Struggle Within

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  1. Olay Maeve you can start
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  2. Have you ever been caught between the decision to eat ice cream or cake? The easy decision is to eat both but the rule is one or the other. Well, that's when things get complicated. Just like the time I ran into that skunk on the road the other day...
  3. I was walking down the road, my tail waving in the wind. Cars rushed by. None of them noticed me. Or my stink. A young girl came by, and picked the flower that I was about to eat. And I unleashed THE SPRAY.
  4. I ran away as far away as I could get as fast as I could get there. The stench was so bad I had to say sorry to all of the people I had passed and caused mental and/or physical harm to. I entered the woods and took a deep breath to try and cover up my smell with some of the Maine fresh forest aroma ( I very soon regreted it ) before realizing that the skunk had followed me all of the way to the forest?! I stepped back suddenly not wanting to take the chance of getting sprayed again but soon I relaxed realizing that the skunk was just as exausted as I was.