Stuck For Better Or Worse (Definitely Worse) (RP W/ Arcadium and Lissamel)

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  1. "U-uh? Rick?" Morty looked into the endless expanse of the deformed land. He'd been in stranger places, but a pang of nervousness hit him from being alone. He peered around him, no sign of Rick or the ship anywhere, "Rick?" He called again, "Come on, Rick! You-you could have j-just left me in the ship! Wh-where's the ship?" Morty couldn't recall what he and Rick would have come here for, likely some inter-dimensional errand of Rick's or something (errand was an understatement for what they usually got into, though).

    "Oh geez..." he mumbled, finally taking a step forward. They'd find each other again sometime, and then they'd continue this adventure of theirs and hopefully nothing too messed up would happen and he could go home. The quiet was discomforting, "Uhm... anyone? Out there? A-at all? In this... really weird place that for some reason doesn't really bring any really specific descriptive adjectives to it. Huh." It wasn't much better being surrounded by tons of alien species you could barely begin to identify, but it was a little preferable to being completely alone. Maybe. As with most things, Morty was unsure.


    Pearl blinked. Where... was she? She tried her hardest to recall how she could have possibly gotten to such an... abstract land. A mission gone a little off-track. A warp pad to an obscure place. She searched through her mind to connect how she got here. She was at the temple, with Steven, Garnet, Amethyst... and then she was here. There was no connection from how she got from there to here and it made no sense! "Just what is this place?!" Pearl made her frustration with where she was clear, "There's no sense to it! Everything is so... out of order. I hate to admit it, but even Amethyst's room has some sort of... function to it. This... ugh." she moved her hand over her face. Now, calm down Pearl. Keep your composure. What would Steven think if he saw you like this? ... Steven...

    "Steven!" She cried out, "Oh no, oh no... It was bad enough when I had to regenerate for two weeks, but if I don't find my way back soon then..." Already Pearl was halograming images of the temple in disarray, Steven distressed by her absence. General chaos. But what was there too do? Just... walk and hope for the best? To where? To what? She needed Garnet. Amethyst. Steven. Anyone... well, not just anyone. Anyone non-threatening. An iota of intelligence preferred.


    "What the fuck is this place?" The assassin looked around him. Seriously, what the fuck was this? Some pretentious-as-shit art student's project? He couldn't even begin to describe this place! ... Seriously, no descriptive adjectives came to mind. Huh, "I know Suda can be pretty abstract, but this takes the fuckin' cake. Is this the third game? One hell of a way to start it from how we last ended it. What the fuck." Travis rubbed the back of his neck. So... what was he supposed to do here...? There weren't any enemies to kill, nor any obvious objectives. He was at point A, so where the fuck was point B? Shit, did he phase through the world? Programmers needed to get their goddamn shit together-- stop rushing games! Did Sonic 06 teach them nothing? ... The fact that Sonic Boom existed said more than enough, actually.

    ... Might as well get moving. Maybe he'd find something in seriously-what-the-fuck-is-this-mindfuck land. One hand had his thumb shoved in the pocket of his ripped jeans, the other idly by his side, ready to grab his beam katana if needed.

    His clothes looked like a film reel; more specifically, one that was burning. WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES slowly became burned away, and as the burn marks spread, the film-reel sort of look burned away also and more familiar reds and blues came into sight. His television head flickered back on, the color test bars that made up his sort of 'mouth' starting as a flat line but then moving down into a slight frown as he pushed himself up. He groaned. "...Gracious..." He murmured, then looked up with a start. He quickly turned his head back and forth.

    The television-headed monster had never been in this sort of place before.

    It was dark, deformed. Reminded him of misshapen modeling clay. He couldn't see any trees (always disconcerting), and while he trusted the darkness--Without the presence of trees, he couldn't help feel a bit of worry. Maybe this was Ignorance. He had heard of Ignorance--Though had never been there, as while you become eternally content in there, you go completely blind. But this couldn't be Ignorance, he didn't feel a bit happier...

    "Hero, are you quite alright? I'm dreadfully sorry, seems I cannot recall how we--" But Hero, the young girl who he was...Erm, guiding, was nowhere to be found. "Hero?" The monster, known as RGB, got to his feet, taking his cane off the ground and making sure his hat was in place. "Hero!?" She wasn't answering, she was nowhere to be seen--Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Wringing his cane in his hands, RGB began hurriedly walking along, looking back and forth in all eagerness to find Hero once again. He couldn't leave her behind. Not after they'd gotten so far together.

    "Aaaaaall right, Squigs, let's start this b'fore 'ya can say it's showtime!"

    The eyes attached to her mechanical arms twitched around as she continued her ever-bouncy walk, her grin as wide as it always was, showing off her metal bear trap of teeth. She'd fight with Squigly, as they had promised, and be back in time for some reruns and cereal. All in all, a fulfilling day for the Anti-Skullgirl machine. Maybe tomorrow she could tackle Beowulf--Or Robo-Fortune! So that's whatever happened to Robot Jones, he became a catgirl! Hah, wouldn't that be somethin'? Aw, maybe she could tackle the fuzz again, or that nurse...She'd have to spin a wheel or somethin' just to pick!

    Speaking of wheels, the ones in her head were turning. Her mechanical eyes swiveled up, then down, left, right. This...Was not where she and Squigly promised to fight. This wasn't like any place she had ever seen before, actually. Abstract. Dark. A touch damp. Not that it wouldn't make a great battlefield, it would, but it wasn't where they'd set to meet. She paused, sharp-toothed grin turning into a frown, and summoned a map from behind her back. The map had a trail of red dashes on it, which supposedly were supposed to mark her position, but they went all haywire somewhere in the middle. "I knew I should'a taken 'dat left turn at Albuquerque!" Peacock said to herself with a laugh, tossing the map haphazardly behind her back. She wouldn't say she was scared of being in such a weird looking place, more...Intrigued.

    Peacock took out a big cigar and lit it, biting it between her teeth. "Let's see if there's any other suckers 'round this joint--Looks all cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs t'me." She couldn't help but laugh to herself, continuing her jaunty walk, her mechanical eyes keeping a close lookout for anyone to chat with...Or anyone to fight.
    Did he ever wake up?

    He couldn't remember waking up. He just remembered being here.

    It was like that when he entered the Unknown, too. He didn't remember ever arriving in the Unknown; he just remembered arriving there. Was this the Unknown? It certainly had the same darkness that it had, the ever-looming vague qualities the Unknown possessed within. Yet it had none of the light. There were no houses. There were no pumpkins. There were no paintings, or bells, or frogs, or boats, or...Bluebirds. There was only nothingness. Only the grim, daunting feeling of the nothingness beyond. Perhaps, the teenage boy wondered briefly, perhaps this is the place beyond the Unknown. Perhaps he had traveled so deep this time that there were no Edelwood Trees and no lanterns and no beasts. Perhaps here, there was only nothingness. The absence of light, the absence of hopes and trusts and dreams, the absence of life.

    The absence of his brother, Greg. He was alone.

    Wirt, as so he was named, was walking alone. He was dressed again in that Halloween costume of his--Was it a costume? Or was it a garment symbolizing his growth, his moving beyond his fears, of facing the Unknown and making it out just slightly worse for wear? Either way, he wore it. His mind was full of too many questions and the sudden sneaking somber thought or two, his stomach just slightly on the empty side, and his soul wishing he had Greg with him in this second trip into the Unknown. He needed his idealism more then he wanted to admit.

    He only stopped when he heard the angry murmurs of a masculine voice. He couldn't hear the words, only the sound of the voice itself, carried in the scant wind the horrible bleak landscape carried with it. Hope. Or so Wirt chose to interpret it as. He was trying to be less cynical, after all. So he redirected his footsteps towards the noise, pulling his cloak tighter around him, hoping that it was a native. A helpful native. One that could point Wirt to a phone, to a way to wake up from this everlasting depressing dream.​
  3. "...What."

