome to all. Eventually all submissions (with permission) will be integrated into PP7k the Pocket Pip 7000 and expanded upon.

      Lemmy's Vacation Destination Field Guide
      Extraneous but enriching lore, focusing on flora, fauna, beasts, and technology.

    The two subforums in Fallout: Requiem consist of:

    • All of the in-character roleplaying threads, be they gm-dependent, 1x1s, independently ran nation-builders, or anything in between.

      The #canon subforum focuses on rp's connected and built off (expanded) franchise lore

      The #fanon subforum has no IC continuity - any rp classified as apocalyptic is welcome

  • A Veritable Wasteland Awaits

    It's 2334 and the world is little more than a crisp husk of its former self. A beckoning, veritable wasteland waiting to be rediscovered and explored. Treasures hide beneath the rubble as often as disturbing revelations do, but welcome to the Wasteland- where everything and its mother wants you dead. Here, in the aftermath of total atomic annihilation, every choice has a consequence and every consequence a revelation. Fallout: Requiem is an open-world post-nuclear landscape where players and GMs weave together compelling character-driven narratives where plot beats, side quests, and unexpected encounters force the characters to make a choice and then live by those choices.

    The wasteland is open for cohabitation, be they 1x1 stories of love and loss or the heroic tales of a mix-matched gang, Fallout: Requiem is open for anyone who enjoys the apocalypse and stories of the end of times.

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    Fallout: Miami
    I Dreamed A Dream

  • Realm Guidelines and Expectations

    There's only a few things to keep in mind while enjoyin' your time here in the wasteland:

    • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
      Don't be a dick, help out where you can, and share the love.

    • Keep all OOC threads in the Main Forum.
      The two subforums (#canon and #fanon) are dedicated to in-character roleplaying only.

    • Fallout: Requiem is an autonomous sandbox roleplay.
      Fallout: Requiem is primarily a setting that roleplayers share and create stories within. It is ever growing and evolving, allowing players and gamemasters to create their own pace and their own stories however they wish. It's cultivated for slowpokes, truth be told, as it's DM (@rissa) has a molasses pace but an insatiable taste for the written word.

    • A GM's word is law. Peep Iwaku's thoughts on the matter here and here.
      A GMs word is law and should you not agree with their rulings, finding another roleplay with a GM better fit for your needs may be the answer.

    • Roleplays in #canon are focused on (expanded) franchise lore. Roleplays in #fanon are not.
      #canon lore is continuously growing as new and old players weave their stories across the wasteland and leave marks that future explorers may encounter. Fallout: Requiem tries to be as faithful to the franchise lore as possible, including all the wacky and weird potentialities we've seen in the games, so read the lore and experiment!

      Even if it doesn't end up fitting into #canon lore, the #fanon subforum provides the space for the whackiest and weirdest of creations - including roleplays that sit outside of Fallout's franchise and aesthetic. As long as it's an "end of the world" or "apocalyptic" idea, the roleplay has a home in the #fanon subforum.

    • While the setting is dark and depressive, you don't have to be!
      The setting is innately dark, violent, and oppressive. The themes herein are often those of the most extreme. Apathy. Survival. Violence. This is absolutely encouraged, but keep in mind that Fallout: Requiem does not have a Redstar or Bluestar Bedroom, meaning none of the threads within this realm should be focused on sexual content.

      As mentioned here, the rare sex scene (in spoilers) between people in the same age group is fine, so keep your spicy content to a minimum even in private 1x1s! If the need arises, contact @rissa or another mod for a thread re-homing ceremony.

      With that said, for anyone concerned about writing out violent and disturbing scenes, peep the banned roleplay content here. Iwaku, as well as the realm's DM, values the freedom of expression and that includes allowing heavy topics to be explored. The rule of thumb I'd like everyone to keep in mind is that 'explicit' scenes should be wrapped in spoilers. This chiefly refers to smut, but it could also apply to a particularly vivid and graphic scene. Use your best judgement and be open to altering content if necessary.

  • The Wasteland is a wild place...

