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  1. Plot/intro

    Everyone has that one science obsessed, geeky friend, right? Well congratulations Jordan Rowlings is that one friend, and had been since we were all kids. Well one day Jordan invites us and four other people over to show off his new invention, a time traveling device. After someone the group, not naming anyone...yet, convinces Jordan to take it out for a test run, we all end up waking up in a strange environment to see a group of Brachiosaurus's eating from the surrounding trees around our group and low and behold the device is broken....yay... Now we all must learn to survive in the dinosaur era long enough for Jordan to fix the device, that is, if he can.

    1) Romances are allowed just don't make it overly mushy
    2) Keep in mind that we're all normal teenagers, no powers, no weapons, and no O.P bullshit. The only weapon i'm allowing is a pocket knife that your character can be carrying from before the time travel.
    3) We're surrounded by human killing machines, keep in mind that your character can die since we dont have medical supplies or medicine.
    4) dont be a bitch to anyone
    5)have fun and try not be to eaten ^-^

    Appearance (by picture)
    Extra details:

    Group members
    1) Jordan
    2) Ash
    3) Jack
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  2. Interested. Gimme a small bit and my CS will be up.
  3. Appearance

    Jack Diamond



    As everyone has that nerdy friend, everyone also has that one rich friend. That's Jack. He's calm, calculating, and strategic, usually. Of course, that is without the threat of dinosaurs ready to eat him at any second.

    He's rich. Or was, before money hadn't been invented for, like, trillions of years or so.
  4. Appected and you're a co-gm cx
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  5. Yay! And before anybody asks, yes. Byakuya Togami. Behold his esteemed glory!
  6. I will also put one up...soon.
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  7. I'm still up for it.
  8. Yay cx that means we have Jordan, lexie, and jack so we need three other people then we xan start haha
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Ash Wheeler
    Age: 17
    -laid back
    -Bitchy when she doesn't have food
    Ash comes from a hard life. Her mother is a drug addict, and her father died when she was 6. Being the oldest she is in charge of taking care of her little sister, Katana, who's 11 this year, and has to pay the bills for the house. Because of her situation she can be found at her work or at school making it hard for her to hang out with the group sometimes. Though when given the chance she is overly excited to hang out with everyone and tries to make the most of it.
    -soon to be in a custody battle for her sister
    -loves cookies

    my new character lol
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