    A pair of eyes on a young kid opened from slumber, with the first expression on his face being of a confounded sort. He lifted himself up, looking around in dumbfounded curiosity. It took him only seconds to realize he wasn't resting in bed anymore, and lost in some.. warped area. Just completely devoid of any life, and yet seems like it would contain life within it. Dark, with just a hint of light in between. Just to add to the oddities, once again, everything looked warped Just.. completely off. "What." The young boy, named Maxwell-- Max for short-- got up on his feet slowly, face still looking up at the scenery and clearly aghast with shock at his new destination. Was the Ghost Train nearby? That had to be the only reason for why everything looks bent out of shape.. No, it couldn't be; not after what happened..

    He had absolutely no idea where he was. No one probably even knows. Not his father, not his little sister Zoey, not his friends at school.. And not the members at the Activity Club. Well, they counted as friends at school as well, but they were more like.. colleagues? Partners? The point was, he was gonzo beans from Mayview, with no shipment date to here to speak of.

    Max straightened his blue cap, looking down at himself-- he still had his 'Innocent Children' hoodie on, basic necessities and all, and looking down, he could see his bag a few feet away from him, still full of metal junk and holding his aluminum bat. Picking it up with the same overblown face of surprise, he stared dead straight ahead of him. Alone. No voices but vague, transcendental murmurs of whoever-- or whatever-- lurked around here. And with no warning, as his visage finally shifted from blank to stunned once more, he raised his hands up and bellowed, with much more emotion this time:



    "Ridiculous! Completely, utterly, absolutely, wholly ridiculous!" Peridot fulminated to herself, stomping in one direction through the nondescript world. She was on her way to finally leaving Earth, ditching that miserable, good-for-nothing planet, and going back to Homeworld for good, forgetting all that occurred there and just getting back on track after being dragged so far from her goal!

    But, no. One little slip, that's all it took. Taking a shortcut, a simple warp pad, to find that small, pudgy human-- Steven, was he called?-- has led her into even more ruin than she planned, let alone wanted on her plate. Thrown into yet another area she had no semblance of a clue about, with no other choice but to trudge her way out through her own means. Just what she needed.

    "Where have I been dropped into this time?! I was led to believe that the warp pad would lead me to their whereabouts.. To him." She waved her arms around in a futile attempt to vent her frustration, her floating fingers flying fervently open each time she brought them apart. "Not.. wherever here is! When I stated that I wanted to leave, I meant to the Steven's house, you shoddy, defective--" She stopped herself, taking a deep breath and exhaling roughly through her nose. "..Fine. Fine, fine, fine. Looks like I'll have to get back. Twice over. But, this shouldn't be too monumental of a task.. After all, there aren't any interruptions or obstacles, nor any sight of those crystal clods.." Peridot reassured herself, continuing to walk forward, hoping for a hint of an exit, or something similar to get herself out of there. With how easy it seems to get lost with how identical any vantage point here would look for "..And with that in mind, there'll be nothing to stop me from returning. Hopefully."


    "Well, this seems like a bit of a pickle."

    The towering doctor looked around curiously through his one cut out eye-hole of the paper bag over his head, walking rather nonchalantly for someone just arriving in a new, completely metaphysical area with no idea how he got there in the first place. He remembered simply hanging out around Illyria, that much was for sure-- just taking appointments for would-be patients as a.. rather unorthodox back-alley doctor. But, hey, if assisting the sick and the wounded in need is all he can think of to wash himself of the wrongdoings he's done in the past, he's all for it. But now.. It looks like he'll be unable to take care of them.

    The tall doctor, only known as just Faust, thought hard on how in the world he ended up here.. Accidental self-anesthetic? No, he's not that clumsy. A tap on the head knocking him unconscious? Now, who in the world would want to get the jump on him? Nope, there was just absolutely no conclusion he could reach here. And then, an idea formed in his head. Putting his medical kit down, he crouched down to undo the latch to open the top and pull out something: an extremely long, six-foot scalpel that has no business being in a box that small, and yet somehow fit inside as if it were bottomless. Bringing his body back with both hands on it, he jammed the tool into the ground, then climbed up the length like a pole, before standing tall on the base as if it were no trouble. "Hm.. No sight of civilization.. Of course, with how everything looks here, I shouldn't expect everything to just come to my peripheral vision." He brought one hand over his.. eye, as he inspected the place very carefully, seeing what he could surmise from it. Ah! That's it, of course..

    ..This place was nearly impossible to survey. Faust didn't exactly need to take a very keen look to get to that conclusion, but every piece of the puzzle counts. He simply hopped off of his giant scalpel and kicked it, dislodging it from the ground and sending it spinning in midair, nonchalantly pushing his kit under its landing point with his foot so it would safely fall in.. yet again, with no laws of physics being followed. He then brushed his suit off, closed his kit, and picked it up, continuing on with a skip in his step despite his lack of foresight on his surroundings. "Still, I can't just find my way back too soon. As they say, a half doctor near is better than a whole one further away.."
  4. Morty continued walking along, idly thinking of this and that. Mostly about where Rick could have been. It wasn't uncommon for his grandpa to leave him alone sometimes, especially in unfamiliar, alien planets unfortunately. But shouldn't Rick have found him by now? There were only so many minutes they had with each episode, 'I-it's an hour special, Morty! We-we gotta pad this sh-shit URP out Morty!' he could imagine him saying.


    Morty snapped out of his thoughts. There was someone else here. Could be friendly, could be... not so friendly. The multiverse was kind of a gamble like that (Morty tended to be more on the idealistic side of things anyways). He continued forwards, until- "Oof!" Morty collided with something in his path, and subsequently, he fell back. Morty looked up to see a rather particular figure with a T.V. for a head... Pretty tame compared to what he'd seen before, "Oh, uh-uh, sorry! Should have-should have really looked w-where I was going th-there. Sorry." Morty got himself up, "Are... Are y-you from around h-here...? Because I-I sort of, uh, lost my grandpa." At least Morty was sure that he had lost Rick, otherwise how else could he have gotten here? As he was saying this, he took steps backwards, only to get in the way of someone else, this time falling forwards on his face. He grunted, turning over to see another tall figure... this one with a bag over their head, "W-wow, uh, you guys really like th-things on y-your head. I-is that like a cultural thing?"



    Pearl perked her head up. She most definitely wasn't alone. Despite her earlier want for companionship, Pearl was unsure as to whether this was the sort she needed or wanted. Her unfamiliarity of the area gave her a significant disadvantage to any natives should they choose to be hostile. She had to be careful about this. She stepped towards where the voice came from, and came upon... a small human, that of whom looked to still be in the 'child' stage, although knowing how young Steven was surmised that they must have been an older child.

    She was put out of her element by the extreme change in landscape, but she attempted to keep a cool, calm facade... despite this, her apprehension still showed clearly, "Young... human, would you know what this place is, exactly? If not, might you guide me to your..." What was the word again? She knew from observation that younger humans had older humans to take care of them, much like how she and the gems were to Steven, "... caretakers?"

    Oh? In the distance she noticed someone else. Another human. This one dressed in rather particular clothes. She looked from one human to the other, her confusion only growing, "Oh, are you maybe... from here instead...? Or, are you a visitor here and they're the one from here...? Are both of you...?" Her figure drooped. Please just... no more abstractions brought on by this. Please.


    Someone was approaching. Travis tensed his stance, and now he was pulling out his beam katana. He activated it, just to show he meant business, he'd been caught with his pants down-- metaphorically and literally-- way too many times, and like hell he'd let it happen again... oh. He chuckled to himself, shaking his head as he retracted the beam katana and put it away. It was just a little girl... pretty odd looking little girl, though. She looked like she came out of some sort of old cartoon, he was reminded of classics like Astroboy, "Isn't it dangerous for a lil' girl to be out here all alone? Where are your parents? And smoking?" Travis tisked, "That's a really bad habit to pick up so young, your lungs are gonna be like tar when you're my age." He teased, in actuality not sounding the least bit concerned.