    So let's organize it! Here's what those pretty little rectangles mean:

    - This thread is open for sign ups and new players

    - This thread is closed to new players and sign ups

    - This thread contains extraneous information, lore, or character details

    - This thread contains lore, be it realm provided, gm-dependent or player-created

    - This thread contains need-to-know information; GMs should use sparingly

    - This thread contains out-of-character chit chat

    - This is a roleplay thread with minimal sign up requirements - GM DEPENDENT

    - This thread contains 'data' like character sheets and bonus content

    - This thread contains roleplay connections, be it 1x1 or group plots

    - This thread contains information regarding an event taking place in the realm

    - This is a roleplay thread between two people

    - This is a roleplay thread with three or more people

    - This is a "jump-in and write!" roleplay thread - GM DEPENDENT

    - This thread contains additional content relating to an rp, IC or OOC

    - This thread contains a newsletter highlighting tidbits from across the realm


    Realms can be big and confusing at first, but the more you poke around the more familiar you'll become. It's important to remember that Fallout: Requiem caters to current and future GM's, as well as roleplayers who delight in the wasteland - so be sure to read through every thread, as players and GM's may use prefixes in ways outside of what's depicted here.

    Prefixes are colorful tags displayed before a thread's title.

    They can be chosen when creating a thread and afterwards, by selecting "edit thread" from the 'more options' menu above the very first post. More than one prefix can be applied as well! These prefixes show what a thread is for and you can easily filter through them by selecting a prefix within the main forum.

    The prefixes within Fallout: Requiem were chosen and curated to be multipurpose, due to the Realm limitation. Some are recognizable and some are completely new to the site! Some of the prefixes are quite interchangeable (Quest Marker, Expedition, and DLC) and some are meant to signify at-a-glance communication (Open, Closed, OOC, 1x1), so don't worry about choosing the "wrong" one! Choose what makes the most sense and have fun!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is there a word count/limit here?
      While this is GM-dependent at the end of the day, as long as you're giving something to reply to, I don't care how long or short your posts are! Quality over quantity everyday.

    • How do I figure out which threads are active and actively soliciting new players?
      Prefixes are the quickest way to figure out a threads status, as would asking around the Discord!

    • Can I roleplay in multiple #canon threads?
      Yep, just keep in mind the established continuity within #canon threads; the same character can't be in two roleplays that take place in the same season on opposite sides of the country or even north / south Florida.

    • If I have a lore submission (quest hub, faction, etc.) where do I put it when I'm done?
      To "submit" lore to the realm you can make a thread, prefix it appropriately, and link it in the Workshop. You can also post right in the workshop if that's more to your taste as well!

  • Irradiating Admiration

    At the core of this realm is the Fallout franchise, the nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland we've all come to know and love. Whether your here due to the games, Amazon's new Fallout series, or just because you appreciate the apocalyptic aesthetic-- Welcome and enjoy your stay.

    A special thanks to the three who convinced me to try for WARP again and cheered when I won.
    @Kuno @Nemopedia @firejay1

    And a special shout out to the core group who've stuck by the realm since the beginning: @littlekreen @PolyesterH @Lulunopia @latitha @Lyrikai I may be slow and easily distracted, but as long as you want to write stories in the wasteland, both the realm and I will be here, chuggin' along at a glacial pace, almost wishin' for a nuclear winter.

    Additionally, while I try linking to direct sources throughout the realm, I'm sure some might have leaked through the cracks. Most of my references and inspirations have come from the following:
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Fallout: Miami

- lore redux / additions / code edits + image repairs in requiem
- finish mojave opener + the graphics that go with it
- move bliss along a bit to reset momentum
- decide if i can join shovelhead


Age: 29
Height: 6'3"in / 191cm
Five Words: Loyal. Vengeful. Angry. Paranoid. Lucky.
Prior to Kidnapping:


Strength: ■■
Dexterity: ■■■
Stamina: ■■■
Charisma: ■
Manipulation: ■■
Composure: ■■
Intelligence: ■■
Wits: ■■■
Resolve: ■■■■

Health: [ ■■■■■■ ] - ( [X] indicates Aggravated Damage, [/] indicates Superficial Damage)
Willpower: [ ■■■■■■ ] ( [X] indicates Aggravated Damage, [/] indicates Superficial Damage)
Humanity: ■
Hunger: ■


