Student Loans? Fleeting Future? Why Not Join The Military?

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  1. My "Dad" was droning on again about how I couldn't make such rash decisions and that there would be consequences for my actions and that to get through life I needed to always look towards the future, his usual load of bull shit.

    I hated being adopted, my older brother and sister make me feel like I'm a guest and not really apart of the family. Yet I have done more for the family than they ever did. Assholes.

    I was staring out the window at a couple kids playing Poll Ball. Why couldn't I be like them? Have friends, a family, a life and the ability to obtain happiness.

    "Listen to me Patricia." My Dad stepped in front of me. "Why do you nev-"

    "Fuck you!" I pushed him and I ran out of there tears flying down my face. I didn't even remember what he was saying or why, I was just tired of his shit. Cursing up and down the block I ran to the left not caring where I would end up.

    I ran for about two minutes till I had to stop because my asthma was kicking in. I then walked down the street. I stopped at a bench and sat down in it crying. I just hated my life, I wasn't doing anything or going anywhere. It was then I made that stupid mistake of looking up and seeing the Army Recruitment Office.

    I was only seventeen but I could still sign up early and get there on my eighteenth birthday. Shit, better than being kicked out of my parents house and living on the streets once I'm eighteen. I went up and signed up. I got to start as a PFC because I signed up early. Woo-fucking-hoo.

    Biggest mistake of my fucking life.


    Here I was, eighteen and at the edge of the knife. Basic training. First fucking day already the Staff Sergeants had made us do intese shit. We show up and sign in and then run two fucking miles. I barely made it with my asthma. But little did I know, more bull shit was on my way.

    After the run we come back and do exercises. Then the sergeants start giving a seminar on how shitty our lives will be here. Isn't that just morale boosting?

    He was going on with his "speech". I leaned back in my chair and spoke the person next to me. "I wish I wasn't here, how about you?"


    So, quick overview. Far future, humans have been all over space. You sign up for the planetary fighting forces or for short "ARMY". You are the Kobalt Alliance fighting against the corrupt Oswald Territory. This will be very open and everyone will be very much welcome to play as long as your character and ideas are original and make sense! ( Not saying you can't make references to The Lost Fleet, BSG, Star Trek or Star Ship Troopers. )
  2. Areiz nodded, pushing a strand of short black hair behind her ear. "I only came because my dad threatened me." she whispered, her voice naturally harsh like a waterfall, but serene like a soft breeze. Her light, icy blue eyes darted between Patricia and the Staff Sergeant. "That and the fact I have nothing else in my future."
  3. "That sucks. I'm only fucking here because I was stupid enough to sign up as a minor." I blew out a burst of air and turned my violet eyes back to her. "It's going to suck ass." The drill sergeant made a joke that made almost everyone laugh. "So are you fucking retarded like the usual group here or do you actually have a head about you?" I moved a tangle of my brown hair back. Soon we would be given the option to shave our heads or wear our hair in a tie soon. I had heard you get some stupid bonus for shaving your head.
  4. "Well, we all make mistakes." she smiled a little. "And I'm pretty sure I have enough head not to do half of what they do." She said, referring to the other idiots in the group who were sticking on every word the Sergeant said.
  5. "Well thats always good." I spit off towards the side. "God I would do anything for a fucking cigarette right now." As I was speaking it appeared the Drill Sergeant had finished with his load of bull shit and another man stepped up to the podium.

    He spoke and he sounded at least semi intelligent, much more than most people here. "Alright. So welcome to basic training, the place where we prepare you for the military by putting you through some terrible shit. I am Sergeant Place. And yes I was Private Place at one point." That brought a lot of laughs from the crowd. I would remember this guys name, he seemed half decent enough. "So the first thing we are going to do to kick it off is have you pick a battle buddy. And for the first two days here you and your battle buddy are going to go around and play a scavenger hunt. Beware there might be certain things you have to do for this scavenger hunt and everyone here is playing it. You have to get all of the little slips of paper in any means possible back to anyone of the drill sergeants and then you win! And there will be a special prize for winning. The Scavenger hunt will begin now but don't leave just quite yet. The first hint is 'You have done this in plenty of vid-games, mainly in the tutorial. Dirt.' Alright. Once you choose your battle buddy, go up to a drill sergeant and record who your battle buddy is and then you can start!"

    I turned to look at Areiz. "Wanna be my battle buddy?" I didn't really see anyone else that would have been suitable. She was intelligent and friendly enough.
  6. Areiz shrugged. "Sure." She stood up glancing around at everyone moving around and talking. I think we've got a good chance, compared to these people. She thought to herself as she turned to face her partner. "So, you wanna record us up there?" She asked.