    Hearing someone else, he turned his head to see someone completely covered in green. For a second Travis wished Henry was here just so he could make a Saint Patrick's Day crack, "... So what are you supposed to be? One of those moe mecha girls?"
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  5. No, no no no, there was no sign of Hero anywhere! Did he lose another one? That...He hoped he didn't lose another one. Madras had warned him not to get attached, but...He did. The color test bar began dripping out of his 'mouth' in RGB's worry. Think about this rationally, RGB: If you left her behind, she's probably still in the market. The market was safe, you knew that better then anyone. Therefore, she was safe, and there really was nothing to be worrying about...


    The television-headed monster stumbled back from the impact, putting his cane down sharply to remain on balance. He really needed to begin paying attention, he wasn't sure if there weren't monsters in this strange land...Monsters more akin to Fears or Greifs then himself. And he was in no condition to be battling Fears. RGB looked down, his 'mouth' moving into a sort of lopsided frown and the dripping beginning to subside. It was a boy, older then Hero but still a child. Shorter then he was, wearing yellow. Hmm. He listened to the boy's questions intently, and was preparing himself to answer, when the boy stood up again and ran into something else. Someone else, more specifically; though this someone had a bag firmly placed over his head and was much, much, much taller then RGB was completely comfortable with. RGB was kind of on the shorter side for a television-headed monster, and he was not entirely fond of someone looming above him with such a gap in their height.

    "...Goodness." Was all he could think to mutter before straightening his hat with an exhale and extending his cane to the boy who'd fallen once again. Then, regaining his composure: "No. I am certainly not from here--Though I wouldn't dream of speaking for him. Coincidentally, I too am looking for someone." Though he didn't elaborate who. He didn't need to. "I have seen no grandfathers...Actually, truth be told, I haven't seen much of anyone before the two of you."


    That was the sort of noise Peacock hadn't heard before. Naturally curious, the girl picked up her pace, almost running towards the source of the noise, hoping to spot something cool. What she did spot, however, was...Less then cool. Just some middle-age man, looked like one of those characters you'd see in those 'anime' advertisements that would come on between episodes of her cartoons. Y'know, the ones she thought looked cheesy and stupid? And he certainly looked cheesy and stupid, with his funny glitzed-out glowstick (aw, don't act like she didn't see him stick it back in!) and dumb shades. Also, his first action was to reprimand her smoking habits. That was not a thing you did when you wanted to make a good first impression with Peacock.

    So she broke out into a giant grin, taking the cigar out of her mouth. She tapped some ashes off of it, exhaling smoke through her teeth, making it curl up and around her face. A small laugh. "Aw, cool it Gramps! I can quit it whenever I wanna!" Peacock stuck the cigar back in, beginning to sort of talk around it, "An' I ain't got no 'rents, which is great, since all they'd do is nag me. But I'm th' best fighter 'ere is! I can handle m'self."

    The sound of angry ranting distracted her, and Peacock looked over, all of her mechanical eyes (and her real sockets too) blinking in surprise. "Ooooh, we gots a mecha?" She said with a bit of a surprised chuckle, looking over at the green and yellow...Well, robot. Kind of a cool-lookin' mecha actually, not as cheesy and stupid as Mister McLame over there. Reminded her of a more simplistic Robo-Fortune. Couldn't help but wonder who that was a copy off, wouldn't that be somethin'? "Heeeeey, nice to be seein' yous around, come on down!"
    There were no monsters here. No monsters lurking in the darkness, waiting to feed off of his worry and doubts. There were no monsters who wanted him to die. No monsters who would exploit his worries. Wirt's internal monologue sounded something like that as he walked, keeping his eyes on his surroundings, trying to be aware of everything at once. Despite his own insistence of being less cynical (it did him no favors last time) and despite his own positive vibe in his internal monologue, he was very much worried that there were monsters here. Maybe they were worse. After all, he was beyond the Unknown, and lost in his own melancholy. Who was to say that his own doubts weren't fuel for those who wished him ill? Without Greg, he had a lot of doubts. Doubts for his little brother's well-being, as well as his own. Perhaps Greg was safe in his bed. Perhaps Wirt was, too, and this place was nothing but an unfortunate dream.

    But there were natives, so it seemed. The first one he saw was an angry-looking male--His age or younger, Wirt couldn't quite gauge--With a hat and a sweater. He looked human, but Wirt couldn't be sure. Humanoid things could also have a substantial amount of dangers to them, depending on the circumstance. But he could think on his feet. So from a distance, he began speaking loudly: "Excuse me. Sir? Do you know where I--"

    He wasn't able to finish his question, as another native approached. This one was far taller. She appeared to be an albino prima ballerina, the sort of thing his mother would take him to see around Christmastime when he was younger. He enjoyed ballets. Artistically, they were stunning. The boy came closer to the two of them, up from behind the more angry-looking one, clasping his hands behind his cloak. As he came closer, he could begin to hear her questions...Asking if he, or the other boy, was a native. Then perhaps she wasn't one. Certainly this could be an issue.

    "I'm a visitor. Seems I'm becoming accustomed to being a vagabond in strange locales..."​
  6. Max seemed to be in the beginning throes of panic, holding his head within his hands. To think, this came right after a hectic mission.. It seemed he would never get a break for a while. He has a power sufficient enough to take on foes, being a spectral and all, but he had no particular training in how to use it besides swinging his bat around. As for the actual power, he wasn't even sure if all the stuff in his backpack would be enough to take them down.. Or, wait. Were there even other inhabitants here? Or was he all alone? Really, he wasn't exactly sure what would be worse in this situation. However, suddenly, his thoughts were answered when he heard approaching footsteps, to which he quickly took out his baseball bat in response, leaking a black mist from both himself and his weapon..

    ..And the very moment he saw who was waiting for him, his apprehensive state dropped sharply and was quickly replaced with disbelief as he lowered his bat slowly. Two people approaching, one in what seems like a gnome's outfit-- what, didn't he know he was just a little too early for Halloween?-- and a tall, lanky young woman with a gemstone in her forehead, in a ballerina's outfit, with a complexion as pale as a sheet. Maybe they both took a wrong turn and ended up here too. Or, if they were just as unfortunate, fell asleep and ended up here. The latter one was a little faster in asking him questions, and he still couldn't even comprehend their outfits or why they were here-- he didn't expect questions right off the bat. "..Um.." He started, looking over at the two newcomers with a hand at his head before he responded. "..I woke up here. More like an unsolicited visitor. Not a place I've ever been to, I'll bring up right now." Max put his bat back where he pulled it from, crossing his arms as he looked at the both of them. "You guys from Mayview? First question I can ever bring up-- it's the only town where I can see people dressed like.." He tilted his head. "..That.. Without people batting an eye."


    Peridot stopped on a dime the very moment she heard voices. She knew it-- she just had to jinx it. Maybe she could just turn around and avoid running into the sources of the voices to make her getaway that much faster. That way, no one would be able to stop her. No inquiries, no wasted time, no..

    Problem. Great. They both spotted her. The gem turned around to face them, eyeing them both. One was short, perhaps an inhabitant on Earth-- or, she would think that if it weren't for the unorthodox 'equipment' she had-- mechanical arms with eyes, no visible eyes where they should be; on her face, and.. the interior of her mouth seemed strange. Like there was a contraption within it, excluding the object she kept in between, before she inexplicably puffed smoke. Details like this made her question if she were even from that wretched planet. On the other hand, she saw another individual-- much taller and presumably much older than the other, with gear that suggests he has some semblance of battle experience. Was that some sort of blade created from laser technology? Earth was actually capable of such feats?! And he's asking her incomprehensible nonsense. That's always nice.