[Athletics] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Brawl][Specialisation]: ■■
[Craft] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Drive] [Specialisation]: ■
[Larceny] [Specialisation]: ■
[Melee] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Survival] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Animal Ken]:
[Insight] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Intimidation] [Specialisation]: ■
[Streetwise] [Specialisation]: ■
[Academics] [Specialisation]: ■
[Awareness] [Specialisation]: ■■■
[Investigation] [Specialisation]: ■■
[Medicine] [Specialisation]: ■
[Science] [Specialisation]: ■

[Discipline]: ■
[Discipline Description]
[Merit]: ■
[Flaw]: ■
[Merit]: Lifelike ■ Has a heartbeat, can eat food, and enjoy sexual activities. Most medical checks reveal nothing, as long as it's during the night.
[Flaw]: Twilight Presence ■ Mortals don't want to be around them and even other Kindred find them more unpleasant than other thin-bloods. Lose one die from Social pools involving others except for other thin-bloods who can adjust to their strange demeanor.

  • [Sample]
Chronicle Goal:
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Launch Pack (DLC)

Everyone makes their own way in the wastes... Which is yours?

While executing launch pack codes, choose which option suits your needs the best.

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@username @username
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@username @username

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There's only one thing you want and it's that gyatt dang lore.

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@username @username
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    Character Bank


  • 1 2 3 4

    Hedi Misriah +

    Martian Civilian, Misriah Armory Heiress

    Species: Human

    Bio: Neither the eldest nor the youngest, Hedi Misriah has spent much of her life in some range or facility, learning the ins and outs of her ancestral business. She didn't wish to join the warfront like her older brother nor join any clandestine organizations like her sisters. Instead, Hedi worked. Mostly at the range, perfecting her aim, quick draw, assembly and maintenance— but also in the labs and factories, watching the process from conception to development to field testing to deployment. It gave her confidence she wasn't aware she was lacking and the determination to reach for what she wanted. And what she wants is her own fortune, her own dream— one of saving humanity with Misriah armaments developed by her at the helm. With her drive, intelligence, and deep pockets she fast tracked her way to a doctorates in mechanical engineering by the age of twenty five and was bestowed a hefty inheritance, the majority of which is now gone thanks to the procurement of goods for the NAI and her future endeavors. By no means is the heiress hurting, however.

    "You get amazing sensations from guns. You get results from guns. Man is an aggressive animal; you have to have a good offense and a good defense. Too many citizens think they are helpless. They leave everything to the authorities and this causes corruption. Responsibility should go back where it belongs. It is your life so take control and feel vital. There may be some accidents along the path to self-expression and self-determination. Some harmless people will be hurt. However, G-U-N spells pride to the strong, safety to the weak and hope to the hopeless. Guns make wrong right fast." — Jenny Holzer

    Skills: Incredibly driven - Stubborn - Resourceful - Idealistic - Haughty

    • (4) Body guards sporting new and customized M52B body armor and CH252 helmets
    • (2) scientists, (4) machinists, (2) gunsmiths, (4) assistants
    • Personal Micro AI Assistant named Delilah - functional in her laptop and data pad
    • Foodstuff, medical supplies, and general goods enough for 1 year for her retinues consumption
    • Enough raw material and equipment to begin constructing a Misriah facility immediately
    • (2) D81-LRT Condor's in which the majority of her trade supplies are being carried - (1) has been outfitted with armaments for the journey to the Outer Colonies, (2) EV-44 Nightingales
    • Personal armory consisting of (2) M20 submachine guns, (4) M45 Shotguns, (12) M6H2 magnums, (2) M3063s, (2) SRS99D-S2 AM sniper rifles - (1) of which is being used a prototype for a new weapon.
    • (2) M12 Warthogs

    wipwipwipwip // we collabin it ic

    • x(2) Mark 2551 Onagers
    • x(800) M45 shotguns
    • x(800) MA40 assault rifles

    ~3m cR (1.5m worth of physical goods; guns, armor, luxury food items, etc.) reserved for further bartering with the NAI and related factions

    Currency: ~2.5m cR

    Personal Items: Hedi brought along quite a few items, some useful and some merely ornamental. She's fond of jewelry and has brought her favorites tucked safely away in a modified Misriah munitions box built under the specification to be unlocked with her biometrics. Additionally, she's brought an entire shops worth of luxury clothing, as well as her mother's antique locket.

  • 1 2 3 4

    Enzo +
    Banished Bloodstar

    Species: Human

    Sub-Species: Spartan IV

    Bio: A disillusioned and defected SPARTAN-IV, Enzo has seen much of nothing outside of combat since going active in 2553. There's nothing he wants more, either— content to continue the will of Atriox, enacting his own free will upon the galaxy. The blood he spills and the treasures he plunders do little to satisfy the swirling emptiness inside of him, true— but it comes close. Petty vengeance and species hatred was cast aside when he pledged his allegiance to the Banished, truly believing it serves no reward to hate what could be useful. He doesn't understand the hesitancy and distaste in humanity's perception of the Banished; if they joined them their survival would be ensured for generations— with fiercer, more pragmatic progenies likely to come about. He offers everyone a chance, too bad most of humanity were just sentimental fools.

    Skills: Intuitive - Marksman - Dexterous // Detached - Hedonistic - Arrogant

    Equipment: With all the combat Enzo sees his armor is nearing shabby quality. He's due for repairs soon.
    • Viper-class [GEN3] Mark VII MJOLNIR | Customized with Banished Champion armor and AI
      Champion pauldrons, helmet* -- The entire suit is a spoil of war, having donated his [GEN2] to [NAME] to study

      Attachments: Grappleshot, Upgraded Thrusters (Thermal Control)

      Smart AI: Asper was created using a Jiralhanae donor almost a year ago now and he's never been better. Never more accurate nor fierce. Her voice, as rough as it is protective, guides him through combat with predatorial grace. Though he managed just fine all these years without her or any kind of AI, he likes the addition of power, sardonic quips, and her providence-bearing snarls. While he never met the female donor who gave way to Asper, Enzo's come to realize she meant a great deal to [NAME]. He doesn't bring it up, but there's a small sense of grief shared between them, one that rouses him to protect the old Jiralhanae scientist, if only because he keeps his gear up-to-date.

      *While he prefers the immediate recognition the Champion helmet gives him (see: the fear it instills), the Viper-class has perks he can't deny. He's tasked [NAME] with replicating and redesigning Vestol Corporation's power pack and neural interface from the spare helmet he retrieved so it'll be compatible with both Champion armor and Asper. While he thinks such an endeavor will be a boon to Banished forces, keeping ahead of the curve is ultimately his goal.

    • (1) Health Pack
    • (1) Riven Mangler
    • (1) BR55 battle rifle
    • (2) 10mg ampoules of Morphine
    • (2) Kukri, (2) Jiralhanae combat knife

    Currency: A handful of spoils worth trading if desperate enough for repairs. Typically, Enzo only tolerates the likes of [NAME], the scientist who developed his new Banished-aligned AI.

    Personal Items: An old pocket watch affixed to a heavy chain - its glass shattered and decidedly broken. Yet, stuffed inside is a tiny folded up picture of his beloved older sister.

  • 1 2 3 4

    Cassady J. Pruitt +

    Weapons Officer aboard Fortitude's Mile

    Species: Human

    Bio: Cassady feels a bit guilty, in truth, when she looks at the not-so-hidden grief on Lt. Bascom's face. She ought to feel it— the pain of knowing her parents were dead. They'd been old when she left for college at fourteen and even older when she boarded Fortitude's Mile. She was an only child, as both her parents had been, and she had no one to return to. It should make her feel sad, lonely perhaps, but truthfully— the idea of learning and experiencing something new excites her more than the guilt that weighs her down. Cassady has hyperthymestic syndrome (HSAM)— a condition that forces her to remember an abnormally large number of her life experiences in stark and vivid detail. She remembers almost every day of her life since her tenth birthday. It was a Friday— bring your kid to work day —and she's been cataloguing since. This, coupled with her high intelligence, led to a full scholarship and UNSC enlistment shortly thereafter. While she may not have anyone to return to, Cassady can't help but think those aboard Fortitude's Mile are worth stickin' around for.

    Skills: Methodical - Fleet footed - Multitasker // High strung - Emotional - Obsessive

    Equipment: Personal laptop, work data pad, M6B magnum, a hidden box of chocolate.

    Currency: 570 cR

    Personal Items: A bumblebee ring, which was given to her on her sixteenth birthday. Her mother had a matching one. Nowadays, it rests on a long thin chain around her neck.

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