    "Outstanding. It never gets any easier." Peridot muttered in a defeated tone, sighing before she looked over at the two, regaining her 'professional' countenance and walking forward. "Very well then. Hello, there.. humans?" She said in a quizzical manner. She still wasn't sure if that or 'Stevens' was the correct term to address them as. "I am.. currently in a predicament. During a personal mission of mine, the details of which I shall not disclose, I've found myself suddenly transported here, and.. I must get back to resume. No exceptions." She sent four of her fingers floating from her 'hand', forming a holographic screen, while using the remaining finger to pull off a few clicks and drags, seemingly trying to find the coordinates, or at least a map, of her current destination. No dice. After an audible growl, she cancelled the screen and brought her fingers back to clench them into a fist.

    "Of course.. Anyways.. would the two of you know your way around here?"


    Faust continued to walk ahead in the dark, abstract world, having absolutely no idea where he was going, but at the same time, clearly not caring. He was a doctor. No matter where he was, if there was a chance in the world that a person ever needed saving, despite the whereabouts, then it's his duty as a doctor to assist. He hasn't seen any sort of person since his journey, however, but hopefully, if he continues on this path, he'll even find the way out! But not without solving patients' problems, of course.

    Suddenly, he's met with someone crashing into him and falling over, prompting him to look down. Huh, will you look at that? He knew if he just stayed within the path, he'd find someone travelling by. This particular 'someone' seemed to be a young boy, possibly somewhere in his teenage years, donned in a yellow shirt. "Ah, pardon me." He apologized, raising one hand up. "And no, the bag, it's.. just a personal choice for me." He grabbed the paper bag from the top with one hand and pulled it up, somehow stretching it like rubber until he let go, snapping back to its original shape.

    "But, on the topic at hand! I just so happened to end up here, currently looking for a way out.. That, or assist in solving the ailments of whoever's here at the time. Certified doctor, among other things." He stated his business to the boy, just before lifting his head and seeing.. a somewhat strange sight. A gentlemanly-looking person with what seemed like a television for a head, specifically. He crouched down to their levels, so as to not intimidate them with his natural height. "Ah, so you both ended up here for no reason.. That's troubling.. Only difference with me is that I'm not looking for anyone! Or was I? Hm.."
  7. Morty took the cane that was offered, lifting himself to his feet and dusting himself off, "Th-thanks." The worried expression that he had before became more distressed-- neither of them were from here? Or, at least, knew where they were? He wrang his hands, pulling at his fingers. Where was Rick? Rick got him into these sort of situations, but he was also the one who got them out. He avoided looking at either of them (the gesture made by the taller one was appreciated, though), "Oh geez..." he stopped mid sentence. He... didn't know either of their names. Hence, no one to really say 'oh geez' to.

    "... I'm Morty." He might as well introduce himself, right? "No-no pressure to introduce your-yourself or anything. Di-didn't mean to put anyone on the spot. I-it'd just be nice to put a name to a face, y'know?" he paused, "... Or, uh. Head?"

    "... And, uh, would you guys mind me asking where you came from before...? I-if it's too personal then just... don't answer, I-I guess." It was likely that they didn't know the specific universe they were from, but maybe it could be an icebreaker? His lips drooped down, an expression he made often.


    Pearl rubbed the bridge of her nose, "All of us are foreigners, and as such, know nothing of where we've been situated." Another huge sigh, "... So, no, I am not from that place you call 'Mayview', despite what impressions my apparent attire might have given you... Rather, I am from Beach City, if you would so care to know." It wasn't technically where she was from, that being a planet lightyears away, but it was where she and the Crystal Gems had made their home for the last few thousand years. She hugged herself, a slight frown coming upon her expression. How ironic was it that, in all her time spent missing the planet that she'd defected from so long ago, that she would now miss the human establishment of Beach City? It wasn't ideal, but... it was home. And she wished to be home.

    "... I would have to say the same for myself, actually." she said, referring to the other human's comment, "The feeling is... I will just say that it is familiar to me." She took a deep breath, taking in her surroundings. She could only hope that now, this place... she wouldn't have to call this place home. She needed to get back. For the gems. For Steven.


    Little girl had sass, he'd give her that, "Gramps? Aw, come on, I'm not that old." Well, actually, he kind of was. He was in his early thirties, but sure as hell not ready to kick the bucket yet. Unless the player was shit at controlling him-- was he being controlled by a player right now? He knew during cutscenes he wasn't, but otherwise... dammit, now wasn't the time for a existential contemplation. Oh? She claimed to be a fighter. Travis smirked, "Well, shit, woe to anyone who comes across you in a dark alley-"

    His remarks were cut short by green mecha gal's inquires. Travis shrugged, "Asking the wrong person, don't know shit about..." he gestured to the general area, "... whatever the fuck this place is." he looked to the girl, "Got any idea, cartoon girl?"
  8. Once the boy was done pulling himself up, RGB took his cane back, setting it on the ground and leaning on it. The tall one, with the bag, had the courtesy to at least stoop to both of their heights. That, as odd as it was to say, was a large relief to the monster. While he was a bit on the short side, he did not like things towering above him. Made him feel a bit in danger. The doctor's manner of speech, though, was far more friendly then he thought it could be. Another relief. His color-bar 'mouth' moved into a small smile, shoving the worries for Hero aside for now. She was safe, she had to be (though--).

    "RGB." He introduced himself as, putting a hand on his breast. "I'm from quite the wide variety of places, though where this is I don't quite have the foggiest idea..." A pause, a look at the doctor, "...Though I shall assure you I am of good health." RGB did not trust his sort of healthcare. He didn't trust most kinds of healthcare. It was hard to when, under your gloves, your sleeves, your pants, you had nothing but emptiness.

    The boy looked anxious. Morty, he said his name was? RGB let his smile grow into something a little bigger, a little more friendly. He may be the very worst monster, but getting out of here was going to require cooperation. "Don't you fret. As long as you assist me in finding my Hero, I'll certainly help you in finding your grandfather. Tit for tat, as they say..."

    "Aw, yeah! Don'cha know crossin' Peacock in a dark alley is like--"

    The second half of that analogy was forever lost in the nether. The girl took a drag from her cigar as she listened to the green lady, her mechanical eyes fixing on Peridot. Mission...Transported? "Ooooh, we talkin' space aliens?" Her 'eyes' (or, rather, her sockets) lit up bright, a laugh slipping out. She pulled the cigar out of her mouth, exhaling the smoke in a more natural way then she did it last time. "Well, there ain't gonna be no earth-shatterin' kabooms as long as I'm here! Y'can count on that!" Unless, of course, one counted her plethora of bombs as warranting an 'earth-shattering kaboom'. Peacock tapped some ashes off again, blinking, as the anime loser looked back at her and asked if she knew where this place was.

    So Peacock answered honestly. She shrugged. "This ain't Maplecrest." She muttered, putting one hand onto her hip (or, with how big her mechanical hands were, her general hip area). "An' I've been to a lotta' fancy-lookin' battlefields, but this sure as hell ain't one'a 'em. So we're fresh outta' luck there, ain't we?" Not that Peacock really minded. It was rerun season and all of the good shows were in hiatus anyway. She needed something to kill time, and if she couldn't beat up Squigly for a quick laugh...This was just as good, in her eyes.
    Mayview? That was a nice name for a town. Maybe he would have to visit someday. But Wirt shook his head. "No, no. Aberdale? I...Wouldn't suppose any of you would know the way there...It's a pretty small place." And then, quickly, to solve the nature of his clothing: "This? This is--It's a costume. I...Like it."

    ...Alright, truth be told, Wirt enjoyed wearing the outfit for more then just a costume. It was a symbol. A symbol of bravery. It reminded him of his own achievements, and it made him braver to face the uncertainties the world beyond could hold. It wasn't like he wore it to school (Sara might think he was a nerd or something, she couldn't see this outside of Halloween) or anything. Just sometimes, when he was alone and feeling apprehensive or nervous, he'd wrap the cloak around him and put the cone hat on and just...Breathe. Remember how he conquered the darkness, saved his brother, saved the woodsman, saved...Her. He was apprehensive to even think her name. It might stir up memories, and he would feel lonely again.

    Though, while he wasn't feeling lonely, he might as well note the subtle black mist he caught an eye of when the boy in the hat took out his baseball bat. He did not trust that sort of darkness.

    Beach City. He knew that locale. It was a vacation spot, known for it's boardwalks and clear waters. His mother would sometimes say she would take them there for a vacation in the summertime. She never did. "Well...I'm sure we're not lost forever." The words were hard to say since he was more then willing to think they would be. "...We can find someone who knows where we are, and maybe...They can help us...Get back home."​
  9. Max simply shook his head, having nothing but a slightly hopeless look written across his face. Beach City? Aberdale? Not any place he's heard of or been to before.. Although, the only places he's inhabited were the big city Baxborough, and then, after moving, into the modest town with immodestly strange people named Mayview. "..Sure you don't wanna wait 'till a specific party to break that out?" He responded to Wirt's opinion to his outfit dryly, not exactly understanding its value, especially for a place like this, though it was fitting for the scenery, so that's one point chalked up.

    "Well, until that moment comes.. I think it might be better to stick together, against my better judgment." Assuming a more comfortable position, Max tipped the bill of his cap towards the two, looking particularly world-weary for a twelve-year-old. "Name's Maxwell. Call me Max, though; it'll suffice." He responded, making the technicality clear. He hasn't been called by his full first name, he recalled, since.. He tried brushing that brief thought out of his head. "And yours?"


    Peridot looked rather crestfallen at their answers, gripping at her forehead. So neither of them knew where they were, either.. Why now? Why now, of all times, did she get sent to this wasteland during what should have been a straightforward task?! Through her visor, she stared over at the others, looking as displeased as when she got here. "Well, despite your bravery, something tells me that it won't matter whether or not you're able to prevent the destruction of Earth-- from its "shattering kaboom", as you put it." She sighed, mulling over what she stated, but seemingly for a completely different reason. Though, from the way she put it, it sounded like she had different intentions, as if she actually had plans to eliminate Earth.

    "Still, it's imperative for me to return. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goal.. Except of course this blasted area in the middle of gem-knows-where! I mean, what is this?! What is THAT?!" She suddenly shouted, pointing at various indescribable shapes floating about the place, her voice going up a couple of octaves as she began ranting briefly once again, body language going haywire to accommodate her.. passionate feelings on the matter. "This wasn't supposed to happen! Yet, one thing led to another, which led to ANOTHER, and-- Gaaaah!"


    Faust looked towards the two strangers, right after he just remembered who he was searching for.. Though, since it's classified, and it's possible he won't see them again, it's best to leave it alone for now. "Faust. Pleasure to meet you both." He raised one hand in salutation. "Personally, I have no specific home.. But, as I mentioned, I am a traveling doctor who wants nothing but the best for suffering victims of illness and injury."

    He turned to the television monster-- RGB, he called himself. "..Well.. I doubt I have much experience in tending to electronics, but by all means, call on me should the need come!" Unlike your usual doctor, Faust went above and beyond. He wasn't just a regular doctor; he studied enough to be a dentist, even an optometrist should the need suffice. His medical kit seemed to have everything he could ever need for such measures, despite looking like regular-sized. He wasn't like the others. He actually cared.

    Scratching his head (through his bag, that is), he stood up into more of a bent crouch, once again looming effortlessly over the two. "If the both of you don't mind, shall I join you? I haven't seen any sign of humanity.." He took a look at RGB, "..And lack thereof.. Since I got here, barring you two. But, assistance couldn't hurt, provided you run into danger, hm?"
  10. "I'm just... from Earth." Morty said plainly, "I-I guess a subur-suburban town to be more specific...?" Morty didn't mention that he was from dimension 'C-137'... his dimension... well, it was a complicated story, and he didn't like thinking about it often, "I-I've been to a lot of places too, though." he added, maybe so he wouldn't seem so dull when compared to them.

    He looked to RGB, a little comforted by the proposition. He nodded, "Yeah! I-I'll help you look for y-your... uh, hero." Morty wasn't sure as to who they were referring to when they said 'hero', but he'd help none the less. He didn't mind, it was in Morty's nature to want to assist others, one of the reasons why Rick often used him as an assistant... among other reasons, "And sure!" he said to Faust (Dr. Faust?), "I-I don't see why not. I-I mean, the more the merrier, right? E-every party's, uh, gotta have a good medic. RPG basics, yo." Things were starting to look up. Faust and RGB, while strange looking, seemed trust-worthy to Morty, and he was willing to tag along and do whatever they wanted to do.

    Although, this was Morty's judge of character.


    "I agree with both of your points." Pearl said, "Finding a native to this land would be greatly helpful in knowing the general area... Perhaps they also might know how we got to this particular location as well," she said, producing a hologram. It showed three bodies, one with a cap that she had heard before be referred to as a baseball cap, one with a cone-shaped hat, and another tall with a pointy nose, "Staying together is, of course, also vital. Perhaps a party system is in order?" The first, the one with the baseball cap, had 'Maxwell' now under his representation, "You may refer to me as Pearl; a gem of whom belongs to the Crystal Gems." She felt as if her introduction would be incomplete without mentioning the Crystal Gems, even if neither human knew who they were. 'Pearl' was shown under her representation.

    "Now, you...?" she gestured to the other human.


    "'Could'of fooled me. You honestly don't look too out of place." Travis said, now just noticing the eyes. What the hell was up with them?

    He wasn't in a big hurry to return to Santa Destroy, partially because he was still convinced this was some weird ass sequel. He'd roll with the punches, go with the flow. Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly wasn't due to air it's next season anytime soon. He had time... unlike mecha... alien here, "Fuck, I know, right? It's like this place was designed by pi-fuckin-casso if he took a shit-load of LSD!"

    "... But freaking the fuck out isn't gonna do shit for you." he said, "You got shit to do. Places to be. We got that. You sure as hell aren't accomplishing anything by throwing your..." he paused, "... fingers around." They were fingers, right?
  11. 'Tending to electronics', pah. As though anything other then his head was mechanical (or perhaps it was, but just invisible; but this is an option that he doubted). Also, what exactly was an 'RPG'? Despite being partially a television, he didn't exactly have the greatest knowledge of video games or their terminology. But he certainly was not about to ask a small boy for clarification on three measly letters. His own name was three measly letters.

    "Ah, splendid. Much preferable to travelling alone anyhow." Despite his initial wariness, RGB did like having new travelling companions. Maybe it was because they, unlike Madras or Julienne or Dial or TOby, they didn't know what he did. He was being seen with a fresh set of eyes, like back when he first encountered Hero. Splendidly enough, both Faust and Morty had agreed to assist in finding Hero...Though he did have to keep an eye out for a specific grandfather. But how difficult could that be? 'Provided you run into danger'...

    ...He wasn't sure what could be here. Were there Fears? Greifs? A particularly nasty spread of Doubts? RGB was not entirely sure he could deal with any threats with just the vials of dreams and nightmares kept in his suit-jacket. He supposed it was good he was trained in the art of retreating.

    "...I'm certain we'll be alright. For the most part."

    A low, low whistle. Peacock had to be honest, she kind of liked watching this green thing move. She had these weird...Finger pellets (they looked like pieces of chalk to her personally, and she wondered if they could actually write on the sidewalk) and they just seemed to move around on their own, sometimes looking like hands, and sometimes all astray. Doc Avain didn't have cool tech like that. But Doc Avain did connect her to a variety of cartoon weapons and let her mechanical eyes shoot lasers, so could she really complain?

    No. No she could not.

    Peacock dropped her cigar on the ground, and then snuffed it out with her shoe, the semicircle motion making a sort of comical 'squeak' noise. Squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak, and the cigar was out. Then she looked back up to the green thing and the anime loser, smiling and crossing her arms loosely. "Don't get yer knickers in a twist about it. I've already been through the near destruction of the whole town! Yeah, it sure was impressive." She was about to brag about being the one to destroy her, but...Well, aside from personal relationships making bragging seem weird, she wasn't sure that actually happened. Maybe she imagined it. She didn't know.

    "Hey, we'll get'cha back to yer ship or whatever. An' we'll get 'im back to his stupid anime or whatever!" The girl laughed to herself, smiling a huge, cheeky grin.
    "Um, it's...Wirt. It's...Anglo-Saxon. It means 'worthy'."

    Most of the time, when introducing himself, he felt the need to explain it's meaning. The name 'Wirt' wasn't exactly making him a lot of companionship on it's own, and making it sound better made him feel better about himself. Mother said the name was his father's idea, and it did make him feel closer to his own long-gone biological father. 'Worthy', however. That was a bit ironic.

    He couldn't help but look at Pearl's hologram with interest, though. He wasn't the most tech-savvy kid, so things like this were absolutely astounding to him. But...'Gem'? People couldn't be gems, gems were minerals. But then again, people could be pumpkins, or frogs, or trees. Perhaps she was originally from the Unknown after all, and somehow crawled her way to Beach City--Though he didn't believe that the Unknown could produce an albino ballerina between it's production of monsters and very confusing possibly mad people. A reflection of the Unknown's growing light, now that it wasn't Unknown after all, but Known to himself? Certainly possible.

    Also, he specifically chose to ignore Max's comment about his costume. For now. Any time was an appropriate time to wear this sort of thing, except for those times people who actually knew him could see him in it. "...Nice to meet you two?" He didn't mean for it to come out as a question, but he was still a bit unsure about how safe they could be. Max did have a strange misty darkness at his disposal, after all.​
  12. Max simply shrugged at Wirt's attempt at breaking the ice, almost as if he really wasn't feeling up to this. This was, of course, a lie-- Any other time, he would be just a bit more enthusiastic in meet-and-greets. Now, though.. Really didn't seem like a good time, nor a good place. "Eh, I'm sure it'd be nicer to meet elsewhere. Like a place with better lighting." He cracked a small joke with a straight face, keeping it while he looked about the area.

    It was Pearl's holographic projection from her forehead as she introduced herself as well as explained the best course of action for the trio, however, that made Max do a double take, with widened eyes for good measure. "..That's new." Okay, now he KNEW she wasn't human. He didn't know why he needed reaffirming of this; the facts just kept stacking up. As far as he knew, there were no other 'Activity Clubs' outside of Mayview, so he wasn't sure or not if they had the same skills as he does.. But even so, at least Wirt was human. He thinks he might be, anyways. "..Okay. Yeah, sure, I can roll with that. We might as well go on ahead while the goin' on's good." Max replied quickly to Pearl's explanation, before walking towards her. "..Er.. But first, question.. 'Crystal Gems', are those.. A group of spirits?" He stopped for a second, before looking at Wirt. He could see her, couldn't he?

    "..But you saw her, so that can't be.. Unless you guys're.. Hm.." He brought himself into deep thought, while the same dark mist started flowing out of him copiously. The 'alternate universe' and 'life from another planet' theories could be in play here, but even then, there could be even the slightest chance that what he's thinking is true. Soon, he came out of his thoughts, the black smog-like mist beginning to fade. "Alright. Probably shouldn't be telling you guys this, but chances are, by the time we get outta here, we'll just forget we came here. Going with that idea for now." He looked at the both of them, before firing off his question.

    "Are you guys spectrals? Or.. Mediums, whatever."


    Peridot, after having her second freak-out since coming here, looked back at the other two after trying to console her. Or.. Whatever their means of consoling someone would be. "..Feen-gurs? Are 'touch stumps' what you're referring to?" She asked genuinely, presenting the floating appendages from her 'hand' to them. "..Tch. Such odd terminologies I don't know about on this planet. ..Er, that is to say.." She sought to correct herself, as she wasn't on the planet she was referring to anymore, nor did she know anything about this particular world.. If it was even a world at all.

    However, she simply dropped it to continue conversation, glaring over at the odd characters. She just wanted to get this done alone, she really did. Go back to Earth, then back to her planet, as if all this never happened. But fate, as it seemed, wanted the worst for the gem. "...Forgive me if my enthusiasm is withheld. Both of you don't seem like very trustworthy individuals.." She began, as if she were any better. "..And make no mistake. My choice to join you is nothing but temporary. The moment an entrance-exit mechanism opens up to lead me out of here, I'll take it, no questions asked." She opened one eye, having them closed after her little speech. "..Are we in agreement?"


    "Excellent, excellent! Ah, but you can never be too sure!" Faust pointed a finger towards the two, being rather unnaturally easygoing about this, as usual. He was liking these two new faces so far; he usually worked alone, but one was technically never alone if they had a profession such as his own. Doctors always had company. Mostly sick company, but same difference.

    "Danger lurks around every corner.. Especially 'round parts like this. Of course, I've never been here either, but.. Bad feelings are contagious as well. Speaking of which.." He dropped his medical kit, crouched to open it up, and reached in there to grab something.. And reached a bit deeper than a kit of its size would allow. "No, that's not it.. Now, that CAN'T be it.. Aha!" Suddenly, he pulled his arm out swiftly, taking his long scalpel out once again, giving it a little twirl before resting it on his shoulder.

    "I'm no ordinary doctor, you see. Saving lives is only the tip of the iceberg." The hole in his bag, where his eye showed, seemed to shine just briefly, though it's rather hard to see, anyways-- a 'blink and you'll miss it' moment. "Now, shall we press on?"
  13. With interest, Morty watched as the tall doctor reached into what looked like his medical kit... Oh, uh, geez that was-- that was deeper than Morty would have expected. Way deeper. Curiously, he couldn't help but lean foward, trying to peer into it, that was until something sharp was swiftly pulled out and Morty had the sense to step back. It looked like a surgical knife, but those were usually smaller. Usually. What would someone need that big of a scapel for? Wouldn't that be kind of... inconvienient for operating? Or maybe he just operated on giants? Morty would ask, but he wasn't sure about whether he wanted to know the answer about what exactly the scapel was for. Wait, did...? He looked at the paper bag that covered his head. Maybe it was just him.

    "... Uh, yeah." Morty said, "B-better get going." He wasn't about to hurry them or anything, since they were doing him a big favor by letting him come with them, but he hoped that they'd find Rick soon, 'D-dammit Morty, you-you just wasted two whole episodes! Ratings are going down the shitter, Morty!' He waited for them to lead.


    The final name, Wirt, was put under his figure, along with a small note about it meaning 'worthy'. There was a similar note by Maxwell's with it's shortening, Max, "It's..." she paused, unsure as to how to refer to the two humans, "... Well, I am glad to have met some other life here. Now, about how-"

    She looked at Max in confusion (she had yet to catch onto the dark mist that was about him, having been distracted by her own thoughts), "Spirits? No-- no they're--" Max continued, and she looked to Wirt, as if he might have any idea of what this human was talking about. He likely didn't, "... The Crystal gems are not a 'group of spirits'." she explained, "Nor am I a spectral, medium, or anything else your mind might fabricate. I am a gem, hence the name, Crystal Gems." she sounded like a scolding teacher. Perhaps under different circumstances she'd be more patient, but suddenly being transported to a horribly nonsensical land did not put Pearl in the best of moods, "... And what do you mean that we'll 'forget we came here'? Not that I would particularly mind forgeting about this... awful place-- Everything is so out of place and irregular and--" she stopped herself, "Is there something about this land that you happen to know...?" she sounded hopeful. Please, please have him know something. Something that could get her, and subsequently them as well, home.


    "Maybe while we're at it we can get lil' miss half-pint back to her cartoon." Not that Travis didn't sometimes wish he was from an anime (he was convinced that he'd be a shonen protagonist, or live the dream of being in a harem anime... Stop getting off track with the anime references).

    The mecha alien decided they were worthy enough to join them, "Alright, sure. Not expecting a nakama with any of you anytime soon, so whatever you guys wanna do isn't my problem." He'd help them to a point, but if mecha alien wanted to make an exit, well, be his guest.

    How the hell did he even get in this shit anyways?
  14. That was a large scalpel. RGB was now very much glad Faust was working on their side, and not against it. A cane and some vials would be largely useless against essentially a spear. Also, did something behind the bag shine?

    RGB's mouth fell into a frown, some colors beginning to drip from the color test bar again.

    "Well, then, spit-spot. Mustn't dilly-dally about it, if we're going to get somewhere...It's best we get going, I'd say." The telly-head did not like this place one bit. He tried not to let it show in his voice. This place was dark, but in a different way then how the corridor to the market was dark, not a particularly safe dark. The lack of trees--The lack of stuff in general--Did practically nothing to alleviate his worries. Bits of yellow, red, and cyan rolled down the bottom of the telly-head's...Well, television head; a particularly adventurous drip of yellow falling off the television altogether. It landed on his suit, clearly, but--Where? The spot seemed to vanish as soon as it came.

    He straightened, then put his cane at his side, and used it more as a decoration then a tool as he began to walk. "Come now, don't tarry." RGB called over his shoulder, looking rather brave as he took the first steps to embark. But the monster, despite being the very worst one, did not feel terribly brave at all.

    Peacock's face broke into a large, toothy grin. "Yoooooou gottit, lady!" It would actually be kind of sad, seeing her off. She liked watching this green thing move, and also found her freak-outs to be absolutely hilarious. But hey, Peacock knew there was only so long a gimmicky robot could sate you. ...No, she was not a gimmicky robot, and neither was Big Band. Doc wouldn't just make random gimmicky robots. They were random gimmicky cyborgs, and therefore, did not apply.

    She looked back to the anime man, at first very much flattered he wanted to get her into a cartoon. She would love bein' on Annie: Girl of the Stars, wouldn't that be fun? She could be a villain, since Beowulf wasn't anymore! That'd be fun! But she felt the need to correct him, just so he wouldn't screw it up: "Nah, nah nah nah, it ain't a cartoon. The town's got cat-girls and hair parasites and clowns and zombies and a whole mafia an' also the Skullgirl!" ...Though, now that he mentioned it... "Haha, but it does kinda sound like the greatest Saturday morning cartoon ever made!"

    Somehow, Peacock was going to pitch this to...Some TV exec. Murder-go-Round, she'd call it. There would be a super kickin' theme song and she would be the star, fighting a new threat every week. The best show. It would win so many Emmy awards!

    "...But it'sa game I think."

    Subtly Wirt paled. Looking at Max's production of smog did not make him less nervous. He wasn't dead this time, was he? Sara had told him how worried she was when she found him in the water, thinking he and Greg had almost drowned...Yet to this day he had far more vivid memories of the Unknown and how that looked and functioned then he did falling into the water, then he did slipping under into the darkness. He couldn't remember getting here. Yet here was the darkness, yet again ready to swallow him whole and strip his little brother away from him. 'We'll just forget we came here'...

    No. That was wrong. If Wirt still remembered the Unknown, whether it be a real place or not, he would remember this.

    So he looked at Max, straightening subtly, shaking his head. "...I'm still alive. Until death's deep-rooted embrace tries to claim me once more, I'll remain alive still." There was some good poetry. He seemed to have a small hint of pride in his voice as he said this, both from his impressive (to him) dabble in poetic language, and his own assurance of his life. Yes. Yes, Wirt was not going to die tonight, or anytime soon for that matter. Wirt was not going to die before he got home to Greg. No matter what happens, Wirt was certainly not dead, nor was he going to be in any timely manner.


    At least, that's what he was very determined to make himself believe at this specific moment.​
  15. "..Spirits can have gems too. Or be gems." Max continued his questioning in a somewhat smart-alecky manner, just dropping it for now since it seems as though he was getting nowhere; all questions pointed to the simple answer that they weren't who he thought they were. As far as he knew, he was the only spectral in their group. Mostly a spectral-in-training, but same difference.

    ..Huh. Deja vu.

    "I've got nothing, I'm just makin' up stuff as I go. For all we know, this could be a dream we can't wake from, or some place an evil mastermind dropped us in or some whosit like that." Max tilted his head slightly, looking around a bit. "Guessing the ins and outs, basically. I'd prefer just the outs at this point, though." Max turned to Wirt, as if he seemed just a mite worried. His short burst of prose, no matter how awesome, only seemed to affirm this for him. "..You doing alright, dude?"


    Peridot eyed the two for a bit, still having her doubts.. But then again, she was never one for cooperation, either. She was more of a sole worker, doing things all by her lonesome. If she wanted to get out, she'd need to suck it up and get integrated into this group. Still, just what in the heck were they talking about? Of course, more earthly ramblings. But she couldn't dwell on this; there was a clear goal they had in mind, and she's set on reaching it.

    "..Good. As one would assume, much effort will be needed.." She walked along past the two.. Almost expecting them to follow as she led the way. "..And, if you find any dangers.. Or particular pests.. Waste them. Or, if they turn out to be sentient.."

    She stopped to turn towards them with a smug smile, one hand at her hip. "Capture them and see if they'll be of use in aiding our escape. A much easier solution, succeeded by a much desirable outcome." She gave a short little snicker and walked on.


    Faust looked towards the two, somehow confused by their incredulous faces. Have they never seen a scalpel before? Perhaps not one of this size, but their surprise was still lost on him. It got the job done for him, whether impossible to believe or not.. Or maybe he was just that good with just one of a medical professional's tools of the trade.

    "And so, we're off! Oh, uh, by the way.. RGB, was it?" Faust followed the television-headed monster, already showing himself to have a keen eye. "You seem to be dripping.. Intermission." He had no idea what to call whatever's going on with his.. Face? Screen? He noticed something going on, and quickly just.. Said the terminology closest to what came to mind. "Everything alright? Dressing a wound is never a good idea; it could lead to irritation, dizziness, and heaven forbid it gets infected.."
  16. Morty made sure to catch up, as if they'd leave him behind without a moment's notice if he didn't attempt to keep up, "O-oh geez RGB, y-you're, uh, l-leaking." he said, now noticing because Faust pointed it out, "M-maybe you want to, uh, t-take care of that?" He looked to Faust. He was the medic here, so he'd have an idea of what to do, right? Morty didn't. He felt useless.

    Wait... in the distance. He peered, seeing more figures, "I-I think there's... more than just us." At best, they might be friendly. They might be from here... unless the locals weren't that friendly. He slowed his pace, hanging back and seeming to hide between RGB and Faust.


    "... No," Pearl said firmly, changing the hologram to display only her, "Gems are... well, we're beings that, for one, project forms from our," she lightly touched her gem, the hologram projected to show diagrams of herself, "gem. So, even if I were to no longer have life, I would not take the form of one of your 'spirits'." Humans made up such stories to explain their existence after death, to explain what they didn't understand... Such foolishness to her. Ah, but that was the nature of humans, wasn't it?

    "I doubt it could be any of what you suggested, honestly." Pearl said bluntly, finding his suggestions to be rather outlandish, something Steven would come up with. ... Steven... A light sigh escaped her.

    Oh! There were others! She could see them from afar. Maybe these were locals... or just others in similar situations. Still, perhaps it would be better to amass others of whom were in the same position to- her. Pearl narrowed her eyes, from her gem she got out her spear. She could instantly recognize the green silhouette, "Peridot!" she pointed the spear towards the other gem, "What are you doing here?!"


    "... Did you say cat-girls?" That instantly piqued Travis's interest. His game had it's fair share of a character line-up... most of them he'd wasted as soon as they were introduced, "Sure as hell wouldn't mind if my game had some of those." Wait, she mentioned she was from a game? He didn't recall any cat-girls (unfortunately), parasites... the rest of what she mentioned in Santa Destroy, so she was from another game. So this was a crossover game? First game he got in years and it was a crossover?

    "Hold up, mecha." he said, bothered by her tone, "We agreed to work together, not to be your lackeys. Got it?" Granted, he didn't disagree with most of what she said, but he wasn't about to let himself be bossed around. Especially not by some mecha alien chick.

    In the background, he noticed something other than abstract what-the-fuck shapes, "... Speaking of company, looks like we got some."
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  17. "Hm?" What were those two going on about? Dripping...? He reached one gloved hand up to humor the two, padding at his mouth, but no drips lingered on his fingertips. Of course, RGB knew what they meant--He did have a bad habit of leaking color--But by nature he never told everything he knew. He forced his color-bar mouth into a smile, trying to make the dripping subside. For the most part, it did, though cyan seemed particularly willing to keep going. "Don't fret about it, it's no wound..." And here he turned his head slightly to look at Faust, "...And certainly not something that would get infected."

    When was the last time he got infected? Hogwash.

    Morty said there could be others, and looking out, that seemed to be the case. Nothing more then vague, muticolored blips on the radar, however. But that would certainly change. "Ah, charming! I was hoping we'd get to meet some of the locals. Don't fear, I'm sure they'll be quite willing to be civil with me..."

    A bluff, certainly, but a bluff he believed.

    He was interested in cat-girls? Really? Peacock's mechanical eyes looked Travis up and down. Maybe he was a cat person. Or, more likely, judging by his clothes, his stupid sunglasses, weird hair... "Oooooh, yer one'a them otaku boys, ain'cha?" She playfully stuck out her tongue. Filia had mentioned that some boys in her high school class were totally head-over-heels for anime, and everyone called them some dumb otakus. She said she'd found some anime she'd liked, but Samson wasn't crazy about it. She used to laugh at Samson's jabs at Filia's tastes. Filia was a goofball--But she was a nice enough goofball, taught her things a lil' girl like her should be in the know about. "We-e-e-ll you remind me, an' maybe we can drop by Lil' Innsmouth and get dat puddy tat..."

    She conveniently left out the part where she would claw his eyes clean out. He didn't really need to know that yet.

    To Peacock's immense delight, she could see the other people Travis seemed to refer to. With a big grin on her face, she pulled out two signalling flags from behind her back and began to wave them, in hopes of catching their eyes. "'EY, BIG KNUCKLEHEADS! C'MON OVER 'ERE!" She shouted, giving a few small hops. But...

    "Hey, Greenie. Looks like one'a 'em saw 'ya!"
    "...Pardon. That's...Just how I talk."

    His voice was quiet. Apparently Max didn't appreciate Wirt's lapse into poetry. He supposed not everyone was as cultured, nor preferred the subtle intricacies that the English language could hold. Then again 'cultured' was certainly a subjective term. To Max's benefit, most people wouldn't associate 'cultured' with 'clothed in a cloak and a pointy hat as though you were from a distant time period'.

    Wirt's attention went back to the ballerina, Pearl. She was explaining herself, the concept of 'gems', which were sounding less and less like the familiar (and honestly very stunning, even if Wirt was not much of a geologist in the end) minerals from the Earth, and more and more...Alien. He was not equipped to deal with science fiction. Then she seemed to pull a spear straight from the gemstone on her forehead, a metaphysical construct woven into the threads into reality. Was this reality? The Unknown wasn't reality, he'd argue it's a type of purgatory. But he didn't know if this was the same place...

    Nevertheless his hands began to nervously wring. Peridot? Another science fiction gemstone? Goodness gracious. "L-look, er, I see you have some...History...But maybe if we put it aside, we could reach an understanding...?"​
  18. Max nodded in a.. fairly understanding manner when Wirt gave his reasons. What's not to understand, anyways? He's from a different time. One of which a costume such as his own was acceptable. When Pearl interjected with her statement about his own questioning, Max was simply accepting.. But not exactly listening. Gems? Forms for themselves? What kind of nonsense was that?

    ..Loaded question.

    "..Whatever you say. So, do you have any suggestions, then?" Max immediately followed up with, quirking an eyebrow at Pearl. She seemed pretty adamant about what operated in this world, and she seemed to do him a favor by telling him how she worked-- although he was still going with the idea that she was in denial about being a spirit. "And.. That's not exactly how spirits work. Presumably. Y'see, if a spirit were to get knocked around enough, they'd need to find--"

    He stopped his explanation the moment he heard-- and soon, saw-- more groups of people heading their way, and vice versa, it seemed. One of which, Max noticed quickly, Pearl knew. And not too fondly, by the looks of things. But he was just too surprised by how even MORE out of place the new faces were. "..Are there any more loonies I need to be aware of?! Please, tell me! 'Cuz I'm at a loss for words.. Except these words." He complained briefly, petering out and ending on a facepalm.


    Peridot seemed to let the two converse on their own, while she 'led' all of them in the meantime, thinking out loud about how she would get back home from there if they got to their desired destination. Aside from her nonsensical transportation that defied the warp's regular path from A to B, once she got back, she should be alright, provided that she planned for every possible contingency this time.

    "They seem to always be on patrol during late hours of the Earth, so perhaps using the warp pad to its advantage.. And hopefully this time, NOT getting thrown into some ridiculous-looking field.. Will put me on the right track once more." She stopped her train of thought when Travis voiced his complaints directly to her, prompting a particularly detailed scowl from her. "We are working together, human. I'm finding the proper way out, while you take out any particular dangers. How is that not regarded as teamwork?" She really didn't get this species' tendency to be so.. sensitive. She thought she made her advice clear to them, yet one of them had some sort of problem involving dominance? She just couldn't understand it.

    "At least the other one can deal with this plan. Taking out threats while escaping will be efficient in making this quick. Especially if it means avoiding.. Huh?" Peridot turned towards Peacock once she was called, begrudgingly looking ahead of her. "My name isn't.. No." It can't be. She had hoped this wouldn't happen. Immediately, when she heard whom the cartoonish girl was referring to call out to her, she geared up her right hand, her fingers forming a green orb of energy towards the familiar Gem as she took a hostile stance. "I'll be the one asking the questions, Crystal Clod! Why are you here, and for what reason?!" Her face took a sudden desperate look, as if she really wanted her remarks about the other gems to have been false. "And where is the rest of your little group? Planning to ambush me, I assume?!"


    "..Well, if you insist." Faust became a little less cautious about RGB's quirks, although made it necessary to keep them in mind in the near future. Certain tells always signified certain situations for different people, if there's anything he's learned-- not only as a doctor, but in everyday life. There was many a time that a patient said one thing, when their body language communicated the other way around. Perhaps the monster leaking color, especially at an area such as here, meant..

    ..And gone was his thinking process in an instant, once Morty spoke out about there being even more travelers out here. It seemed like, even through his depth perception by way of only having one eye that can see (through a singular hole in his bag, that is), he could spot them as well. "What do you know? Turns out we three aren't the only wayward newcomers! That, or maybe they live here.. Either way!" Faust once again dropped his medical kit to stick his scalpel into it in exchange for something else-- this time, of all things, an umbrella-- and looked to the other two. "I'm sure you'll make them comfortable with explaining our situation! But with that said, would either of you care for a ride?" Before the two could parrot "a ride?", Faust slowly took off a few inches in the air like a feather, his kit tucked between his legs in tow. "I figured flight would do us a little good here. Walking is alright, though overexertion is never a fun time